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Douglas Bolles and William Morgan host a lively weekly conversation in which they naturally discuss "the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything" with the interesting authors, thinkers, syncers and philosophers of our day. The show has its genesis in a series of discussions regarding The Sync Book, of which, both hosts are authors.

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FREE 03.24.15 Episode 177: SISTERS
Treefort Music Fest - Diamonds of Gold
We conclude our Treefort Music Fest Showcase today by connecting with Seattle, and meeting Emily & Andrew of SISTERS who share with us the answer to life, the universe, and everything: (music).
Topics: Treefort, 2nd Chance, Apes On Tape, Boy See, Hi Ho Silver Oh, Lost Lander, UM, Homer, AK, Sasquatch, Ear Protection, One Arm, Viet Cong, Twin Peaks, Fauna Shade, SOL, Seattle Rock Orchestra.
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Treefort Music Fest - The Well

Tonight we conclude week three of our Treefort Music Fest Showcase by connecting with the electronic musician known as saQi who was busy making preparations for his five week tour of North America with Random Rab.

FREE 03.19.15

Rose Quartz

Treefort Music Fest - Axis Of Love

Week Three of our Treefort Music Fest Showcase continues with our second show of the day in which we travel to Will's hometown to meet Alex, Clay & Matt of Rose Quartz, lovely guys.

FREE 03.17.15

Twerps (176)

Treefort Music Fest - Range Anxiety

As week number three of our 42 Minutes Treefort Music Fest Showcase begins, Doug & Will connect with Marty of Twerps from Melbourne, Australia on tour in the US and traveling in the South.

FREE 03.15.15


Treefort Music Fest - Crown Gall

Week number Two of our Treefort Showcase concludes with a trip to the Creep Cave where Doug meets Justin, Luke, & Jeremy of DEEP CREEPS as they rehearse for their "Tiny Spring Tour".

FREE 03.11.15


Treefort Music Fest - Lo-Tide

Week number Two of our Treefort Showcase continues with the running of a 42 minute Triathlon. Well, that's actually 42 Minutes with Triathalon, the Georgia surf band with tons of soul.

FREE 03.10.15

Transistor Send (175)

Treefort Music Fest - Ships

Today we begin week number two of our Treefort Music Fest showcase by meeting Jared & Casey of Transistor Send in Doug's house. (Lots of after-talk from this one, members!)

FREE 03.03.15

De Lux (174)

Treefort Music Fest - Voyage

Today we begin in earnest a month of shows with the artists playing Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID March 25-29. We kick off the series with Sean & Isaac of De Lux from LA.

FREE 02.24.15

Eric Gilbert & Megan Stoll (173)

Treefort Music Fest - A Festival of Discovery

Today we begin a month of shows with the artists playing Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID March 25-29. We set the stage with a live interview with the festival director and marketing manager, Eric Gilbert & Megan Stoll.

FREE 02.17.15

Paul Wendell Obis (172)

Night Falls On The Fair

Another week of of Serial Killers. It's 2.17 so we are traveling to a murder hotel to meet H.H. Holmes, the Devil in the White City, who is introduced to the program by Paul Wendell Obis of the band Holiday House. (Recorded 1.13.15 with the help of Andras Jones & Alan Green.)


John Thorne (171)

Wrapped In Plastic

She's dead. Wrapped in plastic. Today the program travels to "Northern Washington" to connect with John Thorne, creator & editor of Wrapped In Plastic magazine, to speculate about 25 years later.


Louis Sahagun

Master Of The Mysteries

As way of finding closure with our "Man Show" series, the program spends 42 minutes with Louis Sahagun, author of the Manly Palmer Hall biography, who gives us all a final perspective.


Nicholas Ulbrick

The Secret Teachings - The Rosy Cross

On our final day of Man shows, the program travels across the Date Line to delve into conspiracy and meet Sync Book Radio producer, Nick Ulbrick to discuss the mystery of Rosicrucianism.


