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pentamental 11:

Will Morgan, Douglas Bolles

Part 1 - Tree of Knowledge w/ Will Morgan:

Synchromystic & podcaster Will Morgan explores the intersection between the culture industry, vital forces, and synchronistic security blankets.

Topics: Jupiter/42, Habit, Mad Men, Edward Bernays, Sleepwalkers, Hermes, Hero's Journey, Strange Attractors, Matrix Glitches, Wave-Particle, Organism, Transformers, Psychic Climate, Remote Viewing, Valles Marineris, Daemon, Space-Time, Jake Gyllenhaal, Reich & Orgone, Law of Threes, Proprioception, Catastrophe, Panspermia, 42 Minutes, ET & Teddy

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Part 2 - The Synchronist w/ Douglas Bolles:

Podcaster & author Douglas Bolles explains the origins of Sync Book, the power of cultural/personal narrative, and the pragmatic value of synchronicity.

Topics: VALIS, Q&A, Coast-to-Coast, Sync Whole/Mask of God, Winnipeg, 9/11, Story-Telling, Sync Book, Winter's Labyrinth, Reincarnation, Fractal Selves, Avatars, Escapism, Gurdjieff, Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Campbell, Religion, Gravity, Chaos, Gaia, Jack Parsons, Tension, Occultism, 42 Minutes, Authority, Sync Practice, Evolution, Beats, Sync Summit 2016

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Cohen of Arc

Album makes 4 complete rounds with the song Joan of Arc as intro.


sync quick news 32

Lions Tigers n Bears

An insanely potent archetypal flare up lurches into the news all this month. See how it also mimics the same intense symbol set we tracked in 2011, from the rebirth of dead pigs and...


sync quick news 31

Something's Afoot

Remember how I was saying the broken leg motif is really important right now?


sync quick news 30

RussiaGate highlights n context

Don't let the news cycle try to silence its own malfeasance on this. They tried to sell you a Cold War and DNC lies and they might have just handed Trump the story he'd need for...


sync quick news 29

Osiris out of the Box

This 317 we're digging Osiris out of his grave and tearing down the walls ...


sync quick news 28

The Battle of Olympus

The Prodigy triple sync, KingKong & Luke Perry, The Bridge with Kira & Water protectors, Mushrooms & Fungi Perfecti on The Radio8Ball Show, Andras Jones' All You Get album,...

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