Forgot Password? / Help is a multi-media web platform developed to nurture the art of SYNCHRONICITY and the exploration of SYNC. (If you want an explanation of the word "Sync", we've attempted to answer that question HERE.)

We are a community exploring the impossible.

Artists and seekers looking at the interconnected nature of all things.

We have spent the last 5 years attempting to build a space where researchers and seekers can take an honest approach to this material. Where people can look at these weird things without being laughed at or yelled at. To build a community that encourages each other to continue to learn and to explore.

This quest began in earnest with the publication of the first Sync Book back in 2011. Since then it has ballooned into a major undertaking – and has become a repository for cutting edge media and all things sync. Along the way we have found amazing allies to become an unparalleled creative team. We have met the most supportive and loving fans. And, of course, we’ve bumped heads with a few assholes. Through it all we continue to grow and provide a platform to more voices.

For additional information about this site, please review our Frequently Asked Questions. is an artists collective proudly standing on the shoulders of
Carl Jung, Stanley Kubrick, Joseph Campbell, Robert Anton Wilson,
Aleister Crowley, Marshall McLuhan, Philip K Dick, and Terence McKenna
(to name a few).