Andras Jones & David Plate (170)

The Secret Teachings - Kabbalah

On this final day of Man shows, we spend 42 minutes on the Kabbalah with Sync Book Radio's finest practitioners. Andras Jones and David Plate poetically lay the tree bare.


Bo G

The Secret Teachings - The Tablet of Isis

This is a mystery! As our Manly P Hall "Man" shows nears its end, we spend a bonus 42 minutes with Bo G, author of The Keanu Code, and discuss The Tablet of Isis & The Master Of The Mysteries.


Marty Leeds (169)

The Secret Teachings - Pythagoras

Manly P Hall, Mathematics, Universality, Lost Keys, Number, Reader's Edition, Girthy, Synchronicity, Cosmic Union, P, UU,...


Tyehimba Garvey M. Toure (168)

The Secret Teachings - Isis

Judah, 12 Brothers, Slavery, Lions, Panthers, Names, Manly P Hall, Sync Blog, Reference, Zeitgeist, Isis, 3, Beyonce,...


Michael Schacht

The Secret Teachings - Atlantis

MP Hall, MJ Fox, Disney, Twins, Flood Myths, Plato, Poseidon, Subconscious, The Fall, Perennial Philosophy, Sync,...


Will Morgan (167)

The Secret Teachings - Thoth Hermes

Manly P Hall, 2001, Synchead, Jim Carrey, Dionysus, Osiris, Religion, Freemason, 42 Books of Hermes, JT, Media, Pan, DNA,...


Justin Morgan (166)

The Secret Teachings - Symbolism

Manly P Hall, Secret Societies, Masonic Symbolism, Mithras, Eleusinian Mysteries, Truth, Materialism, Gnosticism, Egypt,...


Mitch Horowitz (165)

One Simple Idea

City Slickers, Bill W, AA, Positive Thinking, Spirit Medium, Swedenborg, Psychiana, Mind, God, Mary Baker Eddy, Manly P...


Richard Kaczynski (164)

Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley

Crowleymas, Gods, Poetry, 93, Science, Love, Will, Synchronicity, Legend, Mystique, Art, Mountains, Golden Dawn, Follow...


Alex Tsakiris (163)

Why Science Is Wrong

Science, Consciousness, Emergent Properties, Body Schema, Quantum Physics, Mystery, OBE, NDE, 237, Scientism, Use Your...


Rory Synchromiss

Let This Horse Carry You

Dark Horse, Christian Bale, Sextans, Bojack Horseman, Stars, Knight of Pentacles, Winter's Tale, Horus, Interstellar,...


S.J. Anderson (162)

Lost Dogs

Sync Book, King James, Alex Jones, Crowley, 82, 17, 42, 59, Symbol Literacy, Conspiracy, Interstellar, Giants &...


Tim Murphy

Money, Power, Pryor: Comedy & Tragedy.

Money, Intention, Power, Race, The Toy, Flow, Current, Currency, Dam, Slavery, Jordan Maxwell, Bull, Bear, Monkey, Buy,...


Danny Colombo (161)

Dreamwords Illustrated, Like An Angel Passing Through

Phenomena, Freud & Fort, Hypnagogic, Book Of Wonders, Weird Stuff, Cults, New Age, TM, Olympia, Ego, Automatic...


Peter Heller (160)

Hope In The Midst Of Apocalypse

Post-Apocalyptic Writing, Hemingway & Conrad, Poetry, Adventure, Lost, Jim Wagner, Fishing, Flying, Super Flu, The...


Jack Hitt (159)

Mighty White Of You: A Comedy Of Amateurs

Truth, Beauty, Kennewick Man, Epistemology, Caucasians, Evolution, Adequate Design, Fools & Geniuses, Ben Franklin,...


Andrew W. Griffin

Dopey Little Tykes, The Stalks

King Lear, Children Of The Corn, 2001, The Earthling, Twister, Contact, The Kick, Naomi Klein, The Fountain, Robin...


