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42 Minutes

FREE 07.07.19 Episode 338: Tara Conklin
The Last Romantics
The program considers writing and romance as well as looking back at Treefort 2019 with Tara Conklin, author most recently of The Last Romantics.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Jamie Ford, Jonathan evison, Book Tour, Grottopod, Yogafort, Draft, Novel Concept, This Charming Man, Disney Prince, Romantic Love, Yeats, Evocative, Conversation, Empathy, Beach Read, Etaf Rum, The Overstory, The Future, Present, Environmental Disaster.
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FREE 03.19.19 Episode 330: Jonathan evison
Lawn Boy
Today Lawn Boy, the great American landscaping novel by Jonathan evison arrives in paperback. On Thursday, Jonathan arrives in Boise for Treefort. Catch him then at 2:30 pm at The Owyhee first floor cafe and on Saturday at noon at the same location.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Happiest Place On Earth, El Kora Shrine, Seattle, Fanzine, 1982, March Of Crimes, Iggy Pop, Prince, Food & Beer, Cabin Fever, Legends Of The North Cascades, Holden Caulfield, Wealth, Walmart, Robber Barron, Capitalism, Jamie Ford, 10th Street.
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FREE 03.13.18 Episode 303: Jonathan evison
This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!
In anticipation of Treefort, the program reconnects with Jonathan evison discussing his novel, Harriet Chance. He appears this year at Storyfort Friday and Saturday evening for three events.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Reinvention, West Of Here, Anna Karenina, Partenership, Mrs Daisy, Memory, Linearity, Revelation, Marginalized, William Melvin Kelly, Zeitgeist, Me Too, Class, Commerce, Algonquin Books, Process, Stewart O'Nan, Willy Vlautin, Record Exchange, Lidia Yuknavitch, Big Foot, Cave Dave, Mt St Helens.
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01.30.17 Episode 258: Jonathan evison
The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving
The program shares a dialog about writing, characters, and connectivity with author Jonathan evison, who inspired the recent Netflix film, The Fundamentals Of Caring.
Topics: Treefort, Storyfort, Writing Day, Virginia Woolf, Focus, Wakeful Dream State, Authorial, Genius, Synchronicity, Patterns, Zeitgeist, Connectivity, West Of Here, Fascism, History, Meaning, Cracking The Nut, Masculinity In Crisis, Romantics, Drew Perry, Kids These Days.
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