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A free-form open roundtable discussion. By approaching the subject of sync through conversations, instead of the more traditional radio format, we hope to encourage insights or 'ahas' to occur more readily, both in ourselves as well as in the listener. Through the casual interactive nature of Always Record, the listener is invited to be a part of the ongoing conversation.

11.16.15 Always Record 139 | Figure 008 w/

BizARro Team

The Bizarro AR Team is back! Alex Fulton, Dennis Koch, and SJ Anderson discuss the recent James Bond film Spectre. Later, they delve into the life and strangeness surrounding the late singer Elliott Smith. (Recorded 11.14.15)

Topics include: Octopus, Danny Casolaro, Golden Eye, Janus, Clockwork Orange, EWS, Possession, NIN, 153, 42, Mirrors, The Game, Fight Club, David Fincher, Tower card, Merovingian bloodline, Plugging into the Matrix, Zero Theorem, M, Q, 17, Terry Gilliam, Cristoph Waltz, Vatican telescope, Satanism, Wachowskis, Time Bandits, Akira, Kubrick’s final speech, Daedalus, Labyrinth, Apollo Missions, Hunger Games, Penrose tiling, Art card, Archer, Sagittarius, Diana, Isabeau, Bowman, Man in the High Castle, Ridley Scott, David Foster Wallace, Jake Kotze, Literature vs. Film, The Shining, James Salter, Paris Review, Janus Films, 24 frames per second, Spin cycle, Being John Malkovich, Crowley, Scotland, Boleskine House, Jimmy Page, Waltzes, Panopticon, London Eye, 411, 114, PT Anderson, Olympics ’84, Perception, The Pale King, Lebron James, Brentwood, Sunset Blvd, Brea Tar Pits, Wilshire Blvd, Lacma Museum, California, Caliph, Crown, Infinite Jest, Yeast, Chelation, Mercury, Parasites, Candide, Trauma and the artist, MK Ultra, Crowley, Holy Guardian Angel, Philip K. Dick, Kurt Cobain, Scientology, Hypnosis, Jennifer Chiba, Suicide King, Oscars ‘98, John Malkovich and Yoko Ono, Stanly Tucci, Abyss, Nietzsche, Peter Sellers, Klaus Kinski, Lifespan, Werner Herzog, Tower Trump, Donald Trump 2016, 1008 = 24x42, 504 = 153+351, Sister Cities, The Great Concavity, Finnegan’s Wake, Garbage dump, Orbiting model, Twin Peaks, Double R diner, 18, The Moon and Sun cards, LA (song)

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11.10.15 EPISODE # 137:

Is A Bowman

(with Will Morgan)

Will Morgan joins David and Alan to talk about The Nightmare, sleep paralysis, the land of the dead, John Keel and the Mothman, Kelipot and the Tree of Death, the bridge to the other side, as well...

11.06.15 EPISODE # 136:

Before Completion

(with Andras Jones and Sylvie Sovina)

I-Ching, you-Ching. Radio8Ball 's Andras Jones interviews Olympia artist Sylvie Sovina about her I-Ching inspired 8x8 Deck. In a long laughter filled conversati on, sprinkled with copious deck...

10.31.15 EPISODE # 135:


(with BizARro Team)

On Halloween, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, a podcast slips through from the other side. Listen to an Always Record hosted by Dennis Koch, Alex Fulton and SJ Anderson, and...

10.14.15 EPISODE # 134:

The Role of Thunder

(with Znore and Wally Scharold)

"Holy Fucking Shit. Best conversati on I've had in recent memory. Thanks for facilitati ng. Mind Blown." --Wally Scharold's text message to Alan Green less than 15 minutes after hanging up after a...

10.09.15 EPISODE # 133:

Venus in Furniture

Recorded the same night as AR132. After a break between calls, David and Alan return to their ongoing conversati on.

10.05.15 EPISODE # 132:

We Should Talk

Wally Scharold and Alan Green talk about Sirius, Bob Dobbs, Mind Control, the power of quote-un-q uote Love songs, and so much more. Then David Plate joins in the second hour to help us plug our...

09.23.15 EPISODE # 131:

Of Mice and Men

(with Bill Klaus and Jeremy ViolatoR)

After a one-month break, Always Record goes on an old-school marathon gab session with Bill Klaus and Jeremy "ViolatoR " Knight joining Alan Green and David Plate.

08.25.15 EPISODE # 130:

In His Image

We're always happy when Bill Klaus joins the conversati on. Novel topics of inquiry include Gnosticism /Alchemy, the art/validi ty of brainwashi ng, the Twin Peaks-Terr ence McKenna conjunctio n,...

08.09.15 EPISODE # 129:

Tragedy and Hope

A cathartic expression of emotion, grief and loss; friends saying things that needed to be said; the retraction of some things Alan didn't need to say to strangers; all balanced by the very...

07.31.15 EPISODE # 128:

The Wizard of AUS

(with Nicholas Ulbrick)

David, John, and Alan are joined this episode by generalist & researcher Nicholas Ulbrick from the Land Down Under where we take 39 Steps toward a deeper understand ing of The Shining, historical ...

07.21.15 EPISODE # 127:

Labyrinth of the Psychonaughty

(with Steve Willner)

Synchromys tic & Reality Artist (Soundless Dawn and Labyrinth of the Psychonaut ) Steve Willner joins the Always Record crew for a wide-rangi ng discussion in which we explore the flat-earth ...

07.13.15 EPISODE # 126:

Barrel of Moonkeys

With Michael Schacht, Alex Fulton, Patrick Sevc, Johanna Lenski, and Will Morgan! David, Alan, and John are joined by a menagerie of familiar friends for a synchrotas tic, inner-spat ial journey on...

07.02.15 EPISODE # 125:

Surfing the Wasteland

(with Znore)

It's another 42Minutes/ AlwaysReco rd summer crossover as Alan Green and Doug Bolles continue their conversati on with Znore from 42Minutes Episode 191.

06.30.15 EPISODE # 124:

The Signal and The Noise

(with Wally Scharold)

The versatilit y of words meets the limits of language when Wally Scharold and Alan Abbadessa- Green share an afternoon chat.

06.25.15 EPISODE # 123:

Traversing the Border

(with Thomas Joseph Brown)

Former director of Borderland s Research, Thomas Joseph Brown, joins us again on Always Record for a lively jaunt through the whacky and wonderful world(s) of occult science, esoteric philosophy ,...

06.12.15 EPISODE # 122:

More Mad Men

Today's Always Record is a continuati on of a conversati on that began on 42 Minutes episode 188 (hosted by Douglas Bolles & Will Morgan) with a roundtable consisting of Jasun Horsley, Andras Jones,...

06.08.15 EPISODE # 121:


(with Dennis Koch)

Visual artist Dennis Koch joins John, David and Kevin to talk free energy, free minds and free expression . Part 1: Free Energy, Harold Aspden, PESN, Process Physics, Viktor Schauberge r, Eric...

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