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FREE 03.21.23 Episode 386: Jessica Harned
Classical Queen
Today, on the eve of Treefort, we catch up with a "Classical Queen", Jessica Harned who performs at Treefort Music Fest 2023 with the bands Wend & JÜN. Wend performs Wed 3/22 9:50pm at The Egyptian Theatre & Fri 3/24 11:10pm at Old School School. JÜN performs LATE Thu 3/23 12:50am at Reef.
Topics: Treefort, Wend, JÜN, Mariachi Sol de Acapulco, Conservatory, Philharmonic, Tár, Love, Compassion, Connection, Competition, Ensemble, High Brow, Project Flux, Meld, Noise, Fuzz, Looping, Emily Wells, 208 Ensemble, Highway 45, Joshy Soul, Women of Color in Classical Music, Jazz, Cultures, Japanese Breakfast, Bibliography .
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FREE 03.12.23 Episode 385: The Plagiarists
Supersonic Dynamite
Breaking all academic codes, the program meets up tonight with The Plagiarists during their band practice as an anticipation for Treefort Music Fest, which they play Sunday, March 26th at 5:10 pm at Old School. (618 S. 8th Street)
Topics: Treefort, Second Chance, Hops & Bottles, Ponderay, Record Exchange, Bass VI, Synesthesia, Pandemic, Beverage, 2019, 2012, Boise Rock School, LED, FOMO, Ale Fort, Music Talks, Sub Pop, Wine Showcase, Beer Festival, Dragfort Brunch, Artist Lounge, Dave, Flipside, Sharon Jones, Rat Champion, Angel Abaya, Floating Witch's Head, Blood Lemon, Wazumbians.
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FREE 02.27.23 Episode 384: Brion Rushton
Strange Feeling
Tonight, in honor of the upcoming Treefort Music Fest, we consider "Haunted Radio" with Brion Rushton, host of RadioBoise's Strange Feeling program. Brion performs at Treefort as a part of the Dusty and Stones backing band Thursday 3/23 10:10pm: at Hannah's, Friday 3/24 3:20pm: at The Hideout, and Saturday 3/25 8:00pm: at Camp Modern. Brion also will be playing as part of Ponderay Sunday 3/26 4:30pm: at Neurolux.
Topics: Treefort, RadioBoise, "Haunted Radio" Flipside Fest, Masonic Hall, Wend, Distant Family, Osees, Deafheaven, Kin, Julia Davis Park, Treefort Music Hall, Transportation, The Shredder, Bus Station, Jane Weaver, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, 700 Bliss, Thundercat, Tig Notaro, Tommy Orange, Ani DiFranco, Fame Monster, Auger Falls, The Shining, Twin Falls = Twin Peaks?, David Lynch, Algorithm, FCC, Cake.
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FREE 02.22.23 Episode 383: Leah Kardos
Blackstar Theory
To continue on with our recent David Bowie obsession as a warm up for Treefort Music Fest, the program considers Blackstar Theory with its author, Leah Kardos, senior lecturer in music at Kingston University London. Blackstar Theory takes a close look at David Bowie's ambitious last works: his surprise 'comeback' project The Next Day, the off-Broadway musical Lazarus and, the album that preceded the artist's death in 2016 by two days, Blackstar.
Topics: Treefort, Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky, Last Works, Web Of Connection, Valis, Mother Goose, Ziggy, Synchronicity, 42 Clues, The Next Day, Rock 'n' Roll Suicide, Intention, Composition, Resolution, Tritone, Modal, Theater, Loving The Alien, Art, The Bowie Project, Geasamtkunstwerk, Destiny, Ego, Re-Mystification, Jung, Shadow, Lazarus, Magpie, Reference.
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FREE 02.13.23 Episode 382: Casey Rae
William S. Burroughs and the Cult of Rock 'n' Roll
As the program begins to prepare for Treefort Music Fest, we consider the impact Williams S. Burroughs had on decades of rock and punk musicians with Casey Rae author of the 2019 book about this subject.
Topics: Treefort, David Bowie, Cut-Up Technique, Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon, NY, Tom Verlaine, Heavy Metal, Lust For Life, Nova Convention, Dead Dharma: The Grateful Dead & the American Pursuit of Enlightenment, Electric Eden, Beatles, Stones, McCartney, Social Disrupter, Bob Dylan, Brion Gysin, Joan Vollmer, Magical Thinking, Junky, Kurt Cobain, Pope of Dope, Gnosticism, Control .
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FREE 03.28.22 Episode 378: Erin Anderson
Outlaw Field
Today for 42 Minutes we consider the mysteries of Treefort 10 with Erin Anderson, director of The Idaho Botanical Garden, and look ahead to the Garden's Outlaw Field Summer Concert Series.
Topics: Treefort, The Shredder, Deadender, Connection, Community, Rendezvous, Sonic Temple Red & Blue = Masonic Temple, Prism B!tch, Mad Alchemy, Bochi Bochi, KIN, Alefort, Lost Grove: "Let's Get Arty", Festival Fashion, Genzers, Dirt Fisherman, WITCH, Storyfort, NIVA, Garden Escapes, Eric Gilbert, Duck Club, Lord Huron, Bonnie Raitt, Modest Mouse, Sharon Van Etten: Wild Hearts Tour, Aldous Harding, Live On The Lawn, Alive After Five, Ween, Bug Day.
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FREE 03.21.22 Episode 377: Tyler Shlagenhauf
It's Treefort Monday! And today we are sharing 42 Minutes with Tyler Shlagenhauf of MYLO BYBEE. They play Treefort Music Fest Wednesday, March 23rd, 6:30 pm at the Mad Swede Brew Hall and on Saturday, March 26th, 3 pm at Boise Brewing.
Topics: Treefort, Health Announcement, Waste Water, Tickets, Day Pass, Outdoor Venues, 2nd Chance, Food Court, Alefort, Prism B!tch, Japanese Breakfast, Built To Spill, Lake Street Dive, We Were Promised Jetpacks, James Plane Wreck, Sonic Temple Red & Blue, Treefort Venue, Boise Brewing, NWND, AK, Duck Club, Neurolux, The Olympic, Finger Steak.
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FREE 03.08.22 Episode 376: Jonathan Evison
Small World
Today for our *Small World* edition of our Treefort podcasts, we are reconnecting with Jonathan Evison who we’ve spoken with three times prior, the last being March of 2019 at which time he was in the midst of writing a “beast” which became Small World which was published this past January 2022 by Dutton. He performs at Treefort Friday, March 25th from 3-4pm at FireFusion Studio & Delia Dante Gallery and on Saturday, March 26th from 4:30-6pm at Guru Donuts.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Boise Depot, Railroads, The Great American Novel, Connectivity, Promontory Point, Golden Spike, Transcontinental, The Donner Party, Unity, Process, Novel Logic, Heartbeat, Narrative Cohesion, Ambition, Franzen, Reading, Ocean State, Lucy Turtle, Prolific, Again And Again, Detroit Cobras, Jason Mott, Jennifer Haigh, Mercy Street, Lawn Boy.
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FREE 02.20.22 Episode 375: Smokey Brights
I Love You But Damn
Treefort returns and so do Smokey Brights. They play Treefort #10 Friday, March 25th at 11:20 pm at The Olympic. We share a lively 42 minutes looking forward and back.
Topics: Treefort, Record Exchange, Freakout Records, Showbox, Thunderpussy, Tax Day, Omicron, Safety, Acid Tongue, Shaina Shepherd, Prism Bitch, Grizzled Mighty, Freakout Fest, Global Psyche Rock, Mala Suerte, Cheers, Mood Lighting, Melody, EP & LP, Big In Europe, KEXP, 50th Anniversary, Marco Collins, Jeff Buckley, Late To Bed, Early To Rise, The Muckers, Blood Lemon.
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FREE 02.14.22 Episode 374: Wendy Fox
Tennis Court Disco
Today for Valentine's Day we celebrate positivity, love, and Treefort with Wendy Fox, host of Radioboise's Tennis Court Disco. Treefort 10 happens this Spring in beautiful downtown Boise March 23rd-27th 2022. Visit for tickets & lineup.
Topics: Treefort, Radioboise, Internet Radio, For Good Or For Awesome, Musical Journey, Sync, Indie Dance, Funk, Disco, Levity & Joy, New Classic Singers, Underbeds, Washed Out, Duck Club, Chillwave, Radioland, Sharon Jones, Run The Jewels, Kate Tempest, Widowspeak, Caroline Rose, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, Alley Rep, Trust Falls, VAC, Kim Gordon, Guided By Voices, Mercury Rev, Strange Feeling, Nation Of Language, Quasi, The Shivas, Magic Sword.
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FREE 10.29.21 Episode 371: Emily Fox
Sound & Vision
Nearing Halloween, the program looks back at Treefort 9 with KEXP Sound & Vision producer and host, Emily Fox.
Topics: Treefort, Boise, Fall, Seattle, KEXP, Music Major, Lake Street Dive, Rachel Price, Chong The Nomad, Smokey Brights, Tres Leches, Shaina Shepherd, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, MTN Bike, Covid, Mask Mandate, Dune, El Kora Shrine, Mardi Gras, Street Fever, Street Art, Early Bird, Black Tones, Journalism, Damon Albarn, Morning Edition, NPR, Behind The Console.
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Closing Song: "Hell Of A Run" by Smokey Brights at


