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42 Minutes

FREE 03.23.24 Episode 391: Winter Book Club
Today the secret, early Christians reassemble in plenary session to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Philip K Dick's 2-3-74 experiences by reconvening the Rhipidon Society at the Sombrero Bar to discuss Dick's 1981 Synchromystic Blueprint, Valis.
Topics: PKD, Synchromysticism, Vast Active Living Intelligence, Reality, Gnosticism, Truth, Path, Trash Stratum, Humor, Playmate, 1991, Nag Hammadi, Black Iron Prison, Hyper-Links, Sync-Link, Communication, Friends of God, Blade Runner, Three-Eyed Fish People, Akhenaten, Hymn to Aten, Psalm 104, Exegesis, Jung, Flow My Tears, King Felix Cipher, Acts, Grasshopper Lies Heavy, Not a God, Oppenheimer.
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FREE 02.22.23 Episode 383: Leah Kardos
Blackstar Theory
To continue on with our recent David Bowie obsession as a warm up for Treefort Music Fest, the program considers Blackstar Theory with its author, Leah Kardos, senior lecturer in music at Kingston University London. Blackstar Theory takes a close look at David Bowie's ambitious last works: his surprise 'comeback' project The Next Day, the off-Broadway musical Lazarus and, the album that preceded the artist's death in 2016 by two days, Blackstar.
Topics: Treefort, Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky, Last Works, Web Of Connection, Valis, Mother Goose, Ziggy, Synchronicity, 42 Clues, The Next Day, Rock 'n' Roll Suicide, Intention, Composition, Resolution, Tritone, Modal, Theater, Loving The Alien, Art, The Bowie Project, Geasamtkunstwerk, Destiny, Ego, Re-Mystification, Jung, Shadow, Lazarus, Magpie, Reference.
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FREE 10.23.17 Episode 290: Jeffrey Kripal
La Madonna dell'UFO
According to Terrence McKenna, "We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extraterrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us." Philip K. Dick calls this Valis. And Jeffrey Kripal defines and enumerates this process as "The Super Story" in his book Mutants & Mystics.
Topics: Hurricane Harvey, Huston, Flooding, Survivor's Guilt, Twin Peaks, Kurt Andersen, Fantasyland, Authors Of The Impossible, Logic, Paranormal, Magic, Counterculture, Truth, Relativism, Fake News, Jim Carrey, Fashion Week, Messiah, Persona, The Mask, Superman, UFO, Paranoia, The Coming Race, Jack Kirby.
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06.13.16 Episode 231: Erik Davis
Gnosticism is the belief that the god of this world is false. Today, we enter the world next door by going into a rabbit hole with author and speaker, Erik Davis. We consider his popular 1998 book, TechGnosis, which has recently been republished by North Atlantic Books.
Topics: PhD, Kripal, Eliade, McKenna, RAW, Gleick, The Information, PKD, Harold Bloom, Technology, Baudrillard, Simulation, Hyperreal, High Weirdness, Religion, 90's Pop Culture, Singularity, Embody, Conspiracy, Valis, Psychosis, Led Zeppelin.
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05.19.15 Episode 185: Dennis Koch
The World Is A Square Toroid
Today is a bit of a Catch 22xTwo, that is, a double fantasy times a double paradox. Doug & Will share 42 minutes with visual [sync] artist, Dennis Koch who draws inspiration from Always Record & Mark LeClair.
Topics: Talitha Wall, Lyme Disease, LA, Gagosian Gallery, Biking, PKD, Tragedy, Valis, Marko Rodin, Raiders, Tom Campbell, Truth, Eric Dollard, Canard, David Plate.
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05.12.15 Episode 184: Tessa B. Dick
Cooking In The Black Iron Prison
We are joined today for 42 minutes by Philip K. Dick's last wife, author, Tessa B. Dick, for a conversation about cooking and the Empire.
Topics: Watts, 65, Monsanto, IG Farben, PKD, Valis, Firebright, Radio Free Albemuth, Jesus, Birch Society, Conspiracy, LBJ, Nixon, 911, CIA, Man In the High Castle, Fallen Angels.
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04.07.15 Episode 179: Peter Bebergal
Season Of The Witch: How The Occult Saved Rock And Roll
After a month of music, the program reconnects with an investigation of meaning, this time, the meaning of music with the help of Peter Bebergal, author of Season Of The Witch.
Topics: The Occult, Led Of The Rings, Tolkien, Satan, Hawkwind, The Divine, All Things Shining, Too Much To Dream, LSD, 60s, UFO Club, Arthur Brown, Magic, Bowie, Valis, Prophets, Shabazz Palaces, Goat.
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Play: The Keep On The Borderlands from Dungeons & Dragons

