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Kirby Ferguson

42 Minutes

FREE 06.09.21 Episode 365: Kirby Ferguson
Sometimes You Gotta Get Lost
This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory. No, really. Thus we get lost today for 42 minutes with filmmaker Kirby Ferguson looking back at the past eight years and his many conspiracy related projects.
Topics: Alex Jones, Justin Bieber, Voltron, This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory, Everything Is A Remix, Definition, Mind Breaker, American History, Revolution, Declaration of Independence, Illuminati, Q, Religiosity, Proof, Order, Nihilism, Rules, Auto, Exponential Growth, Sliding Doors, Constantly Wrong, Time Travel, Butterfly Effect, Return Of Magic, Media, Communication, Joe Rogan, Snake Oil.
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FREE 04.24.18 Episode 310: Kirby Ferguson
This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory
As the media age gets deeper into the fake news era, the program considers again whether or not it's all a conspiracy by reconnecting with Kirby Ferguson, the filmmaker responsible for This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory & Everything Is A Remix.
Topics: Infinite Jest, Meaning, 2012, Trump, Power, Comprehension, Tariffs, Complexity Science, 1960s, Good Guys/Bad Guys, Reality, Systems, Elites, Norms, Legacy Media, Fake News, Science, Nature, Opinion, Journalism, Feedback.
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02.08.14 Bonus 4: Kirby Ferguson
This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory
Topics: Topics: Old Media/New Media,, Copyright/Remix, Net Neutrality, Snowden, No Gatekeeper, Conspiracy, Room 237, Rodney Ascher, Adam Curtis, Sync, Revolutions.
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