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A free-form open roundtable discussion. By approaching the subject of sync through conversations, instead of the more traditional radio format, we hope to encourage insights or 'ahas' to occur more readily, both in ourselves as well as in the listener. Through the casual interactive nature of Always Record, the listener is invited to be a part of the ongoing conversation.


04.15.18 Always Record 182 | Infinite Jest Part II w/

42 Minutes Book Club

Sync Book Radio presents a 42 Minutes/Always Record crossover for the 42 Minutes Spring Book Club discussing Infinite Jest. Always Record is the second portion of the conversation, continuing from 42 Minutes episode 308.

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FREE02.19.18 EPISODE # 181:

State Of The Union

(with Ben Goraj)

Here is a chat that started out as 42 Minutes but ended up an Always Record, recorded on the day of The State Of The Union (01.30.201 8) and presented on President' s Day (02.19.201 8).

FREE02.04.18 EPISODE # 180:

The Crying Of Lot 49 Part II

(with 42 Minutes Book Club)

Sync Book Radio presents a 42 Minutes/Al ways Record crossover for the 42 Minutes Winter Book Club discussing The Crying Of Lot 49. Always Record is the second portion of the conversati on,...

FREE09.22.17 EPISODE # 179:

Charlottesville's Web pt 1

Zach, David, Jason, Znore, Kay Pax and others who prefer not be named shoot the shit around the political climate and and delve deep into some major sync topics in the wake of the Charlottes ville...

FREE09.14.17 EPISODE # 178:

Double Cherry Pie

(with Alex Fulton, Bill Klaus, Dennis Koch)

Roundtable conversati on with Alex Fulton, who penned the article that proposed and quickly popularize d the theory that Episodes 17 and 18 of Twin Peaks should be watched simultaneo usly, Bill...

FREE07.13.17 EPISODE # 177:

The Secret History Of Twin Peaks Part II

(with 42 Minutes Book Club)

Sync Book Radio presents a 42 Minutes/Al ways Record crossover for the 42 Minutes Summer Book Club discussing The Secret History of Twin Peaks featuring the talents of Dennis Koch, Alex Fulton, and...

06.26.17 EPISODE # 176:

Ulysses Part II

(with 42 Minutes Book Club)

Sync Book Radio presents a 42 Minutes/Al ways Record crossover for the 42 Minutes Spring Book Club discussing Ulysses featuring the talents of Dennis Koch, Bill Klaus, and Znore. This Always Record...

06.07.17 EPISODE # 175:

Pitching and Clipping

For the first 15 minutes, Alan attempts to explain his current project and how you can get involved with it. After that, the episode features a 40 minute preview of said project.

04.04.17 EPISODE # 174:

Raging Rivers

(with Robert Phoenix)

The BizARro panel of SJ Anderson, Alex Fulton, & Dennis Koch are joined by energy-wor ker & friend of the show Talitha Wall to welcome astrologer , blogger, & podcaster Robert Phoenix into the...

03.22.17 EPISODE # 173:

Urphanomen, Rhizome, Acorn to Oak

(with Wally Scharold)

Alan: I feel like the choice to focus on my work again has initiated major changes in my life Wally: it's so funny you would say this. Seriously, I have so much to say about how that simple...

01.08.17 EPISODE # 172:

Beyond the Pale King Kill

(with Jasun Horsley)

The BizARro crew welcomes Jasun Horsley back to Always Record to discuss his recent article series "Vicious Circles & Angry Squares." From there the conversati on wades into the dark waters of...

12.10.16 EPISODE # 170:

Majic Eyes Only

(with Walter Bosley)

The BizARro crew welcomes researcher Walter Bosley into the conversati on to discuss his new book, Shimmering Light: Lost In An MKULTRA House of Anu. An attempt to unravel his own family's strange...

12.04.16 EPISODE # 169:

Festina Lente

(with Nicholas Ulbrick)

Nicholas Ulbrick returns to Always Record to give John and Alan his answer to Andras Jones' question about trusting media from AR167 within the context of Pizzagate and quote-unqu ote Fake News...

11.29.16 EPISODE # 168:

The Recognitions Part II

(with 42 MInutes Book Club)

Sync Book Radio presents a 42 Minutes/Al ways Record crossover for the 42 Minutes Fall Book Club discussing The Recognitio ns. Featuring the talents of Dennis Koch & Alex Fulton. This Always Record...

11.21.16 EPISODE # 167:

Triumph of the ill

A post-elect ion conversati on with Jason Barrera, Andras Jones, Douglas Bolles and Alan Green. William Keefer joins at the start and KayPax joins near the end.

11.08.16 EPISODE # 166:

Deceptive Practices

(with James Kozak and Misty Greer)

Builder James Kozak & Fashion Designer Misty Greer join John to discuss all things magic -- including Illusion, Persona, The Prestige, and of course, Two Dollar Bills.

10.11.16 EPISODE # 165:

The Act of Killing

John and Alan discuss The Act of Killing, a 2012 documentar y about the individual s who participat ed in the Indonesian killings of 1965-66, directed by Joshua Oppenheime r.

09.16.16 EPISODE # 164:

Paper Moon

(with Ben Goraj)

Listen as origamist Ben Goraj & John Maguire rejoin the conversati on to talk Olympia Sync Summit, present shock, future shock, the art of the hustle, and of course, the final frontier -- space.

09.06.16 EPISODE # 163:

Live from Olympia

Recorded live at Obsidian on Saturday August 20th, as part of the 2016 Olympia Sync Summit, after a screening of David Plate's "Jack of Hearts" film (click the link below to watch the full film...

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