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In April/May of 2014, we held an IndieGogo Fundraiser and Pre-Sale for the Olympia Sync Summit. Collected here are the various videos, podcasts and media from that campaign to archive the experience.

Synchronize Episode 6

05.04.14 Episode 06: Oly Sync Summit Primer

In this issue:

Marty Leeds, Ezra Sandzer-Bell, Joe Alexander play Radio8Ball and discuss The Oly Sync Summit

Download episode mp3

$2 Suggested Donation


42Minutes Live Countdown on last day of the IndieGogo

05.25.14 Bonus: Olympia Sync Summit Indiegogo Campaign
Towel Day (42) Live Pledge Drive Show
Topics: Radio8Ball, "Sync Head", Olympia, West Coast Sync, Legal Weed, Fertile Ground Guesthouse.

$2 Suggested Donation

42Minutes with Ezra Sandzer-Bell and Alan Green

04.14.14 Bonus: Ezra Sandzer-Bell & Alan Green
Astromusik & Oly Sync Summit
Topics: Astromusik, #olysyncsummit, Sound & Consciousness, Astrology, Alchemy, Ritual Magic, Correspondences, Resonance, Vibration, Flow, Bell, Flower of Life, Piglet.

$2 Suggested Donation

$51 Two-day All Access Pass
$300 Two-day All Access Pass & Lodging and more
Tickets on sale now, through the IndieGogo Pre-Sale
Click here to purchase tickets or to donate

2014 Itinerary and schedule of events

Friday Aug 8th 2014

1 to 3pm – Meet at Last Word Books for coffee and connections
(111 Cherry St NE)

4pm – Check in at Fertile Ground
(311 9th Ave SE)

5 to 6pm – Happy Hour at Dillinger’s
(404 S. Washington)

7pm to 11pm - THE RADIO8BALL SHOW at Rhythm & Rye
(311 Capitol Way)
Hosted by Andy Shmushkin
Peter David Connelly
and Ezra Sandzer-Bell

11pm - Overnight at Fertile Ground

. . .

Sunday Aug 10th 2014

10am – Breakfast at Fertile Ground

Noon – Check out

Noon to 5pm – Long goodbyes

Saturday Aug 9th 2014

(311 9th Ave SE)

9 to 11am – Breakfast at Fertile Ground

11am to 1pm – A walking tour of The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia with Andras Jones, author of Accidental Initiations

1pm – Scott Onstott, creator of Secret In Plain Sight, discusses sacred architecture and his new book, Quantification

2pm – James Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy on hidden symbols and syncs in The Simpsons

3pm – Swami Anantananda Giri on meditation, concepts of enlightenment and his book The Yogic Gospel Of Thomas

4pm – Marty Leeds, author of Pi and the English Alphabet, on the mathematical nature of the human hand

5 to 9pm – Hang out. Eat. Smoke. Drink. And sync, sync, sync

9 to 11pm – Sync Films with Joe Alexander, Will Morgan, Alan Abbadessa-Green, David Plate & a Skype-In from Rodney Ascher

11pm - Overnight at Fertile Ground

. . .