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FREE 02.13.23 Episode 382: Casey Rae
William S. burroughs and the Cult of Rock 'n' Roll
As the program begins to prepare for Treefort Music Fest, we consider the impact Williams S. burroughs had on decades of rock and punk musicians with Casey Rae author of the 2019 book about this subject.
Topics: Treefort, David Bowie, Cut-Up Technique, Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon, NY, Tom Verlaine, Heavy Metal, Lust For Life, Nova Convention, Dead Dharma: The Grateful Dead & the American Pursuit of Enlightenment, Electric Eden, Beatles, Stones, McCartney, Social Disrupter, Bob Dylan, Brion Gysin, Joan Vollmer, Magical Thinking, Junky, Kurt Cobain, Pope of Dope, Gnosticism, Control .
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FREE 10.12.21 Episode 370: Summer Book Club
Naked Lunch
For the summer book club, we continue on with our Beat theme, this time sharing 42 minutes on William S. burroughs's 1959 classic, Naked Lunch, one of the most important novels of the 20th century, a book that redefined not just literature but American culture. This is an unnerving tale of a narcotics addict unmoored in New York, Tangiers, and, ultimately, a nightmarish wasteland known as Interzone.
Topics: Junky, Queer, 90s, Cut Ups, Synchromysticism, Sex, Drugs, Tangier, Interzone, Paul & Jane Bowles, Ethics, Cancel, Transgression, Orgasm, Cronenberg, Divination, Dr Benway, Schizo, Cocaine, Yage Letters, Ayahuasca, Technology, Mayan Codexes, Control System, Word Virus, Junk Economy, Matrix.
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FREE 11.29.20 Episode 356: Fall Book Club
Journey To The End Of The Night
For the Fall edition of the book club, we go on the road with Céline's 1932 classic novel, Journey To To The End Of The Night. French author Céline's works influenced a broad array of literary figures, not only in France but also in the English-speaking world and elsewhere in the Western World; this includes authors associated with modernism, existentialism, black comedy and the Beat Generation.
Topics: Dark, Depression, Black Comedy, Sartre, WWI Books, Kerouac, Paranoid Attitude, Ginsberg, burroughs, Naropa, The Beats, Ralph Manheim, Will Self, Hemingway, Kafka, America, Antiwar, Robinson, Tyler Durden, Shell Shock, Malaria, Fever, Fascism, Lost Generation, Colonialism, Johnny Truant, Lude, Misogyny, Racism, The Tunnel.
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FREE 11.05.17 Episode 292: David Gill
Blade Runner 2049
Today we collectively celebrate our empathy through communal suffering by eternally climbing up a hill while being hit with crashing stones, and we do so not with Wilbur Mercer, but with Philip K. Dick Scholar and author, David Gill.
Topics: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, Tom Petty, Marc Maron, Nourse & burroughs, The Shining, Adaptation, Bounty Hunter, Replicants, Aliens, Anxiety, Tool, Food Cycle, Cloud Atlas, Empathy, Rachel, Revenge, Mood Organ, Self Programming, Identity, Ideology, Mask, Secular v. Sacred, Fiction, Certainty, Joi, Emotion, Intimacy, Technology.
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