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May 28, 2012 Posted by admin in Events

Peg Carter, Kevin Halcott, & Alan Green @ Surreal Estate

Peg Carter hosting "Surreal Estate" at Bushwick Open Studios, with guests Kevin Halcott & Alan Abbadessa-Green.

Friday June 1st, 2012, 5:30pm-11:30pm

More info:

May 23, 2012 Posted by admin in Events

Jen Palmer at RISK!

On Thursday, May 24th come hear Evolver General Manager and author Jennifer Palmer tell a highly personal story about synchronicity. Jennifer will join stars of TV, film and literature who drop their usual act and show a different side of themselves at RISK!, a show where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public. Jennifer has given many talks on synchronicity and online telepathy, but never with such a revealing twist.

Hosted by Kevin Allison of The State, RISK! is also a free audio podcast getting hundreds of thousands of hits each month. called RISK! “jaw-dropping, hysterically funny, and just plain touching.” Come to The PIT on Thursday night to experience RISK! and hangout afterwards with Jennifer.

May 24th (Thu) 9:30 $10
123 East 24th Street, NYC

May 1, 2012 Posted by admin in Events

Andras Jones & Radio8Ball at Oly Music Awards


Friday, May 4th at 7pm Andras Jones will be at Kitzel’s Crazy Delicious Delicatessen to discuss Accidental Initiations: In The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia and take questions from supporters and detractors.

Friday, May 4th at midnight Andras Jones at The Northern in Olympia as part of the Oly Music Awards.

Saturday, May 5th at Noon Andras will lead the first group walk of The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia. Anyone who has a copy of the book is welcome.

Saturday, May 5th at 9m Andras Jones hosts Radio8Ball's return to Olympia for The Oly Music Awards at the Capitol Theater!

May 1, 2012 Posted by admin in Events

Rammer Martinez Sanchez @ Art of Seeing

Bronx, NYC


Winter's Labyrinth

A Labyrinth is not a maze. The intention of a maze is to escape–to find the quickest and easiest path out of the maze without becoming lost. A Labyrinth presents a different outlook–the point of which, is you! It offers one spinning course that becomes an image of life, a potential mirror to your soul. The path guides you and reveals to you that there is no wrong way–but that doesn't diminish the powerful forces that confront you upon entering this archetype of self. You will face your own depths in this embodied meditation, but secure in the knowledge that you are "held" within this beautiful metaphorical structure–communicating the objective of the endeavor as the process. The process is threefold: the entering, the centering, and the return. Like life, we enter and exit through the same door, thus, the Labyrinth offers a strategy for finding balance within the flow of change.

Winter's Labyrinth, a coming of age story told in four seasons, leads the reader into a circuitous adventure of self discovery–finding at center, the very heart of being–and then returning back to the world, that transformation.

Cover design by Justin Gray Morgan