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As of 2015,
Sync Book Radio has
over 25 gigs of high quality audio
without a single advertisement.

And we keep on growing!

We have outgrown one model and are birthing another . . .

We have spent the last 5 years attempting to build a space where researchers and seekers can take an honest approach to this material. Where people can look at these weird things without being laughed at or yelled at. To build a community that encourages each other to continue to learn and to explore.

This quest began in earnest with the publication of the first Sync Book back in 2011. Since then it has ballooned into a major undertaking – and has become a repository for cutting edge media and all things sync. Along the way we have found amazing allies to become an unparalleled creative team. We have met the most supportive and loving fans. And, of course, we’ve bumped heads with a few assholes. With all of your help we’ve been able to grow and provide a platform to more artists. Now we are asking you to take the next step with us.

After investing a ton of time, energy, money and hard fucking work, has just finished its major overhaul and we are ready for you to make yourselves cozy here. We’ve installed new web players for our podcasts and invested in new servers for streaming from fast and reliable hosting. We added expanded search functions that tap into classic sync video libraries. And, our new members section gives access to our full archive of over 600 hours of podcasts, as well as members’ only media, HD videos and transcripts. There’s also discounted physical copies of Sync Book Press titles as well as Google Hangouts with the radio hosts every month. You’ll also have an opportunity to tap into additional exclusive media inside Dropbox42.

For those of you unable to purchase memberships, rest assured that the three most recent episodes of all podcasts will remain free for everyone, every week -- so regular listeners will be able to continue enjoying these shows uninterrupted. While financial realities dictate that we can’t keep up this level of output and continue to give away everything for free, we’ve made every possible effort to make this something all of you would really want to be a part of.

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Our goal is to create a platform that hunts out and nurtures the black swans.

We remain committed to:

Honest Heartfelt Seeking

exploring the abyss and the light

balancing fun and fearlessness

staying Independent and uncensored
free of bias and free of bullshit

finding our community of artists and thinkers.