FREE 09.22.21 Episode 369: Orchestra Gold
African Psychedelic Rock
Happy Treefort! Today for 42 minutes, we are checking out a psychedelic club in Bamako, Mali because this is the vibe that Oakland’s own Orchestra Gold creates in their live shows as well as on their records. Fronted by the charismatic Malian singer and dancer Mariam Diakité, Orchestra Gold (OG) plays an original stew of African inspired rock and soul music. Orchestra Gold will be performing this week at the Treefort music, Friday September 24th at the Basque Center at 10:40 pm.
Topics: Treefort, Mali, Oakland, Percussion, Djembe, Africa, Phantom Of The Opera, Cumbia, La Misa Negra, Rhythm, Psych Rock, The Champs, The Animals, Intersections, Tradition, Demo Tapes, Artist Visa, The Vault, Charles Bradley (Screaming Eagle Of Soul), Basque Center, Lock Down, Dance School.
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FREE 09.14.21 Episode 368: Tres Leches
Leaving My Light On
A year and a half later, Tres Leches are set to perform at Treefort again, next week! Catch them Saturday 9/25 at The Mad Swede Brew Hall at 8 pm & Sunday 9/26 at the Hideout at 3 pm. This conversation took place in March of 2020 before things really started to take a turn for the worse.
Topics: Treefort, The Shredder, Radio Boise, Y La Bamba, Basque Block, Artist Lounge, Seattle, The Black Tones, Naked Giants, SXSW, Amorfo, Open Collaboration, Multi Instrumentalist, Treepeople, BTS, Singles, Vinyl, Digital, KEXP, Video Production, Dog Love, TacocaT, Meal In a Tube.
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FREE 03.01.20 Episode 347: Jennifer Haigh
With Treefort 2020 on the horizon, the program shares 42 minutes with Jennifer Haigh, author of Heat & Light, and who will be appearing at Storyfort Friday, March 27, 12pm at the Owyhee Cafe Space. (And other places too!)
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, A Diamond In The Slushpile, Zenith Man, Bakerton, PA, Boston, Class, Titles, Catholicism, Accurate, Fair, Journalism, Crime, Irish Boston, Heartbreaking, Idaho Review, Iowa Writers Workshop, Caucus.
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FREE 01.27.20 Episode 346: Julia Claiborne Johnson
Be Frank With Me
With Treefort 2020 on the horizon, the program shares 42 minutes with Julia Claiborne Johnson, author of Be Frank With Me, and who will be appearing at Storyfort this upcoming March.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Hollywood, Tara Conklin, Plotting, Note Cards, Rewriting, Hunger Games, Fashion, Kate Spade, Boo Radley, Magazine Writer, Beavis & Butthead, Dr Lvingstone, Harper Lee, J.D. Salinger, Buster Keaton, Book Sellers, Divorce Ranch, Lydia Fitzpatrick, Little Women, Moxie.
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FREE 07.07.19 Episode 338: Tara Conklin
The Last Romantics
The program considers writing and romance as well as looking back at Treefort 2019 with Tara Conklin, author most recently of The Last Romantics.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Jamie Ford, Jonathan Evison, Book Tour, Grottopod, Yogafort, Draft, Novel Concept, This Charming Man, Disney Prince, Romantic Love, Yeats, Evocative, Conversation, Empathy, Beach Read, Etaf Rum, The Overstory, The Future, Present, Environmental Disaster.
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FREE 04.30.19 Episode 334: Danny Colombo
Dream Worlds
With another Treefort Music Fest in the bank, the program wraps up the 2019 festival as well as looking back at the 2016 Boise Spring Sync (and other Dream Worlds) with musician and artist, Danny Colombo.
Topics: Treefort, Boise Spring Sync, Sync Summit, Tinfoil, James Evan Pilato, #PumpUpThaVolume, Olympia, Broken Limb, Chai, Rubble Bucket, Toro Y Moi, Zipline, Corporate Festivals, Festival Magic, Nice, Travel Magic, Synchronicity, Flow, Undercover Dream Lovers, Dent May, Cherry Glazer, Learning Curve, Chaz Bundick, Corporate Cartoons, Dreamwords, Collective Unconscious.
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FREE 03.21.19 Episode 331: Marshall Poole
Treefort is here, folks! Get out there and see it all. Catch Marshall Poole on Friday, and be sure to check out all their other acts: Blood Lemon, Built To Spill, Gipsy Moonrise.
Topics: Treefort, Main Stage, Purring Mantis, Blood Lemon, 2C, 1A, Totems, Jack Parsons, Band & Orchestra Dorks, C of I, Randy Rhodes, Michael McDonald, Herbbie Hancock, Etude, Tango Alpha Tango, Heavy Instruments, Gipsy Moonrise, Blood Lemon, Built To Spill, Thunderpussy, Pussy Riot, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Mandolin Orange.
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FREE 03.19.19 Episode 330: Jonathan Evison
Lawn Boy
Today Lawn Boy, the great American landscaping novel by Jonathan Evison arrives in paperback. On Thursday, Jonathan arrives in Boise for Treefort. Catch him then at 2:30 pm at The Owyhee first floor cafe and on Saturday at noon at the same location.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Happiest Place On Earth, El Kora Shrine, Seattle, Fanzine, 1982, March Of Crimes, Iggy Pop, Prince, Food & Beer, Cabin Fever, Legends Of The North Cascades, Holden Caulfield, Wealth, Walmart, Robber Barron, Capitalism, Jamie Ford, 10th Street.
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FREE 03.18.19 Episode 329: Sarah Manguso
300 Arguments
Today for 42 minutes, the program considers life writing with author, Sarah Manguso. Her most recent book, 300 arguments was published by Graywolf in 2017. Sarah appears at Treefort Saturday, March 23rd from 2 to 3 pm at The Owyhee and on Sunday, March 24th from noon to 2 at The Owyhee first floor cafe space.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, The Cabin, Mary Oliver, Patter, Poets, Prose, Boston, 17th C.,Outsider, America In A Nutshell, DFW, Infinite Jest, Obligation, Sync Blog, Credible Narrative, Destiny, Bookclub, Time, Literary Philosophy, Grief, Suffering, Plato, World Center For Birds of Prey, Graywolf.
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FREE 03.17.19 Episode 328: Camille Acker
Training School For Negro Girls
In anticipation of Storyfort 2019, the program connects with writer, Camille Acker to discuss her 2018 work, Training School For Negro Girls. In this, her debut short story collection, Camille unleashes the irony and tragic comedy of respectability onto a wide-ranging cast of characters, all of whom call Washington, DC, home. She appears at Treefort Friday, March 22nd at Woodland Empire from 4 to 6 pm and on Sunday, March 24 at The Owyhee first floor cafe space from 3 to 4pm.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Mambo Sauce, D.C., Lower School, Upper School, Black Girls/Black Women, Gentrification, Race, Class, Identity, Ideology, Time Machine, Janet Jackson, Journal, Short Story, Novel, Edward P Jones, Power, Gender, Colorism, Truth To Power.
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Tweet: @cam_acker

