Spilled Blood, A False God & Real Estate

Spilled Blood, A False God & Real Estate is a graphic novel about the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian land. Written and illustrated by Rabbi Borukh Goldberg, it collects poetry examining the destructive effects this Occupation has had on the souls of everyone involved, occupiers as well as occupied. In stark, yet detailed, red, white & black illustrated pages, the corrosiveness of ethnic hatred is demonstrated.

Some of the topics addressed concisely in this book are:
-Operation Cast Lead against Gaza
-Torture in Israeli prisons
-Conflicted settlements in Hebron
-Seizure of Palestinian orchards & farms on the West Bank

The book calls for an end to the political misuse of religion and an end to military violence. Ultimately, although the current reality outlined by the pictures and words is bleak, a way forward --for those courageous enough to take it-- is suggested.

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