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March 29, 2012 Posted by admin in Events

Winter's Labyrinth sneak peek: April 5th

Douglas Bolles will be reading from his upcoming Sync Book Press novella, Winter's Labyrinth

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*The event, featured on the front cover of Boise Weekly!

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Alan Abbadessa-Green & Will Morgan on Mabus Radio

Two authors from The Sync Book, Alan Abbadessa-Green and Will Morgan, on The Church Of Mabus Radio Show with Hosts Jeffery Pritchett & Guy Weddle.

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March 13, 2012 Posted by admin in Events

Andras Jones & Radio8Ball at The Olympia Ballroom

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Accidental Initiations

A Kabbalistic Tree of Life built into the architecture of the city of Olympia, Washington provides the setting for Andras Jones’ psychedelic Walden Pond. Part travel guide, part intimate memoir, part gonzo self-help book, Accidental Initiations in The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia is that rare literary feat; a living document. Invite yourself into its pages and prepare to be transformed, initiated and entertained. Whether Jones is holding forth on concepts such as The Pop Oracle, A Balanced Diet of Cults, Honor Among Men, or introducing readers to the artifact that gives the book its name, he does so with a keen wit and a provocateur’s knack for raising difficult issues; beginning conversations that will continue long after you have left its pages. At the heart of his story is Jones’ quest for justice and “awesomeness” in the face of what he calls “the boring haters.” It’s a personal tale of a man, a magickal item, and a small town on the banks of a vortex.

Cover design by Justin Gray Morgan