FREE 03.14.19 Episode 327: Mostly Muff
Swan Song
As a way of exploring Treefort 2019, the program spends 42 Minutes with Lisa, Ivy, & Gia on 10 years of Mostly Muff. They perform Thursday, March 21st at 10:20 pm at The Linen Building.
Topics: Treefort, Boise Famous Dot Com, Dirty Moogs, Led Zeppelin, Is This Love? Purring Mantis, Hannahs, Thunderpussy, Rocci Johnson, Don't Stop Believing, YMCA Rock & Swim, Grunge, Cherry Bomb, Ladies Of The 80s, Pollyanna, Blood Lemon, Get Wet +, The Shredder, The French Tips, Dark Swallows, George Clinton, Liz Phair, Angelique Kidjo,Treefort App, The Erins, VAC, Storyfort, Treefort Is For Everyone.
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FREE 04.03.18 Episode 307: LED
Artificial Flowers
The program looks back at Treefort 2018 with LED, a group of artists who mounted the dance "Artificial Flowers" five times during Treefort, gave a concert, and premiered a film.
Topics: Treefort, Edmond Dantes, Magic Sword, Trailhead, Dancers, Fashion Show, Theater, Being, Visuals, Morph Suits, Pussy Riot, FOMO Management, Escondido, Starcrawler, Filmfort, Alefort, Foodfort, Storyfort, Gilbert.
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Listen: LED at

