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astromusik 2:

Andras Jones, Radio8Ball

Episode 2 of the Astromusik Podcast features Andras Jones, founder of the Radio8Ball pop oracle. He is an author of the Sync Book Press community and another figure in the field practicing musical divination. We discuss the new online oracle that Andras has created and do a demonstration of how it works. The folks at AlwaysRecord posed a question and we seek to answer it through a variety of interpretations. We bring on Ralph Covert, the songwriter behind the oracle\'s answer, to talk about his music and talk about his musical history with Andras. We look at the role of a 0 degree Mars and its relevance to the recent crash of NASA\'s Antares rocket, the Virgin Galactic crash, and the 5th dimensional quantum communications depicted in Matthew Mcconaughey\'s latest Hollywood blockbuster movie, Interstellar.rnRadio8Ball Theme SongrnPerformed by Andy Shmushkin and The Radio8BandrnWritten by Andras Jonesrn So WrongrnWritten & Performed by Ralph Covertrnfrom the CD âBirthdayâ (1997)rn DoorrnPerformed by The Radio8BandrnWritten by Jon Auer & Ken Stringfellowrn TrapezernWritten and Performed by Lili Haydnrnfrom the CD âLili Land” (2014)rn

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