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Tim Murphy

42 Minutes

FREE 10.23.18 Episode 317: Tim Murphy
Tome Of The Aeon
The program reconnects with synchromystic filmmaker, Tim Murphy to chat about his latest work, as well as time, art, and sync.
Topics: Hill House, Close Encounters, Stop Motion Animation, Jodorowski, Dragon Frame, Puppet, Snake, UFO, Solar Ascension, Duality, Lighting, Reception, Vision & The Voice, Townes Van Zandt, The A Pill, Maniac, Synchronicity, True Detective, Lou Diamond Phillips, Michael Pollan, LSD.
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Listen: Tim Murphy on 42 Minutes at

12.04.14 Bonus 18: Tim Murphy
Money, Power, Pryor: Comedy & Tragedy.
Visit: index6 on . . . Watch: For Richer or Poorer
Topics: Money, Intention, Power, Race, The Toy, Flow, Current, Currency, Dam, Slavery, Jordan Maxwell, Bull, Bear, Monkey, Buy, Sell, Bullseye, Olympia, Holy Mountain.
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Purchase: No Pryor Restraint from

Watch: Richard Pryor For Richer or Poorer

FREE 11.22.12 The Intersection of Art and Synchronicity.
Tim Murphy and Justin Morgan in the Green Room
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11.13.12 Episode 57: Tim Murphy
Esoteric Studios
Visit: Tim's YouTube channel
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04.17.12 Episode 27: Tim Murphy
"Bulls & Bears"
Visit: Tim's YouTube channel
Guerrilla Sync Filmmaking
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Always Record


11.05.18 Always Record 184 | Tomb Of The Aeon w/

Tim Murphy

Doug & Tim chat sync after their initial 42 minutes (#317).

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