Kenn Thomas (158)


Wilhelm Reich, Orgone, Where The Road Ends, Orgasm Box, DOR, UFO, LSD, Roswell & Kennedy, Route 66, Grassy Knoll,...


Nancy Mauro (157)

Men, Beasts, & Gone Girls

2012, Advertising, Marriage Story, New York, Emasculated, Unintentional Wrongs, Slow Resentment, Blurred Lines, Sex At...


Victoria Nelson (156)

The Secret Life of Puppets

Zombie Jesus, Bruno Schulz, PKD, Is This Real Or Am I Crazy, Authors Of The Impossible, UFOs, Esalen, The Grotesque,...


Benjamin Goraj (155)

Goraygami A Fractal Repurpose

Blunt, Wu Tang, Repurpose, Hip Hop Culture, Phantomshino, Waking Life, Conspiracy, Detroit, Modular Origami, Christmas,...


Jeffrey Kripal (154)

Visions of the Impossible

Sex & Politics, Valis, Victoria Nelson, Barbara Ehrenreich, Mystical Experience, Dean Radin, Book Of The Damned, Jung...


Stefani Sarah (153)

Dancing The Dream

Michael Jackson, Kevin Halcott, The Sync Whole, Les Twins, Beyoncé, Stonehenge, SXS, The Mask of God, Hip...


Joe Alexander

Back To The Future Predicts 911 (recorded 9/11)

Sync Summit, Olympia, The Tower, Lightning, Treasures, David Plate, Conspiracy, Illuminati!!!!!

FREE 10.01.14

Sync Book Plus

An Underwriting Plea

Rihanna, Baphomet, Illuminati, Muppets

FREE 09.30.14

William Sarill (152)

It's My Friend, Philip K. Dick's World

Duck's Breath, Edge Science, Isaac Asimov, Precogs, 1968, Brown Wool Suit, Divine Invasion, Room 2374, Dark Haired Girl,...


K.W. Jeter (151)

Cats & Dogs

Valis, Tim Powers, Nicolas Roeg, Bowie, Messages & Deconstructions, Frozen Journey, Biography, Skeptic, Victorian,...


Tim Powers (150)

Philip K. Dick On Stranger Tides

Valis, K.W. Jeter, Dead Cat, C.S. Lewis, The Savior, Theophany, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Keanu, Deja Vu Cat, Discrete...


Simon Critchley (149)

Bowie & Mother Goose

Knowledge, Wisdom, Philosophy, Socrates, Ziggy Stardust, 42, The Question, The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick, Gnosticism,...


Mark Steensland (148)

Blade Runner, 1982, Valis, 2374, Tangerine Dream, Hope, Cancer, The Black Iron Prison, Bishop Pike, Paul Williams, Robert...

FREE 08.12.14

JJ Draa

Vacation Bonus

2014 Oly Sync Summit Wrap-Up

FREE 08.02.14

Will Morgan

Vacation Bonus

2014 Oly Sync Summit Wrap-Up


Misty Greer (147)

Synchromisty & The Magic Queendom

Superheroes, Reality Sandwich, Intuition, Fashion Design, Burlesque, Performance Art, Sewing, Vancouver, Body &...


Mike Clelland (146)

Owls, UFOs & Synchronicity: The Hidden Experience

Lorenz Attractor, Chaos, Synchronicity, Owls, UFOs, Grey Alien, Mind Control, Messenger, Dream Analysis, Queen Of The...


Michael Allen (145)

Project Ions

LA, Burning Man, Sync, Projection, Tarot, Dark Side Of The Rainbow, 237, The Jejune Institute, Church Of The Subgenius,...


Rabbi Borukh Goldberg

Spilled Blood, A False God & Real Estate

Arabs & Jews, Zionism, Judaism, Palestine, Israel, Gaza, Shekinah, Exile, Shock & Awe, Hope, Rachel Corrie, Tariq...


John Maguire (144)


True Love, Tom Campbell, Nature Is Language, Read The Book, Self Organization, ET & IT, Kuhn, Spooky Action &...


