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Since 2011
"The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything"
Interviews with authors, thinkers, syncers and philosophers.
A podcast about meaning.

Since 2012
Free-form roundtable conversations, often they are long conversations.
Topics regularly include Film, Magick, Esoterica, Politics.
Sometimes we'd fight, there's a lot of years here.

42 MINUTES # 369:

Orchestra Gold

African Psychedelic Rock

Happy Treefort! Today for 42 minutes, we are checking out a psychedelic club in Bamako, Mali because this is the vibe that Oakland’s own Orchestra Gold creates in their live shows as well as...


The Sheltering Sky

(with 42 Minutes Book Club)

Sync Book Radio presents a 42 Minutes/Always Record crossover for the 42 Minutes Spring Book Club. Always Record is the second portion of the conversation, continuing from 42 Minutes episode 367.

Magazine-style podcast produced in partnership with Andras Jones and Radio8Ball.
Lots of Music and Magick.

Featuring incredibly creative audio production, this short-lived show from Wally Scharold focused on Language & Communication.

Pentamental, from brothers John & Thomas Maguire, focused on Science, Culture, & Psychonautics.

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