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Douglas Bolles and William Morgan host a lively weekly conversation in which they naturally discuss "the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything" with the interesting authors, thinkers, syncers and philosophers of our day. The show has its genesis in a series of discussions regarding The Sync Book, of which, both hosts are authors.

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02.19.13 Episode 72: Jeffrey Kripal
America And The Religion Of No Religion
Visit: Jeffrey Kripal at TEDxHouston 2012 on
The Esalen Institute
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Steve Willner (71)

"Hacking Source Code Ciphers"

(Chapter 23 of The Sync Book Vol. 1)


Rupert Sheldrake (70)

Synchronicity And Morphic Resonance

Terence McKenna, TimeWave Zero, December 21 2012, The Politics of Rational Science, Technology and Materialism, Science...


Anthony Peake (69)

"Synchronicity and the Law of Large Numbers"

(Chapter 25 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Ezra Sandzer-Bell (68)

"Hermes and the Tortoise"

(Chapter 12 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Justin Pasieka (Riotfish) (67)

"Transmission from Neptune"

(Chapter 24 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


William Klaus (65)

"Chapter 23"

(Chapter 23 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Time Wave Zero (64)


Surfing the Apocalypse

FREE 12.19.12

James Evan Pilato & John Kale

James Evan Pilato and John Kale in the Green Room


John Kale (63)

"SynchroGnostic and the Alchemical Other"

(Chapter 7 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)

FREE 12.12.12

Mark LeClair, Maya Alexis, Alan Green, & Jason Barrera

Moon In The Green Room

Mark LeClair, Maya Alexis, & Jason Barrera in the [Alan] Green Room


Mark LeClair (60)

"Moon In The Middle"

(Chapter 13 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)


Mark Golding & Alan Green (59)

Pre-Launch For The Sync Book Vol. 2

FREE 11.22.12

Tim Murphy & Justin Morgan

The Intersection of Art and Synchronicity.

Tim Murphy and Justin Morgan in the Green Room


Justin Gray Morgan (58)

Unveiling the cover to The Sync Book Vol. 2


Tim Murphy (57)

Esoteric Studios

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