Lydia Netzer (143)

How To Tell Toledo From The Night Sky

≥, Kant or Kierkegaard, Personal Connection/Internet Connection, (Everything Is Connected), Truth, Engagement,...


Alena Graedon (142)

The Word Exchange

Neologism, Diachronic, Remember, iPhone, Paradox, Language Virus, Meme, Biological Computing, Meta, Conspiracy, NSA,...


Patrick Harpur (141)

Daimonic Reality & The Philosophers' Secret Fire

Double Vision, William Blake, Barbarah Eherenreich, Another World, Wales, Daimon, Matter, Mother, Monster, Seance, UFOs,...


Ezra Sandzer-Bell (140)

Tone Color Alchemy & Astromusik

42, Bowser, King Koopa, K2, Sound & Light, Color, Spaghetti Western, Lead & Gold, OZ Devil Power Chord, Labyrinth...


The World Speed Project

Ryan Beitz with Bo G.

Speed, 2525, Sirius, The Keanu Code, Eschaton, Messiah, Utility, Conspiracy, Whoa, WE KNOW KUNG FU!


Sallie Ford (139)

Music Credit: "Not An Animal" & "Lips And Hips" by Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

Music Credit: "Not An Animal" & "Lips And Hips" by Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside


John Sousa (138)

Canadian Dip Sticks

Wood, Flow, Grain, Compression of Time in Space, Lumpy, Saws & Hammers, Tiny Houses, Burl, Tung Oil, Mikela Jay &...


Olympia Sync Summit Indiegogo Campaign

Towel Day (42) Live Pledge Drive Show

Radio8Ball, "Sync Head", Olympia, West Coast Sync, Legal Weed, Fertile Ground Guesthouse


Jake Kotze (137)


Heart, Hurt, John & William, Truth, Mysticism, Robin Tunney, Animation, Rodney Ascher, 42, TheRon, Star Mummy 3,...


Derek Muller (136)

Veritasium: An Element of Truth

Truth, Einstein, 911, Magic, Constant, Change, Habits, Jokes, Magnetism, Josephson Junction, Dualism, Real, Virtual,...


Swami Anantananda Giri (135)

The Yogic Gospel Of Thomas

Mushrooms, Bliss, The Self, The Realm, Advaita, Guru, Existence, Consciousness, Experience, Yoga, Aldous Huxley, Samadhi,...


Lisa Wells (134)

Portland, Iowa, Authenticity, Sadness, Optimism, Finisia Medrano, Sacred Hoop Rewilders, Great Basin, Devil Script,...


Lea Metzler (133)

Das Sync Buch - German translation of The Sync Book

Circle Takes The Square, Sync, Translation, Faust, Poetry, I Ching, Secret of the Golden Flower, Jung & Crowley,...


Lauren Artress (132)

Veriditas, the World-Wide Labyrinth Project

Blood Moon, Labyrinth, Minotaur, Ties That Bind, Transitions, Cartesian Split, Myth & Ritual, Sacred Geometry, Jeff...


Ezra Sandzer-Bell & Alan Green

Astromusik & Oly Sync Summit

Astromusik, #olysyncsummit, Sound & Consciousness, Astrology, Alchemy, Ritual Magic, Correspondences, Resonance,...


Amber Nelson (131)

Alice Blue Books

Go Ask Alice Blue, Chapbook, Dutch Baby Combo, Dancing Girl Press, SHOTGUN WEDDING & The Stranger, APRIL, AWP,...


Andy Shmushkin (130)

Mustache Music

Banff, Golden Child, Buddhist Monastery, Parzival, Connection, Dillinger's, Olympia, Anti-Shmushkinites, Dan Bern, Andy...


Zach Voss (129)

Hackfort, Dan Deacon, Storyfort, Rigsketball, Band Dialogue, Street Fever, RJD2, Apes on Tape, Ned Garthe Explosion,...


James Lloyd

mr. Gnome, Food Truck Rally, Treefort Film Fest, Teens, Solander, Sallie Ford, The Room, Early Bird Tickets, Decoder App,...


