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A free-form open roundtable discussion. By approaching the subject of sync through conversations, instead of the more traditional radio format, we hope to encourage insights or 'ahas' to occur more readily, both in ourselves as well as in the listener. Through the casual interactive nature of Always Record, the listener is invited to be a part of the ongoing conversation.


05.10.20 Always Record 213 | Ok BaOmer w/

7 guests

Probably the last of the AR quarantine sessions for at least a few weeks. JJ Draa, SJ Anderson, Guillaume, Joe, Alan, Dennis, and we even get Nick Ulbrick in there for a little bit.

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FREE05.07.20 EPISODE # 212:

A Little While

(with Znore)

Alan and Znore were set to talk about a project they are working on, but couldn't resit talking about Ezra Pound and such for about an hour first.

FREE05.04.20 EPISODE # 211:

Time Cycle Nodes

(with SJ Anderson)

SJ and Alan break down time cycle nodes with a Tiger in our Tank and a Bun in our Oven.

FREE05.01.20 EPISODE # 210:

Circuit of Life

(with David Plate)

David and Alan talk Lions, Serpents, Thalers, Hyacinths, Oz, and the hidden hand.

FREE04.27.20 EPISODE # 209:

Keep Talking

(with 7 guests)

Alright, I guess we're doing another season of Always Record. We start today by catching up with Guillaume Samard, Joe Alexander, SJ Anderson, Douglas Bolles, Dennis Koch, Alan Abbadessa, and...

FREE04.11.20 EPISODE # 208:

April 11th Working

The global meditation /ritual working with Mark Golding, Wally Scharold, Jeremie JJ Draa, Guillaume Samard, Joe Alexander, SJ Anderson, Znore, Douglas Bolles, Hannah Craven, Dennis Koch, Bill...

FREE04.06.20 EPISODE # 207:

The Scenario Framework

(with Znore, SJ, Doug, Alan)

No business, All chit chat.

FREE04.05.20 EPISODE # 206:

Chart Reading

(with 411 Planning Session)

A planning session, not a conversati on. Only listen to this if you're looking to be involved in the 411 working and want the meeting notes.

FREE04.04.20 EPISODE # 205:

Down Under Check Up

(with Nick Ulbrick)

These quarantine sessions continue with a check up from our friend Nick Ulbrick.

FREE04.02.20 EPISODE # 204:

Nobody Wants To Talk About Cryptokubrology with Alex Fulton

(with Alex and Bill)

Conversati on recorded August 2018 ::: Bill & Alex arranged to interview author/occ ultist Jason Louv to discuss his latest book John Dee and the Empire of Angels & its relation to sync & the modern...

FREE03.30.20 EPISODE # 203:

Ripple Effect

(with 11 Guests)

Wally, JJ, Guillaume, Joe, SJ, Znore, Doug, Dennis, Bill, Alan, and Jordan check back in, not only on how their worlds and cities are evolving in Corona-era madness, but also to further discuss a...

FREE03.27.20 EPISODE # 202:

House Of Leaves Part II

(with 42 Minutes Book Club)

Sync Book Radio presents a 42 Minutes/Al ways Record crossover for the 42 Minutes Winter Book Club discussing House Of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewsk i. Always Record is the second portion of the...

FREE03.22.20 EPISODE # 201:

Event 201

(with 7 guests)

A global pandemic calls for a global Always Record roundtable with Wally (London), Guillaume (France), Joe (Israel), S.J. (Country of Georgia), Znore (Japan), Doug (Western US), and Alan (Eastern US).

FREE03.19.20 EPISODE # 200:


(with David and Alan)

Recorded at the start of quarantine and yet we manage to barely talk about Corona virus.

FREE02.06.20 EPISODE # 199:

Early Spring

(with znore and wally)

Wally, Znore, and Alan play catch-up. Topics include: Language and Media, Psychedeli cs and Literature , Corona Virus and Conspiraci es.

FREE12.02.19 EPISODE # 198:

Underworld Part II

(with 42 Minutes Book Club)

Sync Book Radio presents a 42 Minutes/Al ways Record crossover for the 42 Minutes Fall Book Club discussing Underworld by Don DeLillo. Always Record is the second portion of the conversati on,...

FREE11.28.19 EPISODE # 197:

Gang Haunting

(with Jordan Bartee, Alan Waller)

Jordan and Alan circumambu late eternally around war, witches and wd-40

FREE10.31.19 EPISODE # 196:

Halloween Special 2019

(with Jordan Bartee, Alan Waller)

Alan and Jordan go trick or treating

FREE09.22.19 EPISODE # 195:

The Cutting

(with Jordan Bartee, Alan Waller)

Alan and Jordan discuss the art of editing as regards movies, alchemy and life.

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