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middle chamber 13:

David McGowan

Author and top notch researcher: David McGowan join FX n MX to discuss his latest expose: Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon!

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middle chamber 12

Prof. Jim Fetzer

Prof. James H.Fetzer from The Real Deal and joins FX n MX to give a crash course in some of the central Conspiracy Theories of our time!


middle chamber 11

EA Koetting

Master Adept of the Left-Hand Path EA Koetting from returns to discuss his new work: Anthology of Sorcery Volume 1.


marty leeds 4

Richard Cassaro, Jamalia

The author of Written in Stone, Richard Cassaro, and the music of Jamalia.


marty leeds 3

John Major Jenkins, Jane Joyce

This week's episode features a 2012 perspective with author and Mayan cosmologist John Major Jenkins. Plus the music of Jane Joyce.


middle chamber 10

Dr. Colin Ross

CIA, Mind(K)ontrol, and Psychiatry with Dr. Colin Ross


marty leeds 2

David Whitehead, The Family Business

David Whitehead from Truth Frequency Radio with the music of The Family Business.


middle chamber 9

Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh Vitimus returns to TMC to conclude his discussion with FX about his work: Hand\'s On Chaos Magick. MX wraps it up with her song pick for the week!


marty leeds 1

Scott Onstott, Elsa Va

Scott Onstott of with the music of Elsa Va.


middle chamber 8

Jan Irvin and Joseph Atwill

Jan Irvin and Joseph Atwill joined FX n MX in TMC to discuss their latest video: Psychedelic Intelligence, MK Ultra, the CIA, and the manufacturing of the Counter Culture.


middle chamber bonus 0

Type 1 Radio Lounge

In the Type 1 Radio Lounge this week, FX n MX joined Steve, Psonik, and Swami Shiva for a spirited chat


middle chamber 7

EA Koetting

This week in TMC, FX n MX welcome Black Magician EA Koetting from to discuss his works <i>Evoking Eternity</i> and, the new release, <i>Anthology...


middle chamber 6

Andrieh Vitimus

FX n MX talk to author and adept Andrieh Vitimus to discuss his great book <i>Hands-On Chaos Magick</i>.


middle chamber 5

Mother's Day Show

FX n MX discuss news, events, and an upcoming show-segment with TeslaTech President Steve Elswick as well!


synchronize 6

Oly Sync Summit Primer

Marty Leeds, Ezra Sandzer-Bell, and Joe Alexander play Radio8Ball and discuss the upcoming Olympia Sync Summit


middle chamber 4

Lon Milo DuQuette

DuQuette returns to TMC to discuss his new book, <i>Homemade Magick</i>, and his upcoming European Tour.


middle chamber 3

Mike Cross

Enjoy this edited rebroadcast of the recent interview w/ FX and Mike Cross discussing Noah, the Nephilim and the Flood.


middle chamber 2

Brave New Books

This week Frater X and Mater X venture to Austin Texas for The Secret War On Human Consciousness DVD release event at Brave New Books Store. FX gave a passionate talk covering a wide...


middle chamber 1

Ras Ben

This week Ras Ben returns to help us relaunch the new TMC format with more on the Mystic Mounds of Philadelphia, PA, Colonial Rosicrucians, and Tribal histories from his unique and...

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