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A free-form open roundtable discussion. By approaching the subject of sync through conversations, instead of the more traditional radio format, we hope to encourage insights or 'ahas' to occur more readily, both in ourselves as well as in the listener. Through the casual interactive nature of Always Record, the listener is invited to be a part of the ongoing conversation.


05.10.12 Always Record 2 | Doors Of Perception

In Episode 2 we start with an exploration of The Doors and Jim Morrison, then we travel into Mordor and face some shadows, then cover a wide spectrum of related and tangential subjects. Part 3 of this episode is funny because it was only supposed to be a 5 minute conversation. I needed David to re-record an important part of his story from Part 1 that got cut off when my Skype dropped the call. It should have been a 30 second to a minute gap to fill at most. But, we quickly got off onto an hour conversation. Luckily, as the name of the show suggests, I have learned to Always Record these talks. Now you get to enjoy it as well.

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