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42 Minutes

FREE 03.29.19 Episode 332: Douglas Rushkoff
Team Human
Today for 42 minutes we consider Douglas Rushkoff's latest book, Team Human, which is the hopeful "state of the union" that we all need.
Topics: Neoliberalism, Clinton Foundation, Climate Change, Participation, Community Organizing, Reality TV, Tabloids, Digital Media, Bias, Binary, Extreme, Good Old Days, Socialist America, Capitalism, Industrialism, Political Economy Of Media, Ideology, Fascism, Smart Phone, Dumb Human, Dignity, Externalizing Cost, Exploitation, Connection, Isolation, Conspiracy, Pivot, OS, Power Law Dynamics, Green New Deal.
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11.08.16 Episode 248: Douglas Rushkoff
Throwing Rocks At The Google Bus
On Election Day, the program considers our operating system with media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, and discuss his recent book, Throwing Rocks At The Google Bus.
Topics: Money, Media & Social Justice, Digital Technology, Value Extraction, Human Values, Economic Model, Standing Rock, Terra Firma, Currency, The FED, Conspiracy, Empire, Bazaar, Peer To Peer, Innovation, Central Capital, Pivot, Investors, Hypernormalization, Feedback Loops, Algorithm, Chobani, Distributism.
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10.01.13 Episode 104: Douglas Rushkoff
Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now
Topics: Futurism & Toffler, Zombies, Humaness, Chronos, Kairos & The Now, Kurzweil & The Cloud Cult, Miley Cyrus & Madonna.
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