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A new audio magazine from Sync Book Radio, featuring the best in the synchonistic arts.
Produced by Andras Jones and Alan Abbadessa-Green

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09.01.15 Episode S2E03: Message in a Bottle

Returning to the Radio8Ball show at 2014's Olympia Sync Summit, host Andy Shmushkin welcomes Donna to ask the second audience question of the evening, to be answered by musical guest Peter David Connelly.

08.21.15 EPISODE # S2E02:

Red House Pinky Finger

First, Ezra Sandzer-Be ll helps Alan Green correct his mistake from Episode One. Then we return to the Olympia Sync Summit where Andy Shmushkin welcomes Jim to ask the first audience question of the Radio8Ball show with musical guest Peter David...

08.08.15 EPISODE # S2E01:

Question Answers

Radio8Ball and SyncQuickN ews combine forces for this second season of Synchroniz e. We look back on the first night of the Olympia Sync Summit where Andy Shmushkin hosted the Radio8Ball show with musical guest Peter David Connelly.

09.17.14 EPISODE # 7:

A Spider in His Hand

Alan and Andras return from the Oly Sync Summit to a world on fire. . . . http://the syncbook.c om/oly2014 Alan Abbadessa- Green delivers an open letter to Henrik Palmgren and Red Ice Creations. Alan has a conversati on with Rabbi Borukh...

05.04.14 EPISODE # 6:

Oly Sync Summit Primer

Marty Leeds, Ezra Sandzer-Be ll, Joe Alexander play Radio8Ball and discuss the upcoming Olympia Sync Summit, http://the syncbook.c om/oly2014

11.24.13 EPISODE # 5:

Fear and Loving at the Bay Area Sync Summit

Andras Jones and Alan Abbadessa- Green follow-up on the Bay Area Sync Summit Full sync week audio (http://th esyncbook. com/2013su mmitexperi ence) Douglas Bolles of http://the syncbook.c om/42minut es : No Heads and Tarot Tales Radio8Ball with...

10.11.13 EPISODE # 4:

Tom Waits for No Man

Tom Waits takes us to the Bridge by Alan Abbadessa- Green and Andras Jones Radio8Ball with musical guest Ira Marlowe, with a question from David Plate of http://the syncbook.c om/alwaysr ecord Find out more about Ira's stage show at...

07.23.13 EPISODE # 3:

Short, Sharp, Shakti

Michael Schacht, of http://gos porn.blogs, interview and Radio8Ball znore, of http://gro upnameforg rapejuice. blogspot.c om, on Funeral Parade of Roses 317 Shakti by Alan Abbadessa- Green

05.22.13 EPISODE # 2:

There Once Was a Note

Music of the Spheres by Alan Abbadessa- Green Steve Willner and Ezra Sandzer-Be ll interview (Links: "Music, Myth, Cosmos" on IndieGogo (http://ww w.indiegog ects/music -myth-cosm os) . . . Labyrinth of the Psychonaut videos...

05.05.13 EPISODE # 1:

Another Dawn

Synchronis tic Star Wars by Alan Abbadessa- Green Rae Dawn Chong interviewe d by Alan Abbadessa- Green (Links: "The Celebrant\ " on http://www .indiegogo .com/proje cts/the-ce lebrant . . . Jake Kotze's "Pheonix Dawn" video at http://vim 4237...

04.21.13 EPISODE # 0:

Opening Day

Jackie Robinson Day Ka-Base-Ba llah by Andras Jones Alan Abbadessa- Green interviews Alex Robinson from http://too longinthis place.word Alex Robinson plays Radio8Ball (http://vi er3243599) Jason Barrera on recent events as...