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its in my chart 4:

The Sensus Communis, Synesthesia, and the Soul

This video is about Eric McLuhan's "Sensus Communis, Synesthesia, and the Soul", overlayed by Bob Dobbs-Neveritt.rnBefore there was a division of the senses as one was made predominant by the different medias we developped, and the idea of the body- soul division, the physical body perceiving the outer Kingdom, and the soul perceiving "God". John Amos Comenius, first "pedagogue" and writer of the first educational book for chldren "Orbis Pictus", published in Nurnberg in 1658, believed in a "Sensus Communis" equivalent to our definition of synesthesia, when books were not yet an environment as Marshall McLuhan explains in he Gutenberg Galaxy.rnCh. XLIIrnThe outward andrninward Senses.rnThere are fivernoutward Senses;rnThe Eye 1.rnseeth colours,rnwhat is white or black,rngreen or blewrnred or yellow.rnThe Ear 2.rnheareth Sounds,rnboth natural,rnvoices and Words,rnand artificial, musical Tunes.rnThe Nose 3.rnsenteth smellsrnand stinks.rnThe Tongue 4.rnwith the roof of the mouthrntasteth savours, what isrnsweet or bitter, keen or biting,rnsour or harsh.rnThe Hand 5.rnby touching discernethrnthe quantityrnand quality of things,rnthe hot and cold,rnthe moist and dry,rnthe hard and soft,rnthe smooth and rough,rnthe heavy and light.rnThe inward Sensesrnare three.rnThe Common-sense 7.rnunder the forepart of the head,rnapprehendethrnthings taken from thernoutward SensesrnThe Phantasie 6.rnunder the crown of the headrnjudgeth of those things,rnThinketh and dreameth.rnThe Memory 8.rnUnder the hinder part of the headrnLayeth up every thingrnAnd fetcheth them outrnIt loseth some, and this is forgetfulness.rnSleeprnis the Rest of the Senses

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its in my chart 3

The Twelfth Thunder

In the beginning was blah, blah, blah. now there is the iONic multi-entendre to make sensical sense of the Genesis, the Fall, the Creation with Freakuency and Chemistry, the separation...


its in my chart 2

It's In My Chart II

This video is about Chambord, and the New Renaissance.


sync quick news 22

The Parallel

We\'re shifting realities with our backs to the future


sync quick news 21

After Midnight

Sync blew up the internet on BackToTheFutureDay, but we've got a few more minds to blow with the return of everyone's favorite series, on the anniversary of the very first episode.


synchronize S2E07


In this episode, Julie asks the final audience question at 2014\'s Olympia Sync Summit Radio8Ball show.


synchronize S2E06

What Dreams May Come

Radio8Ball and SyncQuickNews combine forces for this second season of Synchronize. Heather asks the next question at 2014\'s Olympia Sync Summit Radio8Ball show.


synchronize S2E05

Charlie Don't Surf

Jeremy \"ViolatoR Hellspawn\" Knight asks the next question at the 2014 Olympia Sync Summit Radio8Ball show.


Fine Just Fine 2

Dr. Eric McLuhan

Part I of II of our conversation with Dr. Eric McLuhan, Canadian author/lecturer on a plethora of areas including Communication Theory, Media Ecology, Egyptology, Language, Finnegans...


synchronize S2E04

Pregnant with Possibilities

Returning to the Radio8Ball show at 2014\'s Olympia Sync Summit, host Andy Shmushkin welcomes Brielle to ask her question, to be answered by musical guest Peter David Connelly.


hip gnosis 5B

Michael Jackson: part 2

Episode 5 continues with This second part of Kevin's Synchromystic look at Michael Jackson


Fine Just Fine 1

Matthew Guggemos

In the premiere episode of Fine Just Fine Season One, we discuss the origins of language and communication with language scientist/entrepreneur/drummer/speech pathologist Matthew...


synchronize S2E03

Message in a Bottle

Returning to the Radio8Ball show at 2014\'s Olympia Sync Summit, host Andy Shmushkin welcomes Donna to ask the second audience question of the evening, to be answered by musical guest...


synchronize S2E02

Red House Pinky Finger

First, Ezra Sandzer-Bell helps Alan Green correct his mistake from Episode One. Then we return to the Olympia Sync Summit where Andy Shmushkin welcomes Jim to ask the first audience...


pentamental 16

Thomas Imlauer, Michael Theroux

Electrical engineer & applied scientist Thomas Imlauer discusses scalar wave technology, theoretical ether physics, and how we might tap the source field of living nature.


synchronize S2E01

Question Answers

Radio8Ball and SyncQuickNews combine forces for this second season of Synchronize. We look back on the first night of the Olympia Sync Summit where Andy Shmushkin hosted the Radio8Ball...

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