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42 Minutes

FREE 03.28.22 Episode 378: Erin Anderson
Outlaw Field
Today for 42 Minutes we consider the mysteries of Treefort 10 with Erin Anderson, director of The Idaho Botanical Garden, and look ahead to the Garden's Outlaw Field Summer Concert Series.
Topics: Treefort, The Shredder, Deadender, Connection, Community, Rendezvous, Sonic Temple Red & Blue = Masonic Temple, Prism B!tch, Mad Alchemy, Bochi Bochi, KIN, Alefort, Lost Grove: "Let's Get Arty", Festival Fashion, Genzers, Dirt Fisherman, WITCH, Storyfort, NIVA, Garden Escapes, Eric Gilbert, Duck Club, Lord Huron, Bonnie Raitt, Modest Mouse, Sharon Van Etten: Wild Hearts Tour, Aldous Harding, Live On The Lawn, Alive After Five, Ween, Bug Day.
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FREE 03.08.22 Episode 376: Jonathan Evison
Small World
Today for our *Small World* edition of our Treefort podcasts, we are reconnecting with Jonathan Evison who we’ve spoken with three times prior, the last being March of 2019 at which time he was in the midst of writing a “beast” which became Small World which was published this past January 2022 by Dutton. He performs at Treefort Friday, March 25th from 3-4pm at FireFusion Studio & Delia Dante Gallery and on Saturday, March 26th from 4:30-6pm at Guru Donuts.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Boise Depot, Railroads, The Great American Novel, Connectivity, Promontory Point, Golden Spike, Transcontinental, The Donner Party, Unity, Process, Novel Logic, Heartbeat, Narrative Cohesion, Ambition, Franzen, Reading, Ocean State, Lucy Turtle, Prolific, Again And Again, Detroit Cobras, Jason Mott, Jennifer Haigh, Mercy Street, Lawn Boy.
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FREE 03.01.20 Episode 347: Jennifer Haigh
With Treefort 2020 on the horizon, the program shares 42 minutes with Jennifer Haigh, author of Heat & Light, and who will be appearing at Storyfort Friday, March 27, 12pm at the Owyhee Cafe Space. (And other places too!)
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, A Diamond In The Slushpile, Zenith Man, Bakerton, PA, Boston, Class, Titles, Catholicism, Accurate, Fair, Journalism, Crime, Irish Boston, Heartbreaking, Idaho Review, Iowa Writers Workshop, Caucus.
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FREE 01.27.20 Episode 346: Julia Claiborne Johnson
Be Frank With Me
With Treefort 2020 on the horizon, the program shares 42 minutes with Julia Claiborne Johnson, author of Be Frank With Me, and who will be appearing at Storyfort this upcoming March.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Hollywood, Tara Conklin, Plotting, Note Cards, Rewriting, Hunger Games, Fashion, Kate Spade, Boo Radley, Magazine Writer, Beavis & Butthead, Dr Lvingstone, Harper Lee, J.D. Salinger, Buster Keaton, Book Sellers, Divorce Ranch, Lydia Fitzpatrick, Little Women, Moxie.
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FREE 07.07.19 Episode 338: Tara Conklin
The Last Romantics
The program considers writing and romance as well as looking back at Treefort 2019 with Tara Conklin, author most recently of The Last Romantics.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Jamie Ford, Jonathan Evison, Book Tour, Grottopod, Yogafort, Draft, Novel Concept, This Charming Man, Disney Prince, Romantic Love, Yeats, Evocative, Conversation, Empathy, Beach Read, Etaf Rum, The Overstory, The Future, Present, Environmental Disaster.
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FREE 03.19.19 Episode 330: Jonathan Evison
Lawn Boy
Today Lawn Boy, the great American landscaping novel by Jonathan Evison arrives in paperback. On Thursday, Jonathan arrives in Boise for Treefort. Catch him then at 2:30 pm at The Owyhee first floor cafe and on Saturday at noon at the same location.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Happiest Place On Earth, El Kora Shrine, Seattle, Fanzine, 1982, March Of Crimes, Iggy Pop, Prince, Food & Beer, Cabin Fever, Legends Of The North Cascades, Holden Caulfield, Wealth, Walmart, Robber Barron, Capitalism, Jamie Ford, 10th Street.
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FREE 03.18.19 Episode 329: Sarah Manguso
300 Arguments
Today for 42 minutes, the program considers life writing with author, Sarah Manguso. Her most recent book, 300 arguments was published by Graywolf in 2017. Sarah appears at Treefort Saturday, March 23rd from 2 to 3 pm at The Owyhee and on Sunday, March 24th from noon to 2 at The Owyhee first floor cafe space.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, The Cabin, Mary Oliver, Patter, Poets, Prose, Boston, 17th C.,Outsider, America In A Nutshell, DFW, Infinite Jest, Obligation, Sync Blog, Credible Narrative, Destiny, Bookclub, Time, Literary Philosophy, Grief, Suffering, Plato, World Center For Birds of Prey, Graywolf.
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FREE 03.17.19 Episode 328: Camille Acker
Training School For Negro Girls
