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In this month's conversation, Cyrilla and author/philosopher Neil Kramer start out by talking about the sacred path that is leading us through a purification process that is directly related to the end of the Ninth Wave. Not one to get hung up on dates and prophesies, although he finds those things interesting, Mr. Kramer is more concerned with enlightenment than he is with when or if the sky is going to fall. At this point he feels it's better to find ways to wake up from our coma and tune in to the energies of a higher, lighter vibration; because life on this planet is in the midst of a giant, cyclical reboot. For those of us who have yet to release our attachment to 3-D, shifting to a new bandwidth and getting off to a fresh start will require us to move through multiple changes with enough trust to allow the uncertainty of things to teach us what we need to know. According to Neil, those of us who have been on this path for a while understand that we are leaving the "Winter" and entering "Spring" with hearts full of anticipation. In order to make it through the Eye of the Needle, no matter who we are, he stresses the need to remain in alignment with impeccability and integrity every step of the way. For deeper insight into one man's thoughts on shifting to a new density, we invite you to tune in to Cyrilla's 11:11:11 interview with Neil Kramer.

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