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Andras Jones on The Andy Dick Show

Read the book, Accidental Initiations

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Sync Book authors on the Vinny Eastwood Show


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July 26, 2013: Paul Levy

Is Psychopathy A Virus? The Watiko!
Listen to July 26 Paul Levy

July 24, 2013: Mike Clelland

Why Are Aliens Abducting Humans?
Listen to July 24 Mike Clelland

July 22, 2013: William Klaus

How To Practice Alchemy And Tap Into Synchronicity
Listen to July 22 William Klaus

May 30, 2013: Steve Willner and Ezra Sandzer-Bell

Music, Myth, Cosmos . . . Musical Tones and Teleportation?
Listen to May 30 Steve and Ezra

May 28, 2013: Andras Jones

The Synchronisity Of The WHO and The Matrix, how albums synchronize with movies, and Accidental Initiations.
Listen to May 28 Andras Jones

April 12, 2013: Alex Robinson and Alan Abbadessa-Green

Hour 1: Alex Robinson. Is western society trauma based? From birth to school, work to death, life is deemed rather traumatic and it stops people from progressing into new and exciting areas of thinking and socializing. Have adults forgotten the true meaning of play time? How much can we learn about how to be happy from simply observing the habits of children, play, explore and be curious.
Hour 2: Alex Robinson with Alan Abbadessa Green. Excellence in life is certainly not assured, what works for one may not work for someone else, it is important to find your own path through life and allow yourself to be open to new ideas and possibilities just in case you missed something.

Listen to April 12 Alex Robinson and Alan Abbadessa-Green

Feb 14, 2013: Mark LeClair

Isn't it interesting if you try to regress your thoughts back by repeating the question "How did I get here?" you somehow trace back to a really profound realization that blows your mind? Is the Moon the most powerful influence on our minds? Is there really any new ideas under the sun at all or are we just reinventing what has always been done?
Watch Feb 14 Mark LeClair on YouTube

Feb 13, 2013: Anthony Peake and Tom Campbell

An extremely entertaining and informative show, it's not every day that you get to delve into the nature of reality itself and return on the other side unscathed and enlightened. Consciousness can change reality almost as much as reality can change your consciousness, the universe is a huge place with many unexplained phenomenon. Why is it that men can't find anything in the fridge? How is it possible for people to move from one location to another seemingly instantaneously? Why is consciousness within the human psyche understanding that which science cannot explain?
Watch Feb 13 Anthony Peake and Tom Campbell on YouTube

Feb 12, 2013: Vi0lator Hellspawn (Jeremy) and Frank Zero

How much cartoons and movies have you seen over your life? Read any comics? How much of that fiction became reality later on? An interesting discussion about the nature of predictive programming and why science fiction isn't necessarily fiction, but in fact based on real occurrences and in some cases accidentally come up with new inventions, or new visions for the future of humanity.
Watch Feb 12 Vi0lator Hellspawn (Jeremy) and Frank Zero on YouTube

Feb 11, 2013: Neil Kramer

Why you should value your experiences in life and try to learn something from them, don't take yourself too seriously, listen to criticism, curb your ego & remember to laugh. The universe works its magic on your life so long as you're doing the right thing everything you need will turn up at the last possible minute and you must trust it. A truly inspirational broadcast.
Watch Feb 11 Neil Kramer on YouTube

Feb 1, 2013: Scott Onstott

Numbers & architecture, lay lines and strange coincidences, the occult & sacred geometry, topics which are often shrouded in mystery, interpretation and emotional people who see a meaning in everything. Now it's time for the facts, number sequencing, the numbers 33, 666, 555, 432 and much more, it's quite amazing to notice how much of the earth, the moon, the sun and indeed the universe seem to be built upon mathematics of this nature while man is largely unaware of it, and even when becoming aware, possess a lack of understanding on why these interesting phenomena exist. So if we let go of our assumptions and just go back to the data and evidence, it teaches us to remain open minded and welcome possibilities whatever the implications might be.
Watch Feb 1 Scott Onstott on YouTube

Oct 15, 2012: Alan Abbadessa-Green

The world is both physical and metaphysical, not one or the other, you can either move a chair in 2 seconds or study to be a telekinetic monk for 60 years and then move the chair. We must take some responsibility and be aware that meaningful coincidences in life are extremely important to how we interact with other people and the world itself. A revealing and insightful interview on the nature of psychedelics and intellectual evolution.
Watch Oct 15 Alan Abbadessa-Green on YouTube

Aug 23, 2012: Anthony Peake

The Science Behind Life After Death & Deja Vu.
Watch Aug 23 Anthony Peake on YouTube

