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pentamental 5:

Matt Pulver, Christopher Dunn

Part 1 - SQK & The Law of One w/ Matt Pulver:

Physicist & alternative researcher Matt Pulver discusses the science of subquantum kinetics (SQK) as well as the spiritual dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Topics: General Systems, Physics, Subquantum Kinetics, Ether(s), Solitons, Big Bang, Genic Energy, Science vs. Speculation, Ra Material, Spiritual Evolution, Pyramid Technology, Intelligent Infinity, Diamonds, Dimensions, Perception, Blue-Science, Nazi Bell

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Part 2 - The Giza Power Plant w/ Christopher Dunn:

Engineer & author Christopher Dunn discusses the architectural precision of the Great Pyramid and speculates whether it served as a power plant for ancient technologies.

Topics: Tomb Theory, Cycles, Electromagnetic Tech, Systems Engineering, Pulse Generator, Chemical Salt(s), Shaft(s), Queen's Chamber, Hydrogen, Switches, King's Chamber, MASER, Harmonics/Frequency/Resonance, Coupled Feedback, Giza Tune-Up, Wireless EM, Tesla

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sync quick news 12

Parisian Folly & Mo' Beta Blues

Did the Illuminati kill Charlie Hebdo? Well, that depends on the meaning of a particular French word. Also, is Beta Testing.


Rabbi Borukh Goldberg 1 of 7

Ain Sof & Keter

Rabbi Borukh Goldberg gives 7 brief talks on The Manifestation of Divine Energy. In Part 1 he discusses Ain Sof & Keter. Join him as he explores what would seem to be an impassible...


marty leeds 20

Vinny Eastwood, City of Ghosts

This week\'s guests include researcher and truth seeker Vinny Eastwood and the musical guest is the Milwaukee, Wisconsin band City of Ghosts.


sync quick news 11

Noah's Yellow Submarine: Two of Every Kind

Paul is Dead, but did Kanye revive him? Doppelgangers all around. Noah Pozner is the boy who died twice.


marty leeds 19

David Metcalfe, Natty Nation

This week\'s guests include writer, editor and researcher David Metcalfe and the musical guest is the roots reggae band Natty Nation.


pentamental 4

Bill Klaus, Dr. Donald DeGracia

Synchromystic & author Bill Klaus discusses the ways we define authority and how we might develop the alchemical art of reading/interpreting synchronicities.


sync quick news 10

Set & Setting : Back to the Astral Plane

Mark Pasio claims to have seen hundreds of UFOs, another airplane goes missing, Obama kinda sorta Ends War in Afghanistan. Plus, the return of the Space Dolphins!


sync quick news 9

Sphinxes, Sony, Sydney and Surveillance

Someone wins the Synchromystic of the Year award. Plus the Sydney Siege, SONY hack, and the Elf on the Shelf.


marty leeds 18

Timothy Hogan, Tony Dipofi

This week\'s guests include author and Freemason Timothy Hogan and the musical guest is Tony Dipofi


sync quick news 8

Locket & Key, Fire Walk With Me

There are actual Keys to the Internet, but the Internet, like everything else, is on Fire.


marty leeds 17

Randall Carlson, The Harmed Brothers

This week\'s guests include Randall Carlson from Sacred Geometry International and the musical guest is Portland, Oregon\'s The Harmed Brothers.


pentamental 3

Magic Wands (Dexy & Chris Valentine), Richard Merrick

Musicians Chris & Dexy Valentine (aka Magic Wands) discuss their views on synchronicity, cultural sadomasochism, and the healing properties of music.


sync quick news 7

The Arch: Cops Cameras and Cards

Everything is upside down and polarized as we read the Tarot cards popping up in the news.


marty leeds 16

Walter Cruttenden, Hewn

This week\'s guest include author of Lost Star of Myth and Time and organizer of CPAK (Conference on Precession of Ancient Knowledge) Walter Cruttenden and the musical guest is Hewn.


sync quick news 6

Sync Quick Music: THWAK

We take the week off for Thanksgiving, and give you a musical feast.


pentamental 2

Marty Leeds, Thomas Joseph Brown

Geometer & author Marty Leeds discusses the mystical utility of mathematics and how the universe can be envisioned as an entity striving towards archetypal perfection.


sync quick news 5

Feast time for the Kelipot

"I am in a world of shit. Yes. But I am alive. And I am not afraid."


marty leeds 15

Joe Alexander, The Heretic Foundation

This week\'s guests include from Apophenia Productions Joe Alexander and the musical guest is The Heretic Foundation.

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