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A new audio magazine from Sync Book Radio, featuring the best in the synchonistic arts.
Produced by Andras Jones and Alan Abbadessa-Green

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08.08.15 Episode S2E01: new season Aug 8th
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The time is always Now, but it is also coming Soon

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09.17.14 EPISODE # 7:

A Spider in His Hand

Alan and Andras return from the Oly Sync Summit to a world on fire. . . . http://the syncbook.c om/oly2014 Alan Abbadessa- Green delivers an open letter to Henrik Palmgren and Red Ice Creations. Alan has a conversati on with Rabbi Borukh...

05.04.14 EPISODE # 6:

Oly Sync Summit Primer

Marty Leeds, Ezra Sandzer-Be ll, Joe Alexander play Radio8Ball and discuss the upcoming Olympia Sync Summit, http://the syncbook.c om/oly2014

11.24.13 EPISODE # 5:

Fear and Loving at the Bay Area Sync Summit

Andras Jones and Alan Abbadessa- Green follow-up on the Bay Area Sync Summit Full sync week audio (http://th esyncbook. com/2013su mmitexperi ence) Douglas Bolles of http://the syncbook.c om/42minut es : No Heads and Tarot Tales Radio8Ball with...

10.11.13 EPISODE # 4:

Tom Waits for No Man

Tom Waits takes us to the Bridge by Alan Abbadessa- Green and Andras Jones Radio8Ball with musical guest Ira Marlowe, with a question from David Plate of http://the syncbook.c om/alwaysr ecord Find out more about Ira's stage show at...

07.23.13 EPISODE # 3:

Short, Sharp, Shakti

Michael Schacht, of http://gos porn.blogs, interview and Radio8Ball znore, of http://gro upnameforg rapejuice. blogspot.c om, on Funeral Parade of Roses 317 Shakti by Alan Abbadessa- Green

05.22.13 EPISODE # 2:

There Once Was a Note

Music of the Spheres by Alan Abbadessa- Green Steve Willner and Ezra Sandzer-Be ll interview (Links: "Music, Myth, Cosmos" on IndieGogo (http://ww w.indiegog ects/music -myth-cosm os) . . . Labyrinth of the Psychonaut videos...

05.05.13 EPISODE # 1:

Another Dawn

Synchronis tic Star Wars by Alan Abbadessa- Green Rae Dawn Chong interviewe d by Alan Abbadessa- Green (Links: "The Celebrant\ " on http://www .indiegogo .com/proje cts/the-ce lebrant . . . Jake Kotze's "Pheonix Dawn" video at http://vim 4237...

04.21.13 EPISODE # 0:

Opening Day

Jackie Robinson Day Ka-Base-Ba llah by Andras Jones Alan Abbadessa- Green interviews Alex Robinson from http://too longinthis place.word Alex Robinson plays Radio8Ball (http://vi er3243599) Jason Barrera on recent events as...