FREE 03.21.18 Episode 306: Escondido
On this our last gasp before Treefort, we share 42 minutes with Jessica & Tyler of Escondido who play Friday, March 23rd, 9pm at The Olympic.
Topics: Treefort, Nashville, Pop Country, Americana, Margo Price, Jack White, Studio Work, Publishing, Side, Gigs, Boston, Journey, Style, Fashion, TM, Belief, Mediation, Practice, David Lynch, Utopia Park, Iowa, Hidden, Synchronicity.
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FREE 03.20.18 Episode 305: John O'Neil
eLDopamine is a band that goes in and out of focus, writing and recording music that is personal, heartfelt, and only occasionally misguided. We share 42 minutes with its founder, John O'Neil on Treefort, Boise and much more. eLDopamine plays Treefort Friday, March 23rd, 5:30 pm at Neurolux.
Topics: Treefort, Treepeople, Day Drinking, AKA Belle, Hokum Hi-Flyers, Hillfolk Noir, Kool Aid, Duck Club, Record Exchange, John Doe, HumorGod, Record Exchange, Gravel Truck, Bruce Willis, The Mint, Dirt Fishermen, Eric Gilbert, Bubblegrunge, Radio Boise, Porches, Shredder, Caustic Resin, C/Z Records, State Of Confusion.
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Listen: eLDopmaine on

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FREE 03.19.18 Episode 304: Motherhood
Baby Teeth
The program rides along for 42 minutes with Motherhood, a Canadian band on their first US tour. They Play Treefort Saturday, March 24th, 10:20 pm at Neruolux, and Sunday, March 25th, 7:50 pm at The Linen Building. (There is also a special, free Canada party at Woodland Empire, Saturday March 24th, where they play at 4 pm.)
Topics: Treefort, Fredericton, NB, Canada, Elsewhere, Brooklyn, Grand Caravan, Bangor, Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace, Deerhoof, Punk, LP, Canada Party, Woodland Empire, Partner, Princess Nokia, Burner Phones, Big Walnuts Yonder, Drake, Seventh Circle.
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FREE 03.13.18 Episode 303: Jonathan Evison
This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!
In anticipation of Treefort, the program reconnects with Jonathan Evison discussing his novel, Harriet Chance. He appears this year at Storyfort Friday and Saturday evening for three events.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Reinvention, West Of Here, Anna Karenina, Partenership, Mrs Daisy, Memory, Linearity, Revelation, Marginalized, William Melvin Kelly, Zeitgeist, Me Too, Class, Commerce, Algonquin Books, Process, Stewart O'Nan, Willy Vlautin, Record Exchange, Lidia Yuknavitch, Big Foot, Cave Dave, Mt St Helens.
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FREE 03.05.18 Episode 302: Prom Queen
Doom Wop
Today for 42 Minutes we meet Prom Queen's bouffant wearing vocalist, Leeni Queeno, (who also performs as Snax The Bunny), an amazing talent, both on stage and behind the scenes: singer, songwriter, composer, comedian, producer, videographer, editor. Prom Queen performs at Treefort Friday, March 23rd, 7pm at the Linen Building.
Topics: Treefort, Twin Peaks, The Road House, The Return, Twin Peaks Unwrapped, David Lynch, TM, LA, Live Wires, Hustle, Mascot Work, Stand Up, Improv, Gong Show, Paris Original, Rhinestones, Midnight Veil, Danny Boulet, DIY, 10 Minute Glam, Seattle, Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints, Thunderpussy, Stranger Peaks, Welcome To Twin Peaks.
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FREE 03.01.18 Episode 301: Angel Abaya
Treefort Preview
Today for our Treefort Preview Show, we meet Angel Abaya who works for Treefort as the content creator and PR assistant, but also performs in the bands Electric Coconut and LED.
Topics: Treefort, Purring Mantis, Bijouxx, Fiona Apple, Alanis, MostlyMuff, Led Zeppelin, Butt Rock, PR, Communications, LED, Hot Ticket, Electric Coconut, Lost Summer, Xenia Rubinos, Boise Rock School, Edmond Dantes, Thunderpussy, PussyRiot, Andrew W.K., Zipline, Connan Mockasin, SXSW, Bob Boilen, Mac DeMarco, Princess Nokia.
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06.08.17 Episode 276: Greg Hahn
Today, the program looks back at Treefort 2017 with Boise State associate vice president for communications, Greg Hahn. It also considers the local and national media landscape.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Glass Half Empty, 90%, Doug Martsch, BTS, Rock And Roll Hotel, Lizzo, Day Forts, Story Story Night, Community Defining Moment, Blue Review, Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight, Hackfort, Thunderpussy, Tall Tall Trees, Meat Puppets, Dark Swallows, Viral Idaho, Fake News, Eye On Boise, Betsy Russell, Digital, Books.
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Tweet: @gregorywhahn at

