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Archive for May 2013


Alan Abbadessa-Green on UK Critical Mass Radio

The Unpenned Show with Paul and Andy.

May 28, 2013


Dec 4, 2012



Alan Abbadessa-Green on Anthony Peake's Consciousness Hour

Author Anthony Peake discusses the elements of synchronicity with Author/ Radio Show Host Alan Green. They also talk about Alan's synchronicity books, consciousness, Philip K. Dick, and other goodies.

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SkyBlue Symposia

Presenting symposia with guests who have expansive and alternative perspectives.

02.04.13 Neil Kramer on SkyBlue Symposia

Neil Kramer: Video and Mp3.

01.19.13 Alan Abbadessa-Green on SkyBlue Symposia

01.19.13 Part 1 of 3 01.19.13 Part 2 of 3 01.19.13 Part 3 of 3.

03.23.13 Alan Abbadessa-Green on SkyBlue Symposia

03.23.13 Part 1 of 3 03.23.13 Part 2 of 3 03.23.13 Part 3 of 3.


Sync Book Singles

A new series of digital short stories from Sync Book authors. The first of these is Dog Park from Douglas Bolles, co-host of 42 Minutes. This is a tale of dogs, gods, birds, and rivers considering beginnings and endings, ultimately discovering the Soul of the World.

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