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Boise Spring Sync

42 Minutes

FREE 04.30.19 Episode 334: Danny Colombo
Dream Worlds
With another Treefort Music Fest in the bank, the program wraps up the 2019 festival as well as looking back at the 2016 Boise Spring Sync (and other Dream Worlds) with musician and artist, Danny Colombo.
Topics: Treefort, Boise Spring Sync, Sync Summit, Tinfoil, James Evan Pilato, #PumpUpThaVolume, Olympia, Broken Limb, Chai, Rubble Bucket, Toro Y Moi, Zipline, Corporate Festivals, Festival Magic, Nice, Travel Magic, Synchronicity, Flow, Undercover Dream Lovers, Dent May, Cherry Glazer, Learning Curve, Chaz Bundick, Corporate Cartoons, Dreamwords, Collective Unconscious.
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05.02.16 Episode 227: Jenn Zahrt
The Minotaur & The Petroglyphs
The program reconnects with someone we first met at the Boise Spring Sync, Dr. Jenn Zahrt, author, publisher, editor, astrologer, translator, artist, amazing!
Topics: Prince, Boise Spring Sync, Idaho, Potatoes, Wildcraft, Serendipity, Labyrinth, Astrology, Sentience, Synchronicity, Mystery Traditions, Patrick Curry, Germany.
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04.11.16 Episode 226: Spring Book Club
The Southern Reach Trilogy: Annihilation
Today marks the second edition of our seasonal book club. This time the program discusses the first installment of the Southern Reach Trilogy--Annihilation--with members of the Always Record Bizarro Crew: Talitha Wall, Dennis Koch, & SJ Anderson.
Topics: Boise Spring Sync, Treefort, Labyrinth, Contact, Area X, FL, Tower, Tunnel, Lighthouse, Lovecraft, Crawler, Toxoplasmosis, DNA, Lucifer, Ghostbird, Seance & Science Brigade, Lost, 1Q84.
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01.12.16 Episode 213: Andras Jones & Alan Green
2016 Sync Summit Projects
Tonight, Will and Doug are joined by the producers of the 2014 Oly Sync Summit to pitch their latest season of projects. We encourage you to check out the Indiegogo!
Topics: Muppets, Olympia 2016, Radio8Ball, Kabbalistic Tree Walk, #31daysofsync, @syncbook, Now, Boise Spring Sync, Synchronicity Popcorn, Powerful Conversations, Sync Documentary, Bowie, Tesla, Synchronize.
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01.05.16 Episode 211: Go!Zilla
Sinking In Your Sea
It's a new year! So the program looks ahead to the Boise Spring Sync & The Treefort Music Fest with Luca Landi of the Italian psychedelic band, Go!Zilla.
Topics: Treefort, Firenze, Gojira, Italy, Eric Gilbert, The Shivas, Night Beats, Seattle, Fantastic Planet, History, Florence, Beatles, Hendrix, J.C. Satan, The Abigails, Psychedelic.
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Always Record

04.20.16 Always Record 155 | Contact High

Your first step should be to watch Wally Scharold's presentation on the 1997 film CONTACT, the video of which we just released and is linked below. Then you can listen to this Always Record, which is a bunch of the attendees of the 2016 Boise Spring Sync standing around outside, just after the presentation, talking about it.

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Wally Scharold full presentation: Boise 2016

On Saturday March 26th, Wally Scharold gave a presentation at the 2016 Boise Spring Sync event, where he discussed the 1997 film "Contact" as related to the Shannon-Weaver model of communication, as well as a number of hidden gems and synchronicities found in the movie. The second half of the presentation gives evidence for collaboration between the characters David Drumlin (Tom Skerritt), Joseph the terrorist (Jake Busey), and S.R. Hadden (John Hurt).