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pentamental 9:

Dr. Allan Combs, Thomas Campbell

Part 1 - Science, Myth, & Trickster w/ Dr. Allan Combs:

Neuropsychologist & author Allan Combs discusses the nature of synchronicity and how a broad spectrum of holistic paradigms are emerging throughout the sciences.

Topics: Sync & Trending, Probabilities & Statistics, Joseph Campbell, Transpersonal Psychology, Schizophrenia & Myth, Radical Holism, Marie-Louise von Franz, Pauli Effect, Perverse Synchronicity, Systems Theory, Altered States & The Great Work, Non-Duality Movement, Process Science, Rupert Sheldrake & Science Set Free, Meditation & Healing

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Part 2 - My Big TOE w/ Thomas Campbell:

Physicist & author Tom Campbell discusses his decades of direct experience exploring the larger reality construct through meditation as well as his big theory of everything.

Topics: Monroe Institute, Reconciling Data, OBE, Psychedelics vs. Meditation, Controlling Consciousness, Evolving Digital Information System, Love & Lowering Entropy, Virtual Reality, Past Lives & Evolution, Process Fractals, Probability, Extraterrestrial Life-Forms, Purpose & Meaning, Fractals & Illusion, Freewill Debate

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sync quick news 2020 Pt1

9/11 Spider-verse

Our retrospective docuseries kicks off with a side-step into the Spider-verse, a cinematic world where 9/11 conspiracy theories are just the tip of the iceberg.



Cohen of Arc

Album makes 4 complete rounds with the song Joan of Arc as intro.


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Lions Tigers n Bears

An insanely potent archetypal flare up lurches into the news all this month. See how it also mimics the same intense symbol set we tracked in 2011, from the rebirth of dead pigs and...


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Something's Afoot

Remember how I was saying the broken leg motif is really important right now?


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RussiaGate highlights n context

Don't let the news cycle try to silence its own malfeasance on this. They tried to sell you a Cold War and DNC lies and they might have just handed Trump the story he'd need for...

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