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Purchase: The Swerve from


04.10.17 Episode 267: Cult Bride
Treefort 2017 Recap
The program looks back at five days of Treefort Music Fest 2017 with Jun & Marcus, members of Cult Bride and Pure Ivy, who performed at this year's festival.
Topics: Treefort, Less is More, WHY? Leafraker, Co-Op, Open Mike Eagle, El Kora Shrine, Zipline Pass, Chanti Darling, The Dig, Angel Olsen, Emma Ruth Rundle, Treefort Busline, Psychic Twin, Tall Tall Trees, Your Mother, Kishi Bashi, Zack & Blake, VAC East, Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight, Magic Sword, Doom Yoga, Yogafort, Storyfort, Neurolux, Calico, The District, Owyhee, Hospitality, Thunderpussy, Y La Bamba, Deafheaven.
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03.22.17 Episode 266: Wild Powwers
Hugs And Kisses And Other Things
Our 2017 March Music Showcase comes to end in a basement in Ballard with the Seattle trio, Wild Powwers who will be playing the Treefort Music Fest Friday, March 24th, 9:30 pm at the Shredder.
Topics: Treefort, Seattle, Neurolux, Jaunt, Hardly Art, Weather, History, Built To Spill, Weeed, Thunderpussy, Ealdor, Bealu, Sing Me A Story, Skin, Hatties Hat, Fisherman's Village, Timber! Politics, DIY, KEXP, Brad, Lady Bowie, HiHazel, Mother Love Bone, The Gits.
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03.20.17 Episode 265: Sun Blood Stories
It Runs Around The Room With Us
This evening we convene the first installment of the 42 Minutes Supper Club hosted this time by Sun Blood Stories, who will be playing the 2017 Treefort Music Fest, Friday, March 24th, 10 pm at The Linen building.
Topics: Treefort, Stuffed Mushrooms, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Broiled Mashed potatoes, Cosmic Kitten, Drugs, Sex, Cursing, Drinking, Paper Gates, Weed & Boobs, Psychedelic Jazz, Ranch Fest, Sweet Guitar Solo, Trio, Bass, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Band Dialogue, Sublime, Acid, Rock and Roll Mom, Bijouxx, Clap Clap, Storyfort, Hackfort, G1RL CR3W.
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03.19.17 Episode 264: Sama Dams
Comfort In Doubt
The program takes a 42 minute ride with Portland trio Sama Dams touring their way to the Treefort Music Fest where they play Saturday night, March 25th, 7:30 pm at the Linen Building.
Topics: Treefort, Sam Adams, Samabama, Compel, Boise, Trio, Jazz, Mathy, Improvisation, One Ton Dodge Ram Extend Cab, Hiss, Static, Dough Tosser, Sub, Theory, Feeling, Art Song, Tone Poem, Marimba, Percussion Ensemble, Synchronicity, Au, And And And.
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03.13.17 Episode 263: The Dig
Bloodshot Tokyo
With the our March Music Showcase underway, the program connects with Erick from The Dig to chat about touring and music.
Topics: Treefort, DC, Communist Daughter, SXSW, Taste, Process, Cohesive, Neil Young, Harry Nilsson, Zeitgeist, Relevant, Aesthetic, Angel Olsen, My Woman, Anderson Paak, Bandcamp, Brooklyn, JJ Cale, Politics.
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03.07.17 Episode 262: Sean Aucutt
The program previews Treefort Music Fest 2017 with the festival's production design director, Sean Aucutt.
Topics: Treefort, Amuma Says No, James Lloyd, Volunteers, Storage, Footprint, Kidfort, Deinstalling, Exit Plan, Pioneer Room, JUMP, Owyhee, Magic Sword, Boise Phil, Hackfort, The Growlers, The Nest, Radio Boise, LED, Lizzo, Angel Olsen, Politics, Community, Storyfort.
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Intro: Palace Mountain Mirage by Sun Blood Stories (