March 8, 2012: Frater X

Frater X, a member of many Occult secret societies, has spent a good portion of his life accessing the archives of these secret orders, reading 200 year old books with dust all over them, to compile one of the most revealing and comprehensive historical accounts of war going on. A war carried out by the Scottish rite of freemasonry, to dominate all the other various masonic orders.
Watch March 8 Frater X on YouTube


The StArmy: hosted by Jake Kotze

The StArmy is an “entertainment” show hosted by Jake Kotze investigating current and forthcoming films via sync. Movies and their stars contain alignments with each other, current world and astronomical events as well as continuing sync themes investigated by a community of like minded individuals on twitter, blogs and in sync videos.
Watching a movie with this new context and understanding becomes a powerful ritual plugging us into each other and the source of all creation.
Tools of The StArmy include trailers, star birthdays, posters & film clips, scoured for patterns that vivify the seamless web of existence; a union that is relevant and true for all facets of our lives. By removing the barriers between things with sync our minds become hearts and shine with joy.

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Paul Levy on Veritas Radio

There is a contagious psychospiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind, that is currently being acted out en masse on the world stage via a collective psychosis of titanic proportions. This mind-virus—which Native Americans have called "wetiko"—covertly operates through the unconscious blind spots in the human psyche, rendering people oblivious to their own madness and compelling them to act against their own best interests. Drawing on insights from Jungian psychology, shamanism, alchemy, spiritual wisdom traditions, and personal experience, author Paul Levy shows us that hidden within the venom of wetiko is its own antidote, which once recognized can help us wake up and bring sanity back to our society.


Alan Abbadessa-Green interviewed by John Maguire


June 18, 2013

0.min-13.min: Personal impact of 9/11; Questioning and Conspiracy; Esoteric Symbolism and Predictive Programming; Unconscious Symbolic Bleed-Through in Media; Finding Refuge in Sync Community; Inspiration for Sync Book Volume I; Sync Niches

13.min-35.min: Normalcy of Precognition; Anthony Peak; Utilizing Pop Media/Art as a Shared Dream; Media as a Repeatable Experiment; Archetypal Utility of Tarot; Intentionality and Conscious Choice; Exploring All Reality Tunnels Simultaneously; Sync in Politics/World Events; Iraq War and Sync; Common Explanations for Sync; Observer Effect; Questioning Truth

35.min-45.min: ‘The Secret’ Delusion; Unifying Consciousness; Reconciling Materialism and Spiritualism; Polarization; Paralysis via Conspiratorial Indulgence; Empowerment Through Sync; Control of Mental States; Abuse of Ideology; 3rd-Path Spirituality

45.min-55.min: Role of Flexible Spirituality and Compassion; Dangers of Dogma; Rigidity of ‘Truth’ Movement; Anti-Authoritarianism; Search for Personal Truth; Taboos and Modern Society; Inherent Interconnectedness; Balance; Exploring the Unknown; Henrik Palmgren

55.min-1h.10min: Scientific Dogma; Discounting of Psi-Research; Finding Common Ground; Suicide Kings; Gray Areas and Muddying the Water; Sync Book Volume II; Sirius and Red Ice


Alan Abbadessa-Green on UK Critical Mass Radio

The Unpenned Show with Paul and Andy.

May 28, 2013


Dec 4, 2012



Alan Abbadessa-Green on Anthony Peake's Consciousness Hour

Author Anthony Peake discusses the elements of synchronicity with Author/ Radio Show Host Alan Green. They also talk about Alan's synchronicity books, consciousness, Philip K. Dick, and other goodies.

Listen at


SkyBlue Symposia

Presenting symposia with guests who have expansive and alternative perspectives.

02.04.13 Neil Kramer on SkyBlue Symposia

Neil Kramer: Video and Mp3.

01.19.13 Alan Abbadessa-Green on SkyBlue Symposia

01.19.13 Part 1 of 3 01.19.13 Part 2 of 3 01.19.13 Part 3 of 3.

03.23.13 Alan Abbadessa-Green on SkyBlue Symposia

03.23.13 Part 1 of 3 03.23.13 Part 2 of 3 03.23.13 Part 3 of 3.


Sync Book authors on Mike Clelland's Hidden Experience

04.16.2013 Trish and Rob MacGregor on Hidden Experience

The book Aliens in the Backyard has the word synchronicity right on it's cover. The overall abduction phenomenon might seem to have a defined set of boundaries, those crumble when you examine it more closely. Then you realize it's a lot more mysterious than just little scientists coming to visit us on metal spaceships.
Trish and Rob have written a book that looks at some of the more bizarre aspects of the overall lore surrounding UFOs. Their examination of the phenomenon includes divergent topics like synchronicity, psychic experiences, the occult, planetary empaths and the military aspects. They are both professional writers and their skill shows through in the well written book. It is also a personal journey where the authors play a role, so it reads like a first person detective story.

