This podcast is a leading source for intelligent, hard-nosed skeptic vs. believer debate on science and spirituality. Each episode features lively discussion with leading researchers, thinkers, and their critics.


01.15.2013: Ep 198. Mike Clelland Struggles to Understand Contact With Alien Consciousness.

Listen to Ep 198 with Mike Clelland

10.09.2012: Ep 188. Dr. Kirby Surprise, Synchronicity is Real.

Listen to Ep 188 with Dr. Kirby Surprise

10.09.2012: Ep 178. Robert Perry on the Science of Synchronicity.

Listen to Ep 178 with Robert Perry

05.22.2012: Ep 171. Anthony Peake on Near-Death Experiences Versus Actual Death Experiences.

Listen to Ep 171 with Anthony Peake