Closing: Jet Black Hair by The Dig (

01.30.17 Episode 258: Jonathan Evison
The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving
The program shares a dialog about writing, characters, and connectivity with author Jonathan Evison, who inspired the recent Netflix film, The Fundamentals Of Caring.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Writing Day, Virginia Woolf, Focus, Wakeful Dream State, Authorial, Genius, Synchronicity, Patterns, Zeitgeist, Connectivity, West Of Here, Fascism, History, Meaning, Cracking The Nut, Masculinity In Crisis, Romantics, Drew Perry, Kids These Days.
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01.23.17 Episode 257: Willy Vlautin
The Free
Today the program invokes the Patron Saint of Nurses and makes a State of the Union address about The Free with author and songwriter Willy Vlautin.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Audiobooks, Editing, Lean On Pete, Will Patton, Dennis Johnson, Woody Guthrie, Ironweed, Working Class, The Motel Life, The Maltese Falcon, The Shining, Science Fiction, Afghanistan & Iraq, Willie Nelson, National Guard, Real American, Doughnut Holes, Grind, Mental Illness, Folk Songs.
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04.11.16 Episode 226: Spring Book Club
The Southern Reach Trilogy: Annihilation
Today marks the second edition of our seasonal book club. This time the program discusses the first installment of the Southern Reach Trilogy--Annihilation--with members of the Always Record Bizarro Crew: Talitha Wall, Dennis Koch, & SJ Anderson.
Topics: Boise Spring Sync, Treefort, Labyrinth, Contact, Area X, FL, Tower, Tunnel, Lighthouse, Lovecraft, Crawler, Toxoplasmosis, DNA, Lucifer, Ghostbird, Seance & Science Brigade, Lost, 1Q84.
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03.30.16 Episode 225: Jason Sievers
Treefort Trail Guide
Today we put Treefort 2016 to bed, but we have local help from Jason Sievers, the photographer and animator who puts together the Treefort Trail Guide.
Topics: Treefort, Weed, Acid Mothers Temple, Sunbathe, Dana Buoy, Davies Moore, James Lloyd, Alefort, Built To Spill, Teens, The Hand, Dark Swallows, Treepeople, Pat, BCT, Bijoux, Like A Villan, Darling Rollercoaster, Cerberus Rex, Phantahex, Lucy Dacus, Commonauts, Divers, Photography, Youth Lagoon, Revolt Revolt, Sick Wish.
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03.24.16 Episode 224: Maszer
Treefort is here! And to close out the March Music Showcase, the programs meets author and musician, David Rapaport. He plays Treefort with his band Maszer, Friday, March 25th at 10:30 pm at Hannah's.
Topics: Tree fort, Thunderpussy, Sisters, Seattle, LA, Hippies, Light, Sharks, Psychedelic, Drugs, MusiCares, Community, Bernie Sanders, Escaping Revolution.
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03.22.16 Episode 223: Sister Crayon
Under Sturm und Drang the Showcase continues! This evening, in a hail storm, the program spends 42 minutes with Terra Lopez of Sister Crayon. Their album Devoted was released last summer, and they play Treefort 2016 Saturday, March 26 at 10 pm at the El Kora Shrine. See you there!
Topics: Treefort, 2014, Built To Spill, Boise, Adam Pierce, St. Augustine, FL, Civil Rights, Providence, Protest, Artistic Practice, Jeanette Winterson, LA, Warpaint, Beyonce, Therapy, Rigsket Ball.
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03.20.16 Episode 222: Get Wet +
As the March Music Showcase comes to a close, the program spends 42 minutes on location in the Garden District with Get Wet + talking Treefort, Boise bands, and the Boise scene. They perform at Treefort 2016 Saturday, March 26th at 6:50 pm at the Water Cooler. Their ep, "One" is now available on their bandcamp page.
Topics: Treefort Music Fest, Drugs, Speed of Shark, Le Fleur, Dark Swallows, Mostly Muff, Manville, Boise Bench Dwellers, Ladies Choice, Vac, Sam Diamond, G1RLCR3W, Vajazzle, Reversion, Coco Rosie, B.Corp, Hackfort, Filmfort, The Olympic, Apes on Tape, Eddie Money, The Hive.
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03.13.16 Episode 221: Acid Dad
Let's Plan A Robbery
As the March Music Showcase continues, the program connects with Acid Dad, the NYC psych punk four piece currently touring their way to SXSW and then Treefort. We discuss their new EP, Let's Plan A Robbery, as well and their tour and psych rock in general. They perform at Treefort Music Fest Saturday March 26th at 6:30 PM at the Olympic.
Topics: Acid, Huxley, White Reaper, Tour, Cops, Paisley Scene, Black Angels, Digital Music, Flying Lotus, Sunflower Bean, Thee Oh Sees, 24 Hour Party People, Charles Bradley, Honduras, Dead Leaf Echo, Harper Lee, Empty Bottle, Grand Theft Auto,, Nardwaur.
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03.07.16 Episode 220: The Foreign Resort
The American Dream
On this Super Tuesday, the program travels to Copenhagen, Denmark to meet the melodic and explosive new wave, post punk band, The Foreign Resort. They play Treefort Thursday, March 24th at The Olympic at 10:40 PM.
Topics: Trump, The Shadow, Nightmare Air, Dark Music Communities, Socialism, Bernie Sanders, Part Time Punks, SXSW, Dutch Grand Caravan, Cops, Shades, Vaadat Charigim, Swervedriver, New Canyons.
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02.01.16 Episode 215: Bitch'n
Messed Out
The show again looks ahead for 42 Minutes to the Treefort Music Fest, March 23rd-27th, with the fresh, Portland based, all woman, pop-meets-punk five-piece, Bitch'n.
Topics: Portland, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Point Juncture, WA, Treefort, Neurolux, VAC, Destination Universe, Science Fiction, X-Files, Synchronicity, Soul Groups, Clowning, Indie Rock Grid Lock, France, Mossy Rock, Jam, Musical Sex, Heavens to Betsy.
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01.05.16 Episode 211: Go!Zilla
Sinking In Your Sea
It's a new year! So the program looks ahead to the Boise Spring Sync & The Treefort Music Fest with Luca Landi of the Italian psychedelic band, Go!Zilla.
Topics: Treefort, Firenze, Gojira, Italy, Eric Gilbert, The Shivas, Night Beats, Seattle, Fantastic Planet, History, Florence, Beatles, Hendrix, J.C. Satan, The Abigails, Psychedelic.
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03.31.15 Bonus 28: Nick Peterson
Treefort Music Fest - Apes On Tape
Tonight we completely wrap-up Treefort Music Fest 2015 and we do so by connecting with Nick Peterson, proprietor of the Apes On Tape Blog, and host of the Treefort Apes On Tape Showcase.
Topics: Treefort, Gilbert, Antler Crafts, Rihanna,Tidal, Streaming, Trails And Ways, Waterstrider, Bells Atlas, Makeunder, Woodland Empire, Marshall Poole, Bearcubbin'! Party Boyz, Sisters, Spaceface.
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Read: Nick's "Thoughts On Treefort Fest 2015"

