Winter's Labyrinth

A Labyrinth is not a maze. The intention of a maze is to escape–to find the quickest and easiest path out of the maze without becoming lost. A Labyrinth presents a different outlook–the point of which, is you! It offers one spinning course that becomes an image of life, a potential mirror to your soul. The path guides you and reveals to you that there is no wrong way–but that doesn't diminish the powerful forces that confront you upon entering this archetype of self. You will face your own depths in this embodied meditation, but secure in the knowledge that you are "held" within this beautiful metaphorical structure–communicating the objective of the endeavor as the process. The process is threefold: the entering, the centering, and the return. Like life, we enter and exit through the same door, thus, the Labyrinth offers a strategy for finding balance within the flow of change.

Winter's Labyrinth, a coming of age story told in four seasons, leads the reader into a circuitous adventure of self discovery–finding at center, the very heart of being–and then returning back to the world, that transformation.

Cover design by Justin Gray Morgan



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