Iska Dhaaf (128)

Seattle, Light & Dark, Nautilus Shell, Art, Exploration, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, Mad Rad, Macklemore & Ryan...


Storie Grubb And The Holy Wars

Comix, The Tale, Projections, The Crux, The Shredder, Evil Wine, Get Wet +, NighTraiN, Deep Creeps, The Blaqks, A...



SXSW Tragedy, Mike Mogis, White Album, April Fool, Ohio, Dreams, Busman's Holiday, Frankie Cosmos, Appalachia, A Slow...


Disco Doom (127)

Sister Crayon, Perfect From Now On, Built To Spill, SXSW, Circus, Austin, Zurich, New York, Seattle, Jim Roth & Scott...



Noise, Skinny Puppy, Technology & Agression, New York, The Spectacle, Alienation, Ray Kurzweil, Her, Complacency, Mr....


Sister Crayon

Sadly, this excellent interview was lost to a computer failure.

Sadly, this excellent interview was lost to a computer failure.


Magic Sword (126)

Feast, The Charm School, VaC, Film Sync, Dark Side of The Rainbow, AR74: Michael Allen, Comics, Heavy Metal, Moebius,...


Eric Gilbert (125)

Treefort Music Fest

Social Media, Duck Club Presents, Snowfort, Rubblebucket, Hackfort, Caustic Resin, Dan Deacon: (Don't move to Portland!),...


Gino Sky (124)

The Legend of the Cowboy Buddha

Topics: Pocatello Idaho, Ed Dorn, Poetry, Buddhism, Mountain Climbing, Beat Consciousness, Snyder & Kerouac, 1963...


Camille de Toledo (123)

Coming Of Age At The End Of History

Topics: 11/9 (end of history) 9/11 , Kurzweil, Singularity, 1221, NOW & NAUW, Flux, Debord & Deleuze, Occupy,...


Kirby Ferguson

This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

Topics: Old Media/New Media,, Copyright/Remix, Net Neutrality, Snowden, No Gatekeeper, Conspiracy, Room 237,...


Steve Marion (122)

Delicate Steve/Saint Rich

Topics: Saint Rich, Deep Sea Diver, Treefort, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Dr. Dog, Dirty Projectors, Mastery, Guitar Gods,...


James Corbett

The Corbett Report

Journalism, Alternative Media, Calgary, Corbett Report, Net Neutrality, Podcastumentary, Gatekeeper, Judy Wood, Bedrock...


Marty Leeds (121)

The Peacock's Tale

Pi, Phi, Circle, Spiral, 3.142, 1.618, 11:11, 42, Magic, Mathematics, GoSpell, Jesus, 33, Peacocks, Bliss Bunny New Age Stuff


Joshua Cohen (120)

Thomas Pynchon Goes Online

Systems Novels, Thomas Pynchon, 90's New York, 2001, Bleeding Edge, Dot Com Bubble, 911 Fiction, The Internet & The...


Andrew W. Griffin (119)

Red Dirt Report

Red, Duran Duran, Andras Jones, The Shining, Twister, Rio, Jung, The Red Book, Communisim, Oklahoma & Red Dirt


Jason Barrera (118)

The Mask of God

Orpheus, The Self, Katy Perry, Eurydice, Arcade Fire, Lana Del Rey, PKD, Trash, Zebra, Reflektor, Jennifer Connelly,...


Alan Abbadessa-Green (117)

Look At All The Happy Creatures

33, "Action", Sirius, Sync Book Press, Conspiracy, Look At All The Happy Creatures, Hunger Games, The Exegesis...


Trish and Rob MacGregor (116)

The Synchronicity Highway

Aliens in the Backyard, Christmas, Grays & Skin Suits, Santa Claus, Joseph McMoneagle, Whitley Strieber, Trickster...