Witness: Rose Quartz #swimacrosstheworld

Closing Song: "Laura" by Thick Business available at

03.30.15 Episode 178: Frankie Barnhill
Treefort Music Fest - Boise State Public Radio
After five days of music & fun at the Treefort Music Fest, the program begins to process the experience by bringing you a report from a reporter, Frankie Barnhill of Boise State Public Radio.
Topics: Ort, Rubblebucket, El Kora Shrine, Reporting, Lori Shandro Outen, Hackfort, Yogafort, Brett Netson, Storyfort, Community, Volunteer, Black Milk, Marshall Poole, Giant Squid, bed.
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Listen: to Frankie Barnhill on


Outro song: "Carousel" by Rubblebucket - available at

Closing song: "Wayward" by bed. - available at

03.24.15 Episode 177: SISTERS
Treefort Music Fest - Diamonds of Gold
We conclude our Treefort Music Fest Showcase today by connecting with Seattle, and meeting Emily & Andrew of SISTERS who share with us the answer to life, the universe, and everything: (music).
Topics: Treefort, 2nd Chance, Apes On Tape, Boy See, Hi Ho Silver Oh, Lost Lander, UM, Homer, AK, Sasquatch, Ear Protection, One Arm, Viet Cong, Twin Peaks, Fauna Shade, SOL, Seattle Rock Orchestra.
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03.20.15 Bonus 27: saQi
Treefort Music Fest - The Well
Tonight we conclude week three of our Treefort Music Fest Showcase by connecting with the electronic musician known as saQi who was busy making preparations for his five week tour of North America with Random Rab.
Topics: Treefort, Mysticism, Synchronicity, Pure Light Road, Divine Wine, Ableton Live, Festival Culture, Sunrise Ceremony, Ashland, Collaboration, Random Rab, Polish Ambassador, Jumpsuit, Action Days, Burning Man.
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03.19.15 Bonus 26: Rose Quartz
Treefort Music Fest - Axis Of Love
Week Three of our Treefort Music Fest Showcase continues with our second show of the day in which we travel to Will's hometown to meet Alex, Clay & Matt of Rose Quartz, lovely guys.
Topics: Treefort, Denver, Mancub, Flashlights, Gilbert, Generationals, Body Language, DFA, Shades, Magic Sword, Slow Magic, Vivace, Wild High, Dirt Weed, Sweet Grass, Blue Bird, Holy Underground.
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03.17.15 Episode 176: Twerps
Treefort Music Fest - Range Anxiety
As week number three of our 42 Minutes Treefort Music Fest Showcase begins, Doug & Will connect with Marty of Twerps from Melbourne, Australia on tour in the US and traveling in the South.
Topics: Treefort, Cookout, Real Estate, Vonnegut, Money, SxSW, Rock Royalty, Superchunk, Chapel Hill, Hells Kitchen, Chapter Music, The Stevens, SLC Punk, Flying Nun, Go Betweens, The Clean, DK Mode.
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03.15.15 Bonus 25: DEEP CREEPS
Treefort Music Fest - Crown Gall
Week number Two of our Treefort Showcase concludes with a trip to the Creep Cave where Doug meets Justin, Luke, & Jeremy of DEEP CREEPS as they rehearse for their "Tiny Spring Tour".
Topics: Treefort, Garlic, Scuzz, Mulch, Lorde, Madonna, Prince, Grimes, Perfect Pussy, Ear Protection, David Lynch, Peter Gabriel, Olive Garden, Random Canyon Growlers, CTTS, FFA, Get Wet +.
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03.11.15 Bonus 24: Triathalon
Treefort Music Fest - Lo-Tide
Week number Two of our Treefort Showcase continues with the running of a 42 minute Triathlon. Well, that's actually 42 Minutes with Triathalon, the Georgia surf band with tons of soul.
Topics: Treefort, Inherent Vice, SXSW, Surf, Savannah, GA, CA, Thee Oh Sees, Alex Calder, Mac DeMarco, Buffalo, Usher, D'Angelo, Kanye, Drake, What Moon Things, Lost Lake, Sean Pritchard.
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Intro songs: "High Tide" & "Brain Dead" by Triathalon - available at Broken Circles

Closing song: "Usher Surfing" by Triathalon - available at Broken Circles

Help: Sean Pritchard Beat AML at

Purchase: Treefort Tickets at

03.10.15 Episode 175: Transistor Send
Treefort Music Fest - Ships
Today we begin week number two of our Treefort Music Fest showcase by meeting Jared & Casey of Transistor Send in Doug's house. (Lots of after-talk from this one, members!)
Topics: Treefort, Click, Loops, Moon Honey, Wild Ones, Thick Business, Delicate Steve, Logan Hyde, !!!, Twerps, Heligoats, Omar Souleyman, Iceland, Magic Sword, Yvette.
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Intro song: "Don't Be Scared Now" by Transistor Send - available at

