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El Topo Let It Be

go deeper down the rabbit hole


article by admin

Love Oracles

The following work is the magnum opus of a recently deceased member of The Kitchen Sync. Jerry Rosenberger Jr., 32, of Hebron, MD was a friend to many of us in our group,...


Misty Reads 11

Typical Experience | Extra Terrestrial

Some Honey & Ice for your milk this evening.rnrnExcerpts from Beyond Good & EvilrnRecorded 5.17.16


Misty Reads 10

The Kingdom of God is Within, Which Explains Our Many Holes

We had an Emoji hangover from the last Transmission & found it sync'd hilariously well. Have courage, be kind & good to one another & yourself.


article by William Morgan

Mikela Jay pt 1: The Introduction

In the realm of "fan theory" the main contention is one of intention. That is to ask "why does sync... Sync?"... Was it planned by the artist? Did they know what we would be thinking,...

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