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pentamental 18:

Dr. Edmund Storms, Frank Acland

Part 1 - Cracking Up w/ Dr. Edmund Storms:

Radiochemist & author Dr. Edmund Storms discusses the reality of cold fusion science, the relevance of scientific theory, as well as how cold fusion might be used to solve numerous contemporary crises of industrialization.

Topics: Hot/Cold Fusion, Heat, Helium, Tritium, Researchers, Disruptive Potential, Applications, Nuclear Transmutation, Decontamination, Mizuno, Mitsubishi/Imamura, Co-Deposition, Metal Hydrides, Palladium, Nuclear Active Environment, Prerequisite Conditions, Transistors, DOE Panel, Next Gen, Incentives, Space Travel, Global Warming, China, Pons & Fleischman, Calorimetry, Steven Jones, Skeptics, Theory, Nano-Cracks, Hydroton, Temperature/Diffusion, Metallurgy/Nano-Engineering, Neutrons/Gammas, Slow Fusion, Private Research, Jed Rothwell, LENR Library

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Part 2 - A Real Amateur w/ Frank Acland:

Cold fusion advocate & creator of Mr. Frank Acland discusses the politics of cold fusion, the importance of commercial energy, as well as the role of the curious amateur within the field of science.

Topics: Motivation(s), Alien Scientist/Jeremy Rhys, Cold Fusion Now, Ed Storms, Evidence/Excess Heat, Disillusionment, Creating Space, Funding, MFMP, Nano-Science, Mark Dansie, Reputation Trap, 60-Minutes, Anti-Science, Parkhamov Experiment, Rob Duncan, Courage, Julian Schwinger, Conduits, Commercial Development, Brillouine Corp, NAVY/SPAWAR, Pam Boss, Mel Miles, Belief, Youth & Demographics, Andrea Rossi/E-Cat, Sergio Focardi, Lugano Tests, Amateurs, Moderation/Censorship

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