Douglas Lain (115)

Billy Moon

Christopher Robin, Pooh, Peter Pan, A.A. Milne, J.M. Barrie, Debord, Derailment, May '68, Liberty, Free Love & New...


Drew Speziale of Circle Takes The Square (114)

Decompositions Volume Number One

Permaculture, Heavy Music, Built To Spill, Savannah GA, Midnight In The Garden with Gump, B. Dolan, Sage Francis, Anadae...


Dr James Hollis (113)

Hauntings: Dispelling The Ghosts Who Run Our Lives

General Grant, Jung, James Hillman, Woo Woo, Projection & Transference, Ghost Busting, Hamlet & Job


Jacqueline Keeler

Thanksgiving, Hope and the Hidden Heart of Evil

Thanksgiving, The Glittering World, The Shining, Kennewick Man, Grunge, Ella & Vine Deloria, Sheman Alexie, Tiyospaye


Gary Lachman (112)

Music and Mysticism

Magikal and Pythagorean Music, Crowley, David Bowie, The Dark Side of the 60s, Suicide, Alchemical Marriage, Carl Jung,...


Jen Palmer (111)

Synchcast/Time Is Art

(Chapter 11 of The Sync Book Vol. 1)


Guillaume Samard

(Recorded August 2013)

317, 1111, Alan Green, Heliopolis


Dick Russell (110)

The Life and Ideas of James Hillman

Freud, Jung, Hillman, JFK Assassination, Esalen, Eranos, Anima, Psyche, Eros, Love, Analysis & Art


Joe Alexander (109)

West Coast Sync Correspondent

Bay Area Sync Week, Rodney Ascher's Mega Mix, Room 237, Radio 8 Ball, David Plate & Synchromystic Art, Victoria...


Mark Golding (108)

Healing Magic

(Chapter 26 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Florence Williams (107)

Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History

Breasts, The Naked Ape, Evolution, Estrogen Mimics, Cancer, Breast Milk, Carol Doda & Augmentation, Environmental...


Robert Walter (106)

Joseph Campbell Foundation

Myth, Joseph Campbell, The Story, The Four Functions of Myth, Gilgamesh, Coyote, Monster, Historical Atlas of World Mythology


Richard Grossinger (105)

Dark Pool of Light

Science, Meaning, Technology, Material, Anatomy, Purpose, Synchronicity, & Consciousness


Douglas Rushkoff (104)

Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now

Futurism & Toffler, Zombies, Humaness, Chronos, Kairos & The Now, Kurzweil & The Cloud Cult, Miley Cyrus...


Frank Zero (Cosmic Comics) (103)

The Secret World

(Chapter 16 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Frater X and Mater X (102)

The Secret War

(Chapter 8 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Ken Kalfus (101)


Mars, 911, "The Other", Syria, marriage & war, The Holy Grail


Jon Kidd & Will Morgan (98)

"The Bridge Over Jim Carrey"


John Kale (97)

Mysterious Star Map Charleston


Andras Jones (96)

Accidental Initiations


ViolatoR (95)

Dispatch From The Other Side

A special episode created by ViolatoR, who went by the name Jeremy in The Sync Book Vol.1

FREE 07.26.13

Alan Green

Suicide Kings

(from Ep 77) 03.27.13


Tessa B. Dick (94)

It's A Philip K. Dick World!

Co-hosted by Bill Klaus


David Gill (93)

A Total Dick Head

Co-hosted by Bill Klaus


Sophia Stewart (92)

"Mother of the Matrix"

Co-hosted by Psonik of Type One Radio


David Plate (MK Ultrasound) (90)

"Windows Work Two Ways, Mirrors One"

(Chapter 19 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Paul Levy (89)

"Catching the Bug of Synchronicity"

(Chapter 1 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Scott Onstott (88)

"Synchronicity in Number"

(Chapter 21 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Jasun Horusly (Aeolus Kephas) (87)

"Occulture vs. Living Knowledge: An S&M Dialogue with Myself"

(Chapter 14 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Alex Robinson (85B)

"The Colour of SunChronicity"

