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pentamental 11:

Will Morgan, Douglas Bolles

Part 1 - Tree of Knowledge w/ Will Morgan:

Synchromystic & podcaster Will Morgan explores the intersection between the culture industry, vital forces, and synchronistic security blankets.

Topics: Jupiter/42, Habit, Mad Men, Edward Bernays, Sleepwalkers, Hermes, Hero's Journey, Strange Attractors, Matrix Glitches, Wave-Particle, Organism, Transformers, Psychic Climate, Remote Viewing, Valles Marineris, Daemon, Space-Time, Jake Gyllenhaal, Reich & Orgone, Law of Threes, Proprioception, Catastrophe, Panspermia, 42 Minutes, ET & Teddy

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Part 2 - The Synchronist w/ Douglas Bolles:

Podcaster & author Douglas Bolles explains the origins of Sync Book, the power of cultural/personal narrative, and the pragmatic value of synchronicity.

Topics: VALIS, Q&A, Coast-to-Coast, Sync Whole/Mask of God, Winnipeg, 9/11, Story-Telling, Sync Book, Winter's Labyrinth, Reincarnation, Fractal Selves, Avatars, Escapism, Gurdjieff, Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Campbell, Religion, Gravity, Chaos, Gaia, Jack Parsons, Tension, Occultism, 42 Minutes, Authority, Sync Practice, Evolution, Beats, Sync Summit 2016

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Brave Enough: a Tale of Love and Darkness

Album and film were both released on August 19th 2016

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