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pentamental 19:

Julie Atlas Muz, Mat Fraser

Part 1 - Beauty & Bestiality w/ Julie Atlas Muz:

Burlesque performer & stage choreographer Julie Atlas Muz joins us to discuss the roots of neo-burlesque culture, the challenge of embracing one's sexuality in an era of ageism, and the role of buffoonery in evolving times.

Topics: Cats, Burlesque, Vancouver BC, Umberto Attacks, Legends & Elders, Aging, Theater Bizarre, Juicy Hardcore, Hot-or-Not, Shelf-Life, Milennials, Mat Fraser, Beauty & Beast, Bubbles, Challenging Normality, U/Slideshow, Freaks & Ladies, Buffoons & Truth, Alan Moore, Middle Ground, American Trilogy, Smiling, Fear, The Hand, Fantasy, How They Do It, Knowledge

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Part 2 - Horror Stories w/ Mat Fraser:

Actor & disabled rights activist Mat Fraser joins us to discuss the history of thalidomide, the ongoing struggle against corporate power, and the political/interpersonal dynamics of outsider artistic expression.

Topics: Thalidomide, Corporate Crime, FDA, Rumsfeld & Aspartame, Brazil, Privilege, Normal, Disabled Arts, Identity Politics/Political Correctness, Cultural Appropriation, Divide & Conquer, Freedom & Allies, Clinton/Trump, Social Orgy, Subtlety, Polemics vs Persuasion, Boylesqe/Burlesque, Body Image, Feminism, Julie Atlas, The Spazms, Radioactive Japanese Jellyfish

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pentamental 17.5

Neil Slade

Audiomancer & author Neil Slade discusses his thoughts on brain physiology, the magical utility of music, and how a better understanding of both can contribute to a greater...


Mixes 1

Jacques Dupont(d)

This is a Dj Set i did for the closing of the Jardin des Rigolard summer season. Electro, Glitch Hop, Step Up, Techno.


pentamental 18

Dr. Edmund Storms, Frank Acland

Radiochemist & author Dr. Edmund Storms discusses the reality of cold fusion science, the relevance of scientific theory, as well as how cold fusion might be used to solve numerous...

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