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Mark Golding

42 Minutes

FREE 10.03.22 Episode 380: Summer Book Club
"Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die." Or so said Job's wife after he was afflicted by Satan with boils. The book club get our own potshard to scratch out some of these ills found in the Book of Job for our summer book club.
Topics: Mark Golding, 49, Flow, Jung, Blake, Tom Bombadil, King James, Authorized Version, Committee, New Revised Standardized Version, Blavatsky, Satan, Serpent, Gnostic, Initiation, completion, Righteous, Justified, Northrop Frye, The Great Code, History, Law, Ritual, Poetry, Prophecy, Wisdom.
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FREE 12.07.20 Episode 357: Special Edition Book Club
Death Sweat Of The Cluster
Just in time for Christmas, the program hosts a "Special Edition" of the seasonal book club with a panel of experts upon the subject of Znore's recently published book, 'Death Sweat Of The Cluster'. The panel includes: Bill Klaus, Mark Golding, Zach Bauer, Wally Scharold, Nick Ulbrick, & Alan Abbadessa.
Topics: Cultural Marxism, Cross Fertilization, Will Morgan, Synchronicity Generator, Cosmic Trigger, 60s, 2000s, Cognitive Fireworks, Hindsight 2020, Modernism, Crowley, Conscious & Unconscious, PKD, Blogs, Yogic Gospel, Finnegans Wake, McKenna, Philosopher's Stone, Medicine, Honey, 108,2016,2012,1904, Soft Dark Age, Always Record, Sync Academy, Nazi Golfers From The Future, Panjob.
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04.14.15 Episode 180: Darcy J Watt
Meditation, Art & Sync.
Today the program has the pleasure of finally meeting an artist whose work is no stranger to sync, Darcy J. Watt's work can be found in The Sync Book & in The Sync Whole, and with him, we discuss art and mysticism.
Topics: Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean, Practice, LA, Manitoba, Community, Winnipeg, Ayahuasca, Meditation, Animation, Dietter & Oblong, Hollywood, Synchromysticism, Mark Golding, Crown, Shadow, Judas, Duality, Empire.
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10.29.13 Episode 108: Mark Golding
Healing Magic
(Chapter 26 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)
Topics: St Jude, St Helen, Hastings, Water Work, Wood Pigeons, Healing, Treasure, Love & Humility.
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11.27.12 Episode 59: Mark Golding & Alan Green
Pre-Launch For The Sync Book Vol. 2
Visit: Healing-Magic
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Mark Golding & Alan in the Green Room
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FREE 05.02.12 Mark Golding and Alex Robinson in the [Alan] Green Room
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05.01.12 Episode 29: Mark Golding
Healing Magic
Visit: Healing Magic on FaceBook
(with Alan Green & Justin Morgan)
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Always Record


12.09.20 Always Record 234 | Death Sweat Cluster Fuck w/

7 guests

Bill Klaus, Wally Scharold, Nick Ulbrick, Zach Bauer, Mark Golding, Doug Bolles, Alan Abbadessa gather to discuss Znore's new book "Death Sweat of the Cluster"... The convo started as 42minutes episode 357(linked) and continues here for another 3hrs. PS You should buy the book, it is great

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04.11.20 Always Record 208 | April 11th Working

The global meditation/ritual working with Mark Golding, Wally Scharold, Jeremie JJ Draa, Guillaume Samard, Joe Alexander, SJ Anderson, Znore, Douglas Bolles, Hannah Craven, Dennis Koch, Bill Klaus, Alan Abbadessa, and Jordan Bartee.

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