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A Labyrinth is not a maze. The intention of a maze is to escape–to find the quickest and easiest path out of the maze without becoming lost. A Labyrinth presents a different outlook–the point of which, is you! It offers one spinning course that becomes an image of life, a potential mirror to your soul. The path guides you and reveals to you that there is no wrong way–but that doesn't diminish the powerful forces that confront you upon entering this archetype of self. You will face your own depths in this embodied Meditation, but secure in the knowledge that you are "held" within this beautiful metaphorical structure–communicating the objective of the endeavor as the process. The process is threefold: the entering, the centering, and the return. Like life, we enter and exit through the same door, thus, the Labyrinth offers a strategy for finding balance within the flow of change. Winter's Labyrinth, a coming of age story told in four seasons, leads the reader into a circuitous adventure of self discovery–finding at center, the very heart of being–and then returning back to the world, that transformation. Cover design by Justin Gray Morgan

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42 Minutes

FREE 03.03.19 Episode 325: Jessica Graham
More Good Sex
Prior to year's end, the program reconnected with sexual activist Jessica Graham to look back at 2018.
Topics: Meditation, Winter, Horror & Joy, Health, Sexual Activism, Spirituality, Sexual Misconduct, Sexy Consent, Kavanaugh, 1991, Cultural Shift, Trump, Sex Ed, Rape, Lolita, Shadow, David Lynch, Online, Sex Positive, Practice, Annihilation, The Tangle, No Exit.
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FREE 09.17.18 Episode 315: Dean Radin
Real Magic
Today for 42 minutes, the chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences turns a critical eye toward such practices as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis. Are such powers really possible? Science & Dean Radin, author of the recent, Real Magic, say yes.
Topics: Science, Worldview, Technology, Mythology, Empiricism, Magical Thinking, Open Mindedness, Consciousness, Fantasyland, Information, Symbolism, Mathematics, Meditation, Establishment Media, Quantum Toothpaste, Entanglement, Pathos, Psychophsyical, c = C, Quantum Leap, It From Bit, Ineffable, Idealism, 911, Chaos.
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FREE 05.21.18 Episode 311: Alan Abbadessa Green
Vision & The Voice
Upon the release of the full length feature sync film, Vision & The Voice, the program has the pleasure of sharing 42 Minutes with its creator and the editor of the Sync Books, Alan Abbadessa Green.
Topics: The Infinite Jest, Sync Summit, Bill Klaus, Synchronize, Negativland, Fine Just Fine, Joe Alexander, Always Record #175, Senses, Perceptions Synchronicity, Elements, Time, Reality Synchromysticism, Jake Kotze, Rodney Ascher, Little Nemo, Catharsis, Politics, Bread Crumbs, Meditation, Znore, Kay Pax, Sync Book Volume 3.
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FREE 12.27.17 Episode 295: Jessica Graham
Good Sex
Let's talk about SEX! Today for 42 minutes we consider getting off without checking out with actor and teacher Jessica Graham, author of Good Sex published this past November by North Atlantic Books.
Topics: The Joy Of Sex, Sex Ed, Consent, Ethical Porn, Pleasure, Compensation, Humanity, Four Chambers, BDSM, Male Gaze, Patriarchy, Dirty Old Man, Marriage, Property, Biology, Culture, Mindfulness, Forgiveness, Mindhunter, Polyamory, Birth, Sex, Death, Religion, Meditation, Retreat, Just Be Nice.
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11.02.16 Episode 247: Claire Hoffman
Greetings From Utopia Park
While there is no utopia yet on earth, the program considers this idea with one who survived A Transcendent Childhood. Claire Hoffman, author of the recent Greetings From Utopia Park explains that there is a larger fabric of the universe to which we all belong even if our human religious structures collapse under the weight of their own design.
Topics: Harry Potter, Marked, Super Powers, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Beatles, David Lynch, Iowa, Gurus, Townies, Prophet, Zeitgeist, India, 70s, Levitation, World Peace, Fairfield, OZ, Narrative of Self, Emptiness, Cult, The Truth, Belief, Doubt, Seeking, Pop Stars, Siddhis, Mantra, Politics, Shadow, Eckhart Tolle, Meditation.
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07.21.15 Episode 194: Swami Anantananda Giri
The Authoritative Guru Gita
We continue our Supernormal July in the practice of both yoga and mediation under the instruction of Swami Anantananda Giri discussing his new book, The Authoritative Guru Gita.
Topics: Oly Sync Summit, Shaktipat, Enlightenment, Grace, Shiva, Consciousness, Tantra, Supernormal Beings, Guru, Meditation, Mahabharata, Human Potential.
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07.07.15 Episode 192: Dean Radin
Tonight commences our month-long exploration of the "Supernormal", so naturally, we begin with the authority on the subject, Dean Radin, PhD, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Science.
Topics: Tove Lo, Patanjali, Yoga, Brain & Mind, Science, Mysticism, ESP Cards, "The Blur", Mutants & Mystics, Siddhis, Remote Viewing, Miracle v. Marvel, Meditation, Gravity's Synchronicity, PSI.
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04.14.15 Episode 180: Darcy J Watt
Meditation, Art & Sync.
Today the program has the pleasure of finally meeting an artist whose work is no stranger to sync, Darcy J. Watt's work can be found in The Sync Book & in The Sync Whole, and with him, we discuss art and mysticism.
Topics: Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean, Practice, LA, Manitoba, Community, Winnipeg, Ayahuasca, Meditation, Animation, Dietter & Oblong, Hollywood, Synchromysticism, Mark Golding, Crown, Shadow, Judas, Duality, Empire.
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Always Record