In anticipation of Storyfort 2019, the program connects with writer, Camille Acker to discuss her 2018 work, Training School For Negro Girls. In this, her debut short story collection, Camille unleashes the irony and tragic comedy of respectability onto a wide-ranging cast of characters, all of whom call Washington, DC, home. She appears at Treefort Friday, March 22nd at Woodland Empire from 4 to 6 pm and on Sunday, March 24 at The Owyhee first floor cafe space from 3 to 4pm.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Mambo Sauce, D.C., Lower School, Upper School, Black Girls/Black Women, Gentrification, Race, Class, Identity, Ideology, Time Machine, Janet Jackson, Journal, Short Story, Novel, Edward P Jones, Power, Gender, Colorism, Truth To Power.
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FREE 03.14.19 Episode 327: Mostly Muff
Swan Song
As a way of exploring Treefort 2019, the program spends 42 Minutes with Lisa, Ivy, & Gia on 10 years of Mostly Muff. They perform Thursday, March 21st at 10:20 pm at The Linen Building.
Topics: Treefort, Boise Famous Dot Com, Dirty Moogs, Led Zeppelin, Is This Love? Purring Mantis, Hannahs, Thunderpussy, Rocci Johnson, Don't Stop Believing, YMCA Rock & Swim, Grunge, Cherry Bomb, Ladies Of The 80s, Pollyanna, Blood Lemon, Get Wet +, The Shredder, The French Tips, Dark Swallows, George Clinton, Liz Phair, Angelique Kidjo,Treefort App, The Erins, VAC, Storyfort, Treefort Is For Everyone.
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FREE 04.03.18 Episode 307: LED
Artificial Flowers
The program looks back at Treefort 2018 with LED, a group of artists who mounted the dance "Artificial Flowers" five times during Treefort, gave a concert, and premiered a film.
Topics: Treefort, Edmond Dantes, Magic Sword, Trailhead, Dancers, Fashion Show, Theater, Being, Visuals, Morph Suits, Pussy Riot, FOMO Management, Escondido, Starcrawler, Filmfort, Alefort, Foodfort, Storyfort, Gilbert.
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FREE 03.13.18 Episode 303: Jonathan Evison
This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!
In anticipation of Treefort, the program reconnects with Jonathan Evison discussing his novel, Harriet Chance. He appears this year at Storyfort Friday and Saturday evening for three events.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Reinvention, West Of Here, Anna Karenina, Partenership, Mrs Daisy, Memory, Linearity, Revelation, Marginalized, William Melvin Kelly, Zeitgeist, Me Too, Class, Commerce, Algonquin Books, Process, Stewart O'Nan, Willy Vlautin, Record Exchange, Lidia Yuknavitch, Big Foot, Cave Dave, Mt St Helens.
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06.08.17 Episode 276: Greg Hahn
Today, the program looks back at Treefort 2017 with Boise State associate vice president for communications, Greg Hahn. It also considers the local and national media landscape.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Glass Half Empty, 90%, Doug Martsch, BTS, Rock And Roll Hotel, Lizzo, Day Forts, Story Story Night, Community Defining Moment, Blue Review, Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight, Hackfort, Thunderpussy, Tall Tall Trees, Meat Puppets, Dark Swallows, Viral Idaho, Fake News, Eye On Boise, Betsy Russell, Digital, Books.
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04.10.17 Episode 267: Cult Bride
Treefort 2017 Recap
The program looks back at five days of Treefort Music Fest 2017 with Jun & Marcus, members of Cult Bride and Pure Ivy, who performed at this year's festival.
Topics: Treefort, Less is More, WHY? Leafraker, Co-Op, Open Mike Eagle, El Kora Shrine, Zipline Pass, Chanti Darling, The Dig, Angel Olsen, Emma Ruth Rundle, Treefort Busline, Psychic Twin, Tall Tall Trees, Your Mother, Kishi Bashi, Zack & Blake, VAC East, Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight, Magic Sword, Doom Yoga, Yogafort, Storyfort, Neurolux, Calico, The District, Owyhee, Hospitality, Thunderpussy, Y La Bamba, Deafheaven.
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03.20.17 Episode 265: Sun Blood Stories
It Runs Around The Room With Us
This evening we convene the first installment of the 42 Minutes Supper Club hosted this time by Sun Blood Stories, who will be playing the 2017 Treefort Music Fest, Friday, March 24th, 10 pm at The Linen building.
Topics: Treefort, Stuffed Mushrooms, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Broiled Mashed potatoes, Cosmic Kitten, Drugs, Sex, Cursing, Drinking, Paper Gates, Weed & Boobs, Psychedelic Jazz, Ranch Fest, Sweet Guitar Solo, Trio, Bass, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Band Dialogue, Sublime, Acid, Rock and Roll Mom, Bijouxx, Clap Clap, Storyfort, Hackfort, G1RL CR3W.
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03.07.17 Episode 262: Sean Aucutt
The program previews Treefort Music Fest 2017 with the festival's production design director, Sean Aucutt.
Topics: Treefort, Amuma Says No, James Lloyd, Volunteers, Storage, Footprint, Kidfort, Deinstalling, Exit Plan, Pioneer Room, JUMP, Owyhee, Magic Sword, Boise Phil, Hackfort, The Growlers, The Nest, Radio Boise, LED, Lizzo, Angel Olsen, Politics, Community, Storyfort.
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Intro: Palace Mountain Mirage by Sun Blood Stories (

