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FREE 05.17.22 Episode 379: Spring Book Club
To be or not to be . . .
Topics: Mel Gibson, Kenneth Branagh, Helena Bonham Carter, Franco Zephirelli, Romeo & Juliet, Olivia Hussey, 1990, 1968, BBC, David Tennant, Patrick Stewart, 1948, Language, Ghosts & Madness, Frances Yates, Bruno, Melancholy, Agrippa, Ethan Hawk, Dune, Grief, Greed, Famous Quotes, Stephen Greenblatt, Joyce, Hamlet's Mill, World Mythology, Procession of Equinoxes, Cultural Touchstone, King James, Cervantes, Francis Bacon, Robert Fludd, Globe Theater.
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FREE 10.29.21 Episode 371: Emily Fox
Sound & Vision
Nearing Halloween, the program looks back at Treefort 9 with KEXP Sound & Vision producer and host, Emily Fox.
Topics: Treefort, Boise, Fall, Seattle, KEXP, Music Major, Lake Street Dive, Rachel Price, Chong The Nomad, Smokey Brights, Tres Leches, Shaina Shepherd, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, MTN Bike, Covid, Mask Mandate, Dune, El Kora Shrine, Mardi Gras, Street Fever, Street Art, Early Bird, Black Tones, Journalism, Damon Albarn, Morning Edition, NPR, Behind The Console.
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FREE 11.08.20 Episode 354: Alec Nevala-Lee
The morning after Halloween, on The Day Of The Dead, the program shares 42 minutes with Golden Age Science Fiction biographer, Alec Nevala-Lee who also wrote what has become for many, their introduction to 'The Tunnel'.
Topics: William H. Gass, The Tunnel, John W. Campbell, 25 Years. SF Chronicle, Hitler, Fascism, US, Trump, Party Of Disappointed People, Joyce, Golden Age Science Fiction, Buckminster Fuller, Walter Murch, Heinlein, Asimov, Hubbard, The Thing, The Master, Scientology, Sturgeon's Law, Battlefield Earth, The Superman, Religion, Dune Messiah, Writer's Life, The Future.
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09.12.16 Episode 240: Claire Vaye Watkins
Gold Fame Citrus
The program considers the allure and propaganda of the West as well as its harsh realities with Guggenheim fellow, Claire Vaye Watkins, author of the recent Gold Fame Citrus, published in 2015 by Riverbed Books.
Topics: Mojave Desert, Dune, Frank & Brian Herbert, Victorians, Cli-Fy, Corrections, Erotica, Geological Time, White Whale, Kidnapper, Dowser, Cults, Kunzru, Gods Without Men, Benevolent Sexism, Chivalry, Liars, Conmen, Belief, Story Powell, Muir, Melville, Wasteland, Yucca Mountain, Lawns, Water, Cadillac Desert, Stegner, Angel of Repose, Domination.
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07.14.15 Episode 193: Brian Herbert
An Ocean of Dunes
Supernormal July continues this morning on both land and sea with New York Times bestselling author, Brian Herbert, son of famed Dune author, Frank Herbert.
Topics: Arrakis, Paul Atreides, The Dragon And The Sea, Strong Women, Human Potential, Ecology, Politics, Jodorowski & Lynch, Weirding, Finite Resources, Polar Pioneer, Shell No.
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04.21.15 Bonus 30: Daniel D. Synder
The Chosen One
The Force Awakens on 42 Minutes this week as we consider "The Messy, Misunderstood Glory of David Lynch's Dune" with culture writer, Daniel D. Synder.
Topics: Dune, Jodorowsky, Archetypes, Star Wars, The Watchers, Jupiter Ascending, Wachowskis, Blade, Finn & Rey, Inner Angry Nerd, JJ Abrams, Rogue One, Secret War, Thomas Mallory.
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04.08.14 Episode 131: Amber Nelson
Alice Blue Books
Topics: Go Ask Alice Blue, Chapbook, Dutch Baby Combo, Dancing Girl Press, SHOTGUN WEDDING & The Stranger, APRIL, AWP, Coconut Books, "Poet Voice", Oulipo, NaPoWriMo, Dune, Buffy, & Time.
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Always Record

01.18.16 Always Record 148 | Sing The Body Electric w/

Kurt Hardesty

The Bizarro AR crew is joined by guest Kurt Hardesty for a wide ranging discussion on biology, AI, and media. Topics Include: Star Wars, San Juan Islands, Speed Reading, Ohio, Manson, Indigenous mounds, Molecular Biology, Breaking down beliefs, Chi, Logic Trees, Nakamora vs. Komodo chess match, Go, Bobby Fischer, Multitasking, Epiphany, Body morphing, Robot crabs, NBA, Stephen Curry, Quantum computing, Entangled bits, Dexterity, I Ching, DNA, False Flag, Clogging insight, Conspiracy, EMF, Waking people up, Communication, Online inspiration, Internet as failure, Breath work, Turning off programs, Massage, Knots, Melting traumas, Deconstruction, Dualistic consciousness, 9/11, Data flow, Matrix, Cranial sacral work, Panic responses, Organ depletion, Reiki, Trepanation, Stretching, Bloodletting, Dune, Kevin J. Anderson, Frank Herbert, Duncan Idaho, Mirror reflections, Mytho-poetics, Nerve cells, PKD, RNA, Scripting sequences, Non-artificial intelligence, Awareness, Demiurge, Gnosticism, CERN, Skynet, Feedback loops, Meta-Intelligence, Multiple personalities, Kubrick, Deactivating and rebooting HAL, Zen, Five Skandas, Theravada Buddhism, Third Eye overload, VR goggles, Mitochondria, Chloroplast, Borgs, Technological blooms, Foucault, The Cartesian Moment, The Prisoner, Hacking training codes, Super-human abilities, NSA data collection, Personality creation, Politicians as algorithms, Metadata, Metamaps for genetics, Project Mockingbird, Media manipulation, Transdimensional entities, Archons, Steve Jobs, Useful puppets, Being John Malkovich, Psychopaths, Spiritual warfare in unseen realms, Saturnian age, Hellenistic slave culture, Wizards in dynastic China, Thanking the AI

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01.05.15 Always Record 107 | Scrambled Eggs

Alan, David and John ramble and scramble on: Plato's Cave, Jump to Conclusions, UFO Geese, Conspiracy Porn, Sandy Hook, Orwell and Dr. Seuss, Too much time on your hands, Are you paying attention? We need to talk about Kevin, Corbett Report, Quantum Physics, Faith, Jodorowsky's Dune, Holy Shit, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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