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What is this website?

TheSyncBook is a web platform developed to engender and nurture the art and artists born of The Sync Book, a 2011 anthology of essays written on the subject of synchronicity and the exploration of SYNC.

What is SYNC?

We've attempted to answer that question HERE.

What is “Sync Book Radio”?

It's a network of multimedia artists utilizing audio and video to explore the subject of SYNC–and then some–through the medium of podcasts. We currently have over 700 hours of commercial-free audio in our archives.

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What is "Sync Book Press"?

The overwhelming reaction to our publishing The Sync Book in 2011 spawned a full-scale publishing wing, with multiple titles. Ranging from profound to gonzo, each book is beautifully crafted, intelligent, and thought-provoking.

What are "Sync Films"?

Jake Kotze pioneered an artform with his "synchromystic" videos. So much more than mashups, they explore an interconnected web running through our pop-culture. This artform continues to grow and you'll now see many styles being developed -- ranging from narrated documentaries to movie/album syncs (like "Wizard of Oz" meets "Dark Side of the Moon"). We host an archive of videos and sync films highlighting the work of the Authors from The Sync Book, which you can find HERE.

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