Closing: Jet Black Hair by The Dig (

01.30.17 Episode 258: Jonathan Evison
The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving
The program shares a dialog about writing, characters, and connectivity with author Jonathan Evison, who inspired the recent Netflix film, The Fundamentals Of Caring.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Writing Day, Virginia Woolf, Focus, Wakeful Dream State, Authorial, Genius, Synchronicity, Patterns, Zeitgeist, Connectivity, West Of Here, Fascism, History, Meaning, Cracking The Nut, Masculinity In Crisis, Romantics, Drew Perry, Kids These Days.
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01.23.17 Episode 257: Willy Vlautin
The Free
Today the program invokes the Patron Saint of Nurses and makes a State of the Union address about The Free with author and songwriter Willy Vlautin.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Audiobooks, Editing, Lean On Pete, Will Patton, Dennis Johnson, Woody Guthrie, Ironweed, Working Class, The Motel Life, The Maltese Falcon, The Shining, Science Fiction, Afghanistan & Iraq, Willie Nelson, National Guard, Real American, Doughnut Holes, Grind, Mental Illness, Folk Songs.
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03.30.15 Episode 178: Frankie Barnhill
Treefort Music Fest - Boise State Public Radio
After five days of music & fun at the Treefort Music Fest, the program begins to process the experience by bringing you a report from a reporter, Frankie Barnhill of Boise State Public Radio.
Topics: Ort, Rubblebucket, El Kora Shrine, Reporting, Lori Shandro Outen, Hackfort, Yogafort, Brett Netson, Storyfort, Community, Volunteer, Black Milk, Marshall Poole, Giant Squid, bed.
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Listen: to Frankie Barnhill on


Outro song: "Carousel" by Rubblebucket - available at

Closing song: "Wayward" by bed. - available at

03.26.14 Episode 129: Zach Voss
The Skyship Tour
Visit: . . . & Zach on Vimeo
Topics: Treefort, Hackfort, Dan Deacon, Storyfort, Rigsketball, Band Dialogue, Street Fever, RJD2, Apes on Tape, Ned Garthe Explosion, Party Moms, Hutt Wigley, Mandrake Estate & Mothers Milk.
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