04.11.20 Always Record 208 | April 11th Working

The global Meditation/ritual working with Mark Golding, Wally Scharold, Jeremie JJ Draa, Guillaume Samard, Joe Alexander, SJ Anderson, Znore, Douglas Bolles, Hannah Craven, Dennis Koch, Bill Klaus, Alan Abbadessa, and Jordan Bartee.

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Breathing Together: The Darth Vader/David Bowman Conspiracy

A narrative video collage-tone poem-Meditation on the condition of the collective human consciousness.



pentamental 13:

Antero Alli, Jasun Horsley

Part 1 - The Human Circuit w/ Antero Alli:

Psychonaut & author Antero Alli discusses the eight-circuit model of consciousness, the praxis of paratheatrical no-form, and how to survive the pitfalls of chapel perilous.

Topics: 8-Circuit Brain/Psychology, Tim Leary, Chakras, RA Wilson, Shocks/Triggers, Body Bias & Lower Circuits, Synchronicity & C-7, Akashic Record Player, Bach/Mozart, The Daemon, 2nd Attention, No-Form & Void, Astrology, Chapel Perilous, Chris Hyatt & Angel Tech, Original Falcon Press, Meeting RAW/Leary, Meta-Programming/Re-Imprinting, C-7 & 3rd Reich

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Part 2 - Liminal Criminal w/ Jasun Horsley:

Multimedia artist & author Jasun Horsley discusses the alternate perceptions community, the utility of psycho self-analysis, and the nuts-and-bolts of surfing eternity.

Topics: Liminalism, Illusion/Deconstruction, 2nd Matrix, Freud, Reality Bubbles, Assumptions, Direct Experience/Sensation, Traps, Disassociation, The Body, Perceptual Prison, Viral Language, Pathology/Discontents, Behaviorism, Media Affect, Identity, Media As Meditation, Spirit, Eternity, Ontological Primitives, JC Pearce, Auticulture Podcast

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pentamental 9:

Dr. Allan Combs, Thomas Campbell

Part 1 - Science, Myth, & Trickster w/ Dr. Allan Combs:

Neuropsychologist & author Allan Combs discusses the nature of synchronicity and how a broad spectrum of holistic paradigms are emerging throughout the sciences.

Topics: Sync & Trending, Probabilities & Statistics, Joseph Campbell, Transpersonal Psychology, Schizophrenia & Myth, Radical Holism, Marie-Louise von Franz, Pauli Effect, Perverse Synchronicity, Systems Theory, Altered States & The Great Work, Non-Duality Movement, Process Science, Rupert Sheldrake & Science Set Free, Meditation & Healing

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Part 2 - My Big TOE w/ Thomas Campbell:

Physicist & author Tom Campbell discusses his decades of direct experience exploring the larger reality construct through Meditation as well as his big theory of everything.

Topics: Monroe Institute, Reconciling Data, OBE, Psychedelics vs. Meditation, Controlling Consciousness, Evolving Digital Information System, Love & Lowering Entropy, Virtual Reality, Past Lives & Evolution, Process Fractals, Probability, Extraterrestrial Life-Forms, Purpose & Meaning, Fractals & Illusion, Freewill Debate

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