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Research in Synchronicity Occurring in Multi-Media

Welcome to SYNCFLIX, brought to you by David Charles Plate. What you have stumbled upon is the largest collection of experiments exploring profound synchronicity between albums and films you will find on the net. If you click on any one of the 100+ images below it will take you to said album/film pairing for instant streaming and/or download. Each experiment is 100% repeatable, so if parts of what you watch you simply can’t believe you are encouraged to pick up copies of the film/album and try it out for yourself. This is completely non-profit research into a genuine and extensively far reaching phenomenon documenting discoveries made over the course of the last 20 years. In the tradition of what has been popularized as the ‘Dark Side of the Rainbow’ after it was discovered what transpires when Dark Side of the Moon is played over The Wizard of Oz starting the album at the 3rd roar of the MGM lion, David has gone to great lengths to make his discoveries available to the public in their most accessible form. After tremendous difficulties navigating the rigidity of standard video hosting sites he hopes and prays that the work he has dedicated his life to be given a space to continue to exist in all its glory.
David’s synchromystic collage art can be found here: Art by David Charles Plate.
His 7 and ½ hour Magnum Opus can be found here: Sorry Cassandra I Misunderstood: Everything Predicts 9-11
If you would like to contact David email him at Thank you, and enjoy!
Here is a link to an interview conducted by Tamra Lucid of Reality Sandwich where David details the work he does in greater depth: Synchronicity Hunting: An Interview with David Charles Plate

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Wild At Heart Brigade

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The Haunting of Julia Lennon

The Haunting of Julia synced with John Lennon's albums, Double Fantasy, Milk and Honey, and the Instant Karma EP


Rosemary's White Album

Rosemary's Baby paired with The Beatles' 'White Album' followed by The Manson Family Sings The Songs of Charles Manson


Night Skies

Little known fact: the film, 'Poltergeist' (June 1982) is the EXACT same length in running time as 'E.T. The Extra Terrestrial' (June 1982); the 2 films are blended here with 50/50...


An American Whore Story: Did you know there's oil under Ocean Drive?

Lana Del Rey's album, 'Did you know there's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd synced with the films: 'Tulsa', '711 Ocean Drive' and 'Diary of a Teenage Girl'


The Rainbow Thief Designer

Jodorowsky's film, The Rainbow Thief paired with Aldous Harding's album, Designer



The film, 'Men' synchronized with, 'The Green Album' by Nehedar. This sync was arranged by Nehedar with magic and intention.


Weyes Blood The Love Witch

Weyes Blood's album, Front Row Seat to Earth with the film, The Love Witch


...Still a Total Mystery: A Musical Interpretation of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Lucifer Rising

When I was 27 I took a 10 strip of LSD after deciding I'd make a secret soundtrack for 2001: A Space Odyssey by recording my DJ set for a birthday party using 2 turntables & a 303...


The Black Stallion and in the Darkness Hearts Aglow

Weyes Blood's Album, And in the Darkness Hearts Aglow synced with The Black Stallion


Bella Donna of Sadness

Stevie Nicks' album, 'Bella Donna' naturally synchronized to the film, 'Belladonna of Sadness'


Florence vs. the Machines

The film, 'The Mitchells vs. the Machines' synchronized to the 'Florence and the Machine' album, 'Lungs'


Reggie Watts' Legend

live soundtrack from Reggie Watts for the film, Legend


Blue Banisters for Sophia

Black Bear (2020) with Lana Del Rey's Blue Banisters


The Knight on Fire

The Green Knight synchronized with The Doors' Live at the Hollywood Bowl and The Doors' Absolutely Live.


Titanic Rising: The Movie

Weyes Blood's album, 'Titanic Rising' with the 1953 film, 'Titanic'


Gone with the Candle in the Wind

the film 'The Misfits' 1961 with Lana Del Rey's 'Chemtrails over the Country Club'


The Office Space Matrix

a film collage demonstrating profound correspondences between The Matrix and Office Space


Suspiria Take 2

Charlotte Gainsbourg's EP Take 2 with Suspiria (2018); the 6 rounds the EP make with the film are presented here simultaneously.


The Untethering

Saul Williams' Amethyst Rock Star paired with Jordan Peele's US and Stanley Kubrick's The Shining mirrored against itself.



Marilyn Manson's album WE ARE CHAOS and House of Wax (2005)



Lady Gaga's album Chromatica synced to Jojo Rabbit


Smash Holy Matrimony

Album and film both released on April 8th, 1994



The Eagles of Death Metal's album Death by Sexy paired with the film Death Proof


Cohen of Arc

Album makes 4 complete rounds with the song Joan of Arc as intro.


Brave Enough: a Tale of Love and Darkness

Album and film were both released on August 19th 2016


(Here's the Story) Morning Glory

this experiment is dedicated to Gus Golding


Prometheus' Covenant

in the 2nd round Wings for Mary 1 is overlaid with Viginti Tres/Wings for Mary 2 (believed by many to be the album's 'hidden track') and Lost Keys is followed by Faaip de Oiad.


MK Ultrasound Presents: A Black Swan Event

Darren Aronofsky's masterpiece beneath a mix by David Charles Plate created years prior to the release of the film using 2 turntables, a VCR, and a 303 sampler



this experiment was inspired by Andras Jones


What About Livingstone?

Abba's album 'Waterloo' synced with the film 'Waterloo'. There's a strong argument that Kubrick helped HAL Craig on the script, what with HAL Craig's NY Times obituary asserting that...