01.05.2013 Freeman on Hidden Experience

Don't ask me why, but people who clim first hand UFO contact experience also tend to be absorbed in conspiracy research. Nobody fits that better than Freeman. I've been following this guy off and on for years and part of me is mystified and the other part is fascinated.
Freeman (a pseudonym) has a pretty impressive web presence. He has an audio podcast series as well as a huge load of videos. As I prepped for this interview I got absorbed in both. I've included two videos below, and remember, these were created by someone who's had direct contact with UFOs.

03.25.2012 Jason Horsley/Aeolus Kephas on Hidden Experience

Jason Horsley is a writer, scholar, former podcaster and misadventurer. You might know him by his pseudonym Aeolus Kephas, or Jason Kephas, or just Jake. Who and what he might be is difficult to pin down. He wrote a book that I very much liked titled THE LUCID VIEW. And he wrote another that I've yet to read, but I suspect will be right up my alley titled THE SECRET LIFE OF MOVIES.
He hosted a podcast series known lovingly as STORMY WEATHER. I return to this amazing series again and again and I am continually struck by the depth of Jason’s thinking and bold ideas.
I do my best to keep up with Jason's mind, and hopefully there is plenty to chew on in this interview. We also talk about God, UFO abductions, unconscious filters, Jesus, Dr. Steven Greer, the ego and the metaphoric map.

12.03.2011 Alan Abbadessa-Green on Hidden Experience

Alan just published a book on a subject dear to my heart, synchronicity. He played the role of editor and collected 26 essays on the subject and compiled them under the title The Sync Book. We’ve both been at the receiving end of a lot of profound synchro-weirdness, making this a very lively, ultimately beautiful conversation. During the podcast Alan shares a personal experience that transcends mere synchronicty, and feels more like direct contact with a mystical overlord. This ethereal presence claims to be communicating from Sirius! This is the kind of thing that gets my attention.
Topics discussed include: The 9-11 mega-ritual, Jake Kotze, UFO’s, the contact experience, spiritual journeys, lottery tickets, 2001: A SPACE ODDESY, Charlton Heston in PLANET OF THE APES, Jared Lee Loughner and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, owls, communications from Sirius, direct gnosis, The Secret Sun, Steve Willner, David Bowman, David Bowie, stuffy academics, blogging and Osiris.

07.28.2011 Trish and Rob MacGregor on Hidden Experience

Synchronicity is an an elusive subject, but it's been the focus of the last three books written together by the husband and wife team of Trish and Rob MacGregor. They've also created a website with a daily posting about synchronicity called Synchro Secrets. The main focus of this interview is their book "The 7 Secrets to Synchronicity."
During this recorded interview we take turns sharing a slew of stories - and all of 'em are synchro-weird! We spend a lot to time on how synchronicty and UFO's are somehow intertwined with each other.

11.27.2010 Jake Kotze on Hidden Experience

I love the term Synchromysticism, it was coined by the young enigmatic film-maker Jake Kotze. From his home in Winnipeg Manitoba, he has creating a series of delightful videos that attempt to define an elusive force that is welling up all around us.
Pop culture is easily dismissed as trite and vapid, and it can be dismissed by those searching for deep metaphysical answers. But hidden within the soup of our mundane movies and TV shows is a path to the divine.
We dig deep into psychedelics, interacting with aliens, crop-circles and transformative experiences all interwoven with synchronicities.


Neil Kramer and Paul Levy in conversation

In March 2013, Neil Kramer and Paul Levy met to discuss some of the engaging metaphysical issues of the moment.
As keen practitioners of conscious empowerment and spiritual philosophy, they seek new ways of thinking about liberation, shadow, reality, and creativity. Instead of remaining a private conversation over coffee, they decided to record the dialog and make it available to other students of spiritual inquiry.
Discussion includes: the expectations of 2012, what actually happened?, keeping company with other awakening souls, opening the door to the unknown, who is feeding who?, why bother having “evil” at all?, the ethereal aspect of reality, editing the narrative, how do we sustain constructive change?, plugging into universal abundance, how polar opposites interweave and offer clues for inner growth, the inviolable human spirit, the importance of physical gatherings, geographical locations aiding awakening, disciplined consciousness for dream editing, changes in temporal flow, faith in collaborating with universal evolution.

Listen at

Neil Kramer is a British philosopher and teacher, author of The Unfoldment. Paul Levy is a spiritual teacher and dream-worker, originally from New York, author of Dispelling Wetiko.