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Douglas Bolles and William Morgan host a lively weekly conversation in which they naturally discuss "the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything" with the interesting authors, thinkers, syncers and philosophers of our day. The show has its genesis in a series of discussions regarding The Sync Book, of which, both hosts are authors.

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FREE 10.01.20 Episode 351: Summer Book Club
The Tunnel
Tonight, for the summer installment of the seasonal book club, the program considers The Tunnel, William Gass's second novel which first appeared on the literary scene in 1995, and at which time was promptly hailed as an indisputable masterpiece. It's the story of a middle aged professor who, upon the completion of his massive historical study, Guilt and Innocence in Hitler's Germany, finds himself writing a novel about his own life instead of the introduction to his magnum opus. The Tunnel meditates on history, hatred, unhappiness, and, above all, language.
Topics: Gaddis, Gass, Postmodernism, William Kohler, Empathy, Guilt & Innocence, Web of Influence, Butterfly Effect, Joyce, Ulysses, Childhood, Perception, Uncle Balt, Shadow, Light, Truth, Beauty, Fascism, House of Leaves, Filth, Dark Thoughts, Nazis, Party of Disappointed People.
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FREE 05.11.21

Greg Gerke (363)

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What does it mean today to experience a work of art? Today for 42 minutes we are headed back into 'The Tunnel' to see what we can Recognize with writer and critic Greg Gerke, author of the newly...

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Steven Moore (362)

The Gaddis Annotations

Today the program continues our "Gaddis Studies" with the "inventor" of the subject, Steven Moore, who wrote The Reader's Guide to The Recognitions back in 1982. Most recently he published 'My Back...

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Alisson Wood (361)

Being Lolita

“Have you ever read Lolita?” So begins Alisson Wood's stunning coming-of-age memoir that shines a bright light on our shifting perceptions of consent, vulnerability, and power. We share...

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Winter Book Club (360)

The Recognitions

To get to the heart of the matter--the Stabat Mater--the seasonal book club returns to re-cognize William Gaddis's 1955 masterpiece 'The Recognitions' for the winter edition.

FREE 12.20.20

Richard Grossinger (359)

Bottoming Out The Universe

The program attempts to get to the bottom of it with author Richard Grossinger who we first met back in 2013 for 42 Minutes 105. Most recently he published 'Bottoming Out The Universe' by Park...

FREE 12.13.20

Paul Halpern (358)


Today the program takes an epic quest to understand the quantum nature of cause and effect with acclaimed science writer and physicist, Dr. Paul Halpern, author most recently of 'Synchronicity'.

FREE 12.07.20

Special Edition Book Club (357)

Death Sweat Of The Cluster

Just in time for Christmas, the program hosts a "Special Edition" of the seasonal book club with a panel of experts upon the subject of Znore's recently published book, 'Death Sweat Of The...

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Fall Book Club (356)

Journey To The End Of The Night

For the Fall edition of the book club, we go on the road with Céline's 1932 classic novel, Journey To To The End Of The Night. French author Céline's works influenced a broad array of...

FREE 11.20.20

David Auerbach (355)


The program considers literature and computing for 42 minutes with software engineer, critic, and writer, David Auerbach. His book, 'Bitwise', is a memoir of his life in tech and an insider's view...

FREE 11.08.20

Alec Nevala-Lee (354)


The morning after Halloween, on The Day Of The Dead, the program shares 42 minutes with Golden Age Science Fiction biographer, Alec Nevala-Lee who also wrote what has become for many, their...

FREE 10.30.20

Ted Morrissey (353)

The Artist Spoke

Today we meet the creator of The Tunnel at 25 website symposium, Ted Morrissey, author of the recent work, 'The Artist Spoke' available from 12 Winters Press. 'The Artist Spoke' is a love letter, a...

FREE 10.22.20

Znore (352)

Death Sweat Of The Cluster

The program shares 42 minutes with Znore upon the release of his new book, Death Sweat Of The Cluster, available from Sync Book Press. An inebriated exploration of reality and other myths featuring...

FREE 10.01.20

Summer Book Club (351)

The Tunnel

Tonight, for the summer installment of the seasonal book club, the program considers The Tunnel, William Gass's second novel which first appeared on the literary scene in 1995, and at which time...

FREE 07.07.20

Rosseter (350)

Twin Perfect

Today we really, actually explain Twin Peaks in 42 minutes with the help of Rosseter, host of the Twin Perfect YouTube channel, and creator of the video, "Twin Peaks ACTUALLY EXPLAINED (No,...

FREE 06.09.20

Spring Book Club (349)


In the middle of a global pandemic, the 42 Minutes Seasonal Book Club convened on May Day (05.01.2020) to discuss informally what we could could not agree upon reading.

FREE 03.25.20

Winter Book Club (348)

House Of Leaves

Recorded on Leap Day (which synchronistically was the author's original ideal pub. date in 2000), The 42 Minutes Seasonal Book Club explores a house larger on the inside than on the outside, a...

FREE 03.01.20

Jennifer Haigh (347)


With Treefort 2020 on the horizon, the program shares 42 minutes with Jennifer Haigh, author of Heat & Light, and who will be appearing at Storyfort Friday, March 27, 12pm at the Owyhee Cafe Space....

FREE 01.27.20

Julia Claiborne Johnson (346)

Be Frank With Me

With Treefort 2020 on the horizon, the program shares 42 minutes with Julia Claiborne Johnson, author of Be Frank With Me, and who will be appearing at Storyfort this upcoming March.

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