Closing song: "To Wyoming" by Transistor Send - available at


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03.03.15 Episode 174: De Lux
Treefort Music Fest - Voyage
Today we begin in earnest a month of shows with the artists playing Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID March 25-29. We kick off the series with Sean & Isaac of De Lux from LA.
Topics: Treefort, LA, Talking Heads, DJ Dodger Stadium, Karen Finley, Pianos, NY, of Montreal, BadBadNotGood, Foxygen, Sweaty, 1982, Neurolux, El Sauz, Cosmos, Michael Allen, Innovative Leisure.
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Intro song: "Moments" by De Lux - available at

Outro song: "It All Works All The Time" by De Lux - available at

Closing song: "Brighter End Of Dark" by De Lux - available at

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02.24.15 Episode 173: Eric Gilbert & Megan Stoll
Treefort Music Fest - A Festival of Discovery
Today we begin a month of shows with the artists playing Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID March 25-29. We set the stage with a live interview with the festival director and marketing manager, Eric Gilbert & Megan Stoll.
Topics: Band Dialog, Slow Magic, Delicate Steve, Odesza, Run The Jewels, Rubble Bucket, Disco Doom, Hackfort, Duck Club, Mostly Muff, Add The Words, Sled Island, All Your Friend's Friends, Emily Wells.
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Intro song: "The Beginning" by Magic Sword - available

Outro song: "SS Anne" by Transistor Send - available

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06.02.14 Episode 139: Sallie Ford
Summer EP
Music Credit: "Not An Animal" & "Lips And Hips" by Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
Topics: Junuary, Man Or Astro-Man?, Portland, Paul Shaffer, The Sound Outside, Viva Voce, Point Juncture WA, Albatross, Decemberists, Chris Funk, Treefort.
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03.26.14 Episode 129: Zach Voss
The Skyship Tour
Visit: . . . & Zach on Vimeo
Topics: Treefort, Hackfort, Dan Deacon, Storyfort, Rigsketball, Band Dialogue, Street Fever, RJD2, Apes on Tape, Ned Garthe Explosion, Party Moms, Hutt Wigley, Mandrake Estate & Mothers Milk.
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FREE 03.26.14 Bonus 9: James Lloyd
Mystic Pets
Topics: Treefort, mr. Gnome, Food Truck Rally, Treefort Film Fest, Teens, Solander, Sallie Ford, The Room, Early Bird Tickets, Decoder App, Ben Wilson, The Logo & Monster, Julia Green & Mystic Pets, Zest Books.
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03.20.14 Episode 128: Iska Dhaaf
Even The Sun Will Burn
Topics: Treefort, Seattle, Light & Dark, Nautilus Shell, Art, Exploration, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, Mad Rad, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Devil, Drone Warfare, Disconnection, The Darkness, Meaning, "Iska Dhaaf" - "let it go".
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FREE 03.18.14 Bonus 8: Storie Grubb And The Holy Wars
Topics: Treefort, Comix, The Tale, Projections, The Crux, The Shredder, Evil Wine, Get Wet +, NighTraiN, Deep Creeps, The Blaqks, A Seasonal Disguise, James Plane Wreck, Ukelele & Perfect Pussy.
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03.14.14 Bonus 7: Saintseneca
Dark Arc
Topics: Treefort, SXSW Tragedy, Mike Mogis, White Album, April Fool, Ohio, Dreams, Busman's Holiday, Frankie Cosmos, Appalachia, A Slow Unveiling, Punctuation & Meaning, "Ad astra per aspera".
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03.12.14 Episode 127: Disco Doom
Topics: Treefort, Sister Crayon, Perfect From Now On, Built To Spill, SXSW, Circus, Austin, Zurich, New York, Seattle, Jim Roth & Scott Plouf, Boise, Treefort Music Fest, Carl Jung & die Schweiz.
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03.12.14 Bonus 6: Yvette
Topics: Treefort, Noise, Skinny Puppy, Technology & Agression, New York, The Spectacle, Alienation, Ray Kurzweil, Her, Complacency, Mr. Dream, Godmode, Nick Sylvester, The Great Pumpkin.
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03.04.14 Episode 126: Magic Sword
Volume One
Topics: Treefort, Feast, The Charm School, VaC, Film Sync, Dark Side of The Rainbow, AR74: Michael Allen, Comics, Heavy Metal, Moebius, 1980, Blade Runner, Lady Hawke, John Carpenter, Wendy Carlos, The Chosen One.
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02.25.14 Episode 125: Eric Gilbert
Treefort Music Fest
Topics: Social Media, Duck Club Presents, Snowfort, Rubblebucket, Hackfort, Caustic Resin, Dan Deacon: (Don't move to Portland!), The Crux, Saintseneca, Perfect Pussy, Mostly Muff, Finn Riggins, see you at the show.
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02.04.14 Episode 122: Steve Marion
Delicate Steve/Saint Rich
Visit: . . . &
Topics: Topics: Saint Rich, Deep Sea Diver, Treefort, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Dr. Dog, Dirty Projectors, Mastery, Guitar Gods, Wondervisions, Tom Petty, Sync.
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03.19.13 Episode 76: Sage Francis
The Buzzkill Of The Sage
Topics: Treefort.
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03.05.13 Episode 74: Eric Gilbert
Treefort Music Fest
Visit: . . .
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