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On October 26th 2013, we held a Sync Summit in California. Now we have collected the various pieces of the puzzle to create a full chronology of the experience.

Synchronize Episode 4

10.11.13 Episode 04: Tom Waits for No Man

In this issue:

Tom Waits takes us to the Bridge by Alan Abbadessa-Green and Andras Jones

Radio8Ball with musical guest Ira Marlowe, with a question from David Plate of Always Record
Find out more about Ira's stage show and our Sync Summit at . . .
View samples of David's artwork at

Douglas Bolles of 42 Minutes on Victoria Nelson's Gothika
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Alan Green, Andras Jones, and Douglas Bolles are in Sync Book Vol.1, David Plate is in Sync Book Vol.2

Always Record Episode 67

10.26.13 Episode 67: Bay Area Sync Summit

Here is the full audio of the Radio8Ball Show, hosted by Andras Jones; featuring musical guest Ira Marlowe; special guest Victoria Nelson; commentary from Alan Abbadessa-Green, Jeremy/Violator, David Plate, Joe Alexander, and Justin Morgan; plus an opening musical set from Andras Jones.

Part 1 . . . Part 2 . . . Part 3

42 Minutes Episode 109

11.05.2013 Episode 109: Joe Alexander
West Coast Sync Correspondent
Topics: Bay Area Sync Week, Rodney Ascher's Mega Mix, Room 237, Radio 8 Ball at the Berkeley Monkey House, David Plate & Synchromystic Art, Victoria Nelson, Jeremy Violator Hellspawn, Harry Potter & Copernicus, Tom Waits (for no man!)

Living In The Movie article

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Stygian Port blog post

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Synchronize Episode 5

11.24.13 Episode 05: Fear and Loving at the Bay Area Sync Summit

In this issue:

Andras Jones and Alan Abbadessa-Green follow-up on the Bay Area Sync Summit

Douglas Bolles of 42 Minutes: No Heads and Tarot Tales

Radio8Ball with Jeremy/ViolatoR of

Ezra Sandzer-Bell of gives a ToneColorAlchemy breakdown of Lou Reed's "Paranoia Key of E"

Download episode mp3

Alan Green, Andras Jones, Jeremy/Violator, and Douglas Bolles are in Sync Book Vol.1, Ezra Sandzer-Bell is in Sync Book Vol.2