(Chapter 20 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Joe Alexander (82)

"The Blur"

(Chapter 5 of The Sync Book Vol 2)

FREE 04.28.13

James Randell & Justin Pasieka

Riotfish in the Green Room

(Ep 67 and 75)


Jon Kidd (81)

The Majestic vs The Mask


Trish and Rob MacGregor (79)

"UFOs and Synchros"

(Chapter 6 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Sage Francis (76)

The Buzzkill Of The Sage

FREE 03.17.13

Steve Willner & Ezra Sandzer-Bell

Steve Willner and Ezra Sandzer-Bell in the Green Room

(2/13/13 & 1/22/13)


James Randell (Riotfish) (75)

"transmission from Neptune"

(Chapter 24 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Eric Gilbert (74)

Treefort Music Fest


Jeffrey Kripal (72)

America And The Religion Of No Religion

The Esalen Institute


Steve Willner (71)

"Hacking Source Code Ciphers"

(Chapter 23 of The Sync Book Vol. 1)


Rupert Sheldrake (70)

Synchronicity And Morphic Resonance

Terence McKenna, TimeWave Zero, December 21 2012, The Politics of Rational Science, Technology and Materialism, Science...


Anthony Peake (69)

"Synchronicity and the Law of Large Numbers"

(Chapter 25 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Ezra Sandzer-Bell (68)

"Hermes and the Tortoise"

(Chapter 12 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Justin Pasieka (Riotfish) (67)

"Transmission from Neptune"

(Chapter 24 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


William Klaus (65)

"Chapter 23"

(Chapter 23 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Time Wave Zero (64)


Surfing the Apocalypse

FREE 12.19.12

James Evan Pilato & John Kale

James Evan Pilato and John Kale in the Green Room


John Kale (63)

"SynchroGnostic and the Alchemical Other"

(Chapter 7 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)

FREE 12.12.12

Mark LeClair, Maya Alexis, Alan Green, & Jason Barrera

Moon In The Green Room

Mark LeClair, Maya Alexis, & Jason Barrera in the [Alan] Green Room


Mark LeClair (60)

"Moon In The Middle"

(Chapter 13 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Mark Golding & Alan Green (59)

Pre-Launch For The Sync Book Vol. 2

FREE 11.22.12

Tim Murphy & Justin Morgan

The Intersection of Art and Synchronicity.

Tim Murphy and Justin Morgan in the Green Room


Justin Gray Morgan (58)

Unveiling the cover to The Sync Book Vol. 2


Tim Murphy (57)

Esoteric Studios

FREE 11.07.12

Anadae Effro, Sibyl Hunter & Stefan Jablonski


Anadae Effro, Sibyl Hunter, and Stefan Jablonski in the Green Room


Sibyl Hunter & Anadae Effro (55)

Everything Is Connected

Sibyl Hunter and Anadae Effro talk about Cloud Atlas


It's Not Night: It's Space (54)

"Bowing Not Knowing To What"

Kevin Halcott: Guitar | Tommy Guerrero: Bass | Michael Lutomski: Drums


Dr. Gibbs Williams (53)

Demystifying Meaningful Coincidences


42 Minutes (52)

A Year of 42 Minutes

(a clip show.)


Sibyl Hunter (51)

"The Individual Journey of Sync"

(Chapter 1 of The Sync Book)


Joe Alexander (48)

"Stargate of Oz"

Talking with Sync filmmaker Joe Alexander about his new sync film featuring Christopher Lloyd.


Frank Albo (47)

The Hermetic Code

(hermetic scholar and historian)


Jake Kotze (46)

Synchromysticism and "The Wind In The Trees"


Andras Jones & Will Morgan (45)

Psycho Cinematic Analysis

Discussing Will Morgan's video Psycho Cinematic Analysis starring Andras Jones


Frank Zero (Cosmic Comics) (44)

The Secret Moon

Hidden symbolism in cartoons


Loren Coleman (43)

The Dark Knight Shootings In Aurora

The Copycat Effect & Twilight Language


The Sync Cabin II (42)

"On second thought, it is a silly place."


Christopher Hunter Myers (41)

Mercury In Retrograde, I guess

This one lost to the ether.


Frater X (40)

The Secret War Inside Freemasonry


Jeffrey Kripal (39)

Mutants and Mystics


Bill Klaus & Alan Abbadessa-Green (37)

The Always Record Crossover Continues


Michael Schacht (Gosporn) (35)

The Transit of Venus

"Porn Star Jesus" (Chapter 20 of The Sync Book)


Jason Barrera (Eleleth) (34)

A Child's Treasury Of The Tarot

Chapter 26 of The Sync Book


Anadae Quenyan Effro (33)

The Fay, The Elves, Sync, & The Dead Cat


Mark LeClair (32)

The Wrong Way Wizard

FREE 05.02.12

Mark Golding & Alex Robinson

Mark Golding and Alex Robinson in the [Alan] Green Room


Mark Golding (29)

Healing Magic

(with Alan Green & Justin Morgan)


Alex Robinson (30)

Too Long In This Place


Peg Carter (28)

"Sweet Earth or Chthonic Underworld"

(Chapter 17 of The Sync Book)


Tim Murphy (27)

"Bulls & Bears"

Guerrilla Sync Filmmaking


Karma Tinfoil (26)

Caution. Tinfoil Hat Area!!!


Bill Klaus (25)

Kubrick Transformer

(with Kevin Tinfoil)


David Plate (MK Ultrasound) (24)

The New Creatures Magickal Mystery Tour


Jennifer Palmer (23)

"The Feeling of Sync"

(Chapter 11 of The Sync Book)

FREE 03.17.12

Andras Jones & Kyle Hunt

Andras Jones and Kyle Hunt in the Green Room


Andras Jones (22)

Accidental Initiations


The World (21)

Close Encounters


Kyle Hunt (20)

"The Rainbow Alphabet"

(Chapter 13 of The Sync Book)


Jim Sanders (19)


(Chapter 9 of The Sync Book)

FREE 02.17.12

The Sync Cabin

A Green Room Flashback

The First Sync Cabin: 8/8/2011


The Moon (18)

Valentine's Day

Conspiracy, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, and The Moon Card.


Steve Willner & Jake Kotze (17)

The Synchromystic Arts

(Chapters 21 and 23 of The Sync Book)

FREE 01.31.12

Jason Barrera (Eleleth)

Eleleth in the Green Room

"A Child's Treasury Of The Tarot"


Kevin Halcott & Alan Abbadessa-Green (16)

Live From New York

(Gearing up for the Sync In The City event later that night.)


Joe Alexander (15)

"Lloyd Our Christ Bearer"


Toure (14)

(Chapter 2 of The Sync Book)

(Chapter 2 of The Sync Book)


Neil Kramer (13)

"Go Your Own Way"

(Chapter 25 of The Sync Book)


Alan Green (12)

A New Year

An Older Green Man!


Stefan Jablonski (10)

"Synchronous Reading"

(Chapter 4 of The Sync Book)


Christopher Hunter Myers (9)

"The Magick Of Synchronicity"

(Chapter 12 of The Sync Book)


Justin Morgan (8)

"Awakening At The Center Of The Mandala"

(Cover Art and Chapter 22 of The Sync Book)

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Jake Kotze & Violator

Jake Kotze and Jeremy (Violator) in the Green Room


Jeremy(Violat0r) (7)

"Reflections On The Cinematic Underworld"

(Chapter 3 of The Sync Book)


Jake Kotze & Jim Sanders (6)


(Chapters 9 and 21 of The Sync Book)


Alan Abbadessa-Green (5)

Sync & Schizophrenia

(Editor and Chapter 5 of The Sync Book)


Kevin Halcott & Tommy Fulks (4)

Art or Science

(Chapters 15 and 6 of The Sync Book)



Beyond the Great Pumpkin



Now, and Then