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the Olympia sync Summit
was held on
august 8th and 9th 2014

scroll down for tons of video and media from the weekend

42 Minutes gets the sync summit report

Two quick and dirty wrap-ups of The 2014 Oly Sync Summit with Will Morgan, JJ Draa
and special guests: Alan Green, Ezra Sandzer-Bell, & Andras Jones.

08.12.14 Vacation Bonus: Will Morgan

8.12.14 Vacation Bonus: JJ Draa
Visit JJ's Blog:

Misty Greer Article

Read Misty Greer's "Close Encounters of the Summit Kind"

Stygian Port Article

Read ViølatoR's "Syncnado 2" blog post

Patrick Sevc Article

Read Patrick's "Sync Summit Synopsis" blog post

12.8.14 Second Part, follow-up article

Swami Anantananda Giri on Type1Radio

Listen to Swami A. Giri talk about the Sync Summit on Type1Radio

Click here for the videos and media documenting the indiegogo campaign