Neil Kramer and Paul Levy in conversation

In March 2013, Neil Kramer and Paul Levy met to discuss some of the engaging metaphysical issues of the moment.
As keen practitioners of conscious empowerment and spiritual philosophy, they seek new ways of thinking about liberation, shadow, reality, and creativity. Instead of remaining a private conversation over coffee, they decided to record the dialog and make it available to other students of spiritual inquiry.
Discussion includes: the expectations of 2012, what actually happened?, keeping company with other awakening souls, opening the door to the unknown, who is feeding who?, why bother having “evil” at all?, the ethereal aspect of reality, editing the narrative, how do we sustain constructive change?, plugging into universal abundance, how polar opposites interweave and offer clues for inner growth, the inviolable human spirit, the importance of physical gatherings, geographical locations aiding awakening, disciplined consciousness for dream editing, changes in temporal flow, faith in collaborating with universal evolution.

Listen at NeilKramer.com

Neil Kramer is a British philosopher and teacher, author of The Unfoldment. www.neilkramer.com Paul Levy is a spiritual teacher and dream-worker, originally from New York, author of Dispelling Wetiko. www.awakeninthedream.com

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