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its in my chart 1:

It's In My Chart

"The barrel to which I was attached sunk very little farther than half the distance between the bottom of the gulf and the spot at which I leaped overboard, before a great change took place in the character of the whirlpool. The slope of the sides of the vast funnel became momently less and less steep. The gyrations of the whirl grew, gradually, less and less violent. By degrees, the froth and the rainbow disappeared, and the bottom of the gulf seemed slowly to uprise. The sky was clear, the winds had gone down, and the full moon was setting radiantly in the west, when I found myself on the surface of the ocean, in full view of the shores of Lofoden, and above the spot where the pool of the Moskoe-ström had been. IT WAS THE HOUR OF SLACK - but the sea still heaved in mountainous waves from the effects of the hurricane. I was borne violently into the channel of the Ström, and in a few minutes was hurried down the coast into the "grounds" of the fishermen. A boat picked me up -- exhausted from fatigue -- and (now that the danger was removed) speechless from the memory of its horror. Those who drew me on board were my old mates and daily companions -- but they knew me no more than they would have known a traveller from the spirit-land. My hair which had been raven-black the day before, was as white as you see it now. They say too that the whole expression of my countenance had changed. I told them my story -- they did not believe it. I now tell it to you -- and I can scarcely expect you to put more faith in it than did the merry fishermen of Lofoden."-A DESCENT INTO THE MAELSTROM by Edgar Allan PoernThe Fall and the Ascension, are the Vortex. You have two options: To transition or to scape the Vortex, keeping cool, with satire, pattern recognition, and the RNA Drops, It´s all in Bob´s Chart! Save all your bodies!

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sync quick news 22

The Parallel

We\'re shifting realities with our backs to the future


sync quick news 21

After Midnight

Sync blew up the internet on BackToTheFutureDay, but we've got a few more minds to blow with the return of everyone's favorite series, on the anniversary of the very first episode.


synchronize S2E07


In this episode, Julie asks the final audience question at 2014\'s Olympia Sync Summit Radio8Ball show.


synchronize S2E06

What Dreams May Come

Radio8Ball and SyncQuickNews combine forces for this second season of Synchronize. Heather asks the next question at 2014\'s Olympia Sync Summit Radio8Ball show.


synchronize S2E05

Charlie Don't Surf

Jeremy \"ViolatoR Hellspawn\" Knight asks the next question at the 2014 Olympia Sync Summit Radio8Ball show.


Fine Just Fine 2

Dr. Eric McLuhan

Part I of II of our conversation with Dr. Eric McLuhan, Canadian author/lecturer on a plethora of areas including Communication Theory, Media Ecology, Egyptology, Language, Finnegans...


synchronize S2E04

Pregnant with Possibilities

Returning to the Radio8Ball show at 2014\'s Olympia Sync Summit, host Andy Shmushkin welcomes Brielle to ask her question, to be answered by musical guest Peter David Connelly.


hip gnosis 5B

Michael Jackson: part 2

Episode 5 continues with This second part of Kevin's Synchromystic look at Michael Jackson


Fine Just Fine 1

Matthew Guggemos

In the premiere episode of Fine Just Fine Season One, we discuss the origins of language and communication with language scientist/entrepreneur/drummer/speech pathologist Matthew...


synchronize S2E03

Message in a Bottle

Returning to the Radio8Ball show at 2014\'s Olympia Sync Summit, host Andy Shmushkin welcomes Donna to ask the second audience question of the evening, to be answered by musical guest...


synchronize S2E02

Red House Pinky Finger

First, Ezra Sandzer-Bell helps Alan Green correct his mistake from Episode One. Then we return to the Olympia Sync Summit where Andy Shmushkin welcomes Jim to ask the first audience...


pentamental 16

Thomas Imlauer, Michael Theroux

Electrical engineer & applied scientist Thomas Imlauer discusses scalar wave technology, theoretical ether physics, and how we might tap the source field of living nature.


synchronize S2E01

Question Answers

Radio8Ball and SyncQuickNews combine forces for this second season of Synchronize. We look back on the first night of the Olympia Sync Summit where Andy Shmushkin hosted the Radio8Ball...


Fine Just Fine pilotb

JJ McAdams

Ambigrammatical antics resume with Fine Just Fine inaugural guest JJ McAdams in Part II of the pilot episode. Host Wally Scharold continues to flail about as they stumble through the...


Fine Just Fine PilotA

JJ McAdams

In its debut pilot episode, Fine Just Fine welcomes composer, game designer, magician, filmmaker, Super Genius, etc. J.J. McAdams. Host Wally Scharold makes an admirable (albeit Noisy)...


pentamental 15

F. David Peat, Dr. John Briggs

Physicist & author David Peat discusses the historical relevance/impact of David Bohm, the meaning of quantum theory, and the microphysical origins of consciousness.

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