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synchronize 5:

Fear and Loving at the Bay Area Sync Summit

Andras Jones and Alan Abbadessa-Green follow-up on the Bay Area Sync Summit ... Douglas Bolles of 42minutes "No Heads and Tarot Tales" .... Radio8Ball with Jeremy/ViolatoR of the stygian port ... Ezra Sandzer-Bell gives a ToneColorAlchemy breakdown of Lou Reed's "Paranoia Key of E"

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synchronize 4

Tom Waits for No Man

Tom Waits takes us to the Bridge by Alan Abbadessa-Green and Andras Jones ... Radio8Ball with musical guest Ira Marlowe, with a question from David Plate ... Douglas Bolles on Victoria...


synchronize 3

Short, Sharp, Shakti

Michael Schacht, of, interview and Radio8Ball ... Znore, of, on "Funeral Parade of Roses" ... 317 Shakti by Alan...


synchronize 2

There Once Was a Note

Music of the Spheres by Alan Abbadessa-Green ... Steve Willner and Ezra Sandzer-Bell interview ... Steve and Ezra play Radio8Ball with Andras Jones ... Will Morgan on Prometheus ......


synchronize 1

Another Dawn

Synchronistic Star Wars by Alan Abbadessa-Green ... Rae Dawn Chong interviewed by Alan Abbadessa-Green ... Rae Dawn Chong plays Radio8Ball with Andras Jones ... Ezra Sandzer-Bell...


synchronize Zero

Opening Day

Jackie Robinson Day Ka-Base-Ballah by Andras Jones ... Alan Abbadessa-Green interviews Alex Robinson ... Alex Robinson plays Radio8Ball ... Jason Barrera on recent events as they sync...

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