10.15.14 Episode 154: Jeffrey Kripal
Visions of the Impossible
Topics: Sex & Politics, Valis, Victoria Nelson, Barbara Ehrenreich, Mystical Experience, Dean Radin, Book Of The Damned, Jung & Pauli, Psi, Electricity, Hairy Hand, The Erotic, Communion.
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09.23.14 Episode 151: K.W. Jeter
Cats & Dogs
Topics: Valis, Tim Powers, Nicolas Roeg, Bowie, Messages & Deconstructions, Frozen Journey, Biography, Skeptic, Victorian, Marlene Dietrich, Lost Father.
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09.16.14 Episode 150: Tim Powers
Philip K. Dick On Stranger Tides
Topics: Valis, K.W. Jeter, Dead Cat, C.S. Lewis, The Savior, Theophany, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Keanu, Deja Vu Cat, Discrete Music, King Felix, Chesterton, Martian Time Slip.
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09.02.14 Episode 148: Mark Steensland
Behind The Book Case
Visit: . . .
Topics: Blade Runner, 1982, Valis, 2374, Tangerine Dream, Hope, Cancer, The Black Iron Prison, Bishop Pike, Paul Williams, Robert Anton Wilson, Secret Passages & Mystical Experiences.
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01.29.13 Episode 69: Anthony Peake
Synchronicity And The Law Of Large Numbers
(Chapter 25 of The Sync Book Vol. 2)
Topics: Valis As Daemon? PKD, And The Valis-Loop.
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Always Record


03.31.24 Always Record 259 | Valis w/

42 Minutes Seasonal Book Club

Sync Book Radio presents a 42 Minutes/Always Record crossover for the 42 Minutes Winter Book Club. Always Record is the second portion of the conversation, continuing from 42 Minutes episode 391.

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03.09.16 Always Record 152 | Mind Games w/

Frank Zero

Frank Zero joins John Maguire and Alan Green to talk about John Lilly, ECCO, and the VR nightmare of World on a Wire. Plus: Trauma-based mind control, robotic warfare, the human bio-computer, smart phone culture, Lawnmower Man, and Valis. "Yeah we're playing those mind games forever. Projecting our images in space and in time."

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05.25.12 Always Record 4 | VALIS & the Cosmic Cube w/

Mark LeClair

Talking Valis and the Cosmic Cube with Mark LeClair, the Wrong Way Wizard.

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Community Network



pentamental 11:

Will Morgan, Douglas Bolles

Part 1 - Tree of Knowledge w/ Will Morgan:

Synchromystic & podcaster Will Morgan explores the intersection between the culture industry, vital forces, and synchronistic security blankets.

Topics: Jupiter/42, Habit, Mad Men, Edward Bernays, Sleepwalkers, Hermes, Hero's Journey, Strange Attractors, Matrix Glitches, Wave-Particle, Organism, Transformers, Psychic Climate, Remote Viewing, Valles Marineris, Daemon, Space-Time, Jake Gyllenhaal, Reich & Orgone, Law of Threes, Proprioception, Catastrophe, Panspermia, 42 Minutes, ET & Teddy

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Part 2 - The Synchronist w/ Douglas Bolles:

Podcaster & author Douglas Bolles explains the origins of Sync Book, the power of cultural/personal narrative, and the pragmatic value of synchronicity.

Topics: Valis, Q&A, Coast-to-Coast, Sync Whole/Mask of God, Winnipeg, 9/11, Story-Telling, Sync Book, Winter's Labyrinth, Reincarnation, Fractal Selves, Avatars, Escapism, Gurdjieff, Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Campbell, Religion, Gravity, Chaos, Gaia, Jack Parsons, Tension, Occultism, 42 Minutes, Authority, Sync Practice, Evolution, Beats, Sync Summit 2016

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