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Douglas Bolles and William Morgan host a lively weekly conversation in which they naturally discuss "the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything" with the interesting authors, thinkers, syncers and philosophers of our day. The show has its genesis in a series of discussions regarding The Sync Book, of which, both hosts are authors.

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03.22.16 Episode 223: Sister Crayon
Under Sturm und Drang the Showcase continues! This evening, in a hail storm, the program spends 42 minutes with Terra Lopez of Sister Crayon. Their album Devoted was released last summer, and they play Treefort 2016 Saturday, March 26 at 10 pm at the El Kora Shrine. See you there!
Topics: Treefort, 2014, Built To Spill, Boise, Adam Pierce, St. Augustine, FL, Civil Rights, Providence, Protest, Artistic Practice, Jeanette Winterson, LA, Warpaint, Beyonce, Therapy, Rigsket Ball.
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Matt Ruff (229)

Lovecraft Country

Today, for 42 minutes, we are taking a dangerous drive through the horrors and terrors of Lovecraft Country with our guide, author Matt Ruff, his most recent novel of Jim Crow America melds...


Mikela Jay

Death and Taxes

Will takes Mikela on a road trip to the Merry o land of Oz, using Mikela's work, they discover the connection of Oz and economics. (Originally released as Member's exclusive, back on 10.09.15)


Michael Allen


Tonight, for a bonus midweek freestyle, the program checks in with LA for our 2016 Coachella report and to talk "Synchrodelia" with our favorite projectionist, Michael Allen.


Lars Howlett (228)

Labyrinth Builder

Today we are exploring an embodied sacred geometry by sharing 42 minutes with Lars Howlett, journeyman Labyrinth designer and builder.


Jenn Zahrt (227)

The Minotaur & The Petroglyphs

The program reconnects with someone we first met at the Boise Spring Sync, Dr. Jenn Zahrt, author, publisher, editor, astrologer, translator, artist, amazing!


David Plate

Will Morgan Sync Renegade 7: Shark Tank

Will spends some time catching up with David Plate as they discuss a multitude of David's current projects.


Spring Book Club (226)

The Southern Reach Trilogy: Annihilation

Today marks the second edition of our seasonal book club. This time the program discusses the first installment of the Southern Reach Trilogy--Annihilation--with members of the Always Record...


Jason Sievers (225)

Treefort Trail Guide

Today we put Treefort 2016 to bed, but we have local help from Jason Sievers, the photographer and animator who puts together the Treefort Trail Guide.


Maszer (224)


Treefort is here! And to close out the March Music Showcase, the programs meets author and musician, David Rapaport. He plays Treefort with his band Maszer, Friday, March 25th at 10:30 pm at...


Sister Crayon (223)


Under Sturm und Drang the Showcase continues! This evening, in a hail storm, the program spends 42 minutes with Terra Lopez of Sister Crayon. Their album Devoted was released last summer, and they...


Get Wet + (222)


As the March Music Showcase comes to a close, the program spends 42 minutes on location in the Garden District with Get Wet + talking Treefort, Boise bands, and the Boise scene. They perform at...


Acid Dad (221)

Let's Plan A Robbery

As the March Music Showcase continues, the program connects with Acid Dad, the NYC psych punk four piece currently touring their way to SXSW and then Treefort. We discuss their new EP, Let's Plan A...


The Foreign Resort (220)

The American Dream

On this Super Tuesday, the program travels to Copenhagen, Denmark to meet the melodic and explosive new wave, post punk band, The Foreign Resort. They play Treefort Thursday, March 24th at The...


John Fell Ryan

Will Morgan Sync Renegade 6: Syncopathy

Media analyst John Fell Ryan from ROOM 237 stops by to flip everything Back to Front and Inside Out.


Trish and Rob MacGregor (219)


On this leap day, a month of "contacts" comes to a close with a discussion on precognition with synchronicity writers, Trish and Rob MacGregor.


AS Hamrah (218)

The Force Awakens

The program makes contact with semiotics and The Force Awakens with the help of film critic and new movies columnist, AS Hamrah.


AK Wilks (217)

Sirius Contact

Isn't it interesting that Doug and Will talk about contact and mushrooms with essayist AK Wilks the same night that the X-Files broadcasts similar material? What do you call that?


Frank Zero & Jeremy Knight (216)

Contact X

A day after Super Bowl L, Doug and Will make Contact with the letter X with the help of pop media analysts, Frank Zero & Jeremy Knight, publishers of the 2014 book, Contact.

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