Neil Kramer Aug 2012 Workshop

Near HOOD RIVER, OREGON. Sat Aug 25th 2012 – Sun Aug 26th 2012.
SAT Full Day Workshop + SUN Q&A & Group Discussion + Book Signings.

Author and philosopher, Neil Kramer, explores what it means to be a conscious human being in the surreal world of the 21st century. In a discourse that explores the links between mysticism, sexuality, magic, and media, Kramer looks at some of the deepest and most encouraging secrets of the human story. As millions of people stop believing in the old hierarchies and traditional institutions, the universe is quietly returning power to all sovereign spirits with the courage and will to wield it. Kramer suggests that the parallel is not accidental, and offers pathways and perspectives for attaining a clearer and more fulfilling way of being. Inspiring, entertaining, and enlightening, Neil Kramer tells it like it is.

Info